Monday, July 10, 2017

The Sound Explosion : I' ll Shake The Universe 45 RPM Vinyl Single

The Sound Explosion are four youngsters from the suburbs of Athens.Swirling farfisa,throbbing bass, primitive vox guitars and manic vocals create a unique explosive sound that is not common these days.Their aim is to "Shake The Universe" and have pure fun with their wylde and untamed kind of music.After gaining repytation with their frenzyfying live appearences and their first record release,here they are again with two brand dynamites !

First "I'll Shake The Universe" is a really powerful and furious tune.
It will make you wanna do the shake 'till the end of the world !So join in !Go with in-crowd !Follow The Sound Explosion as they drive you a new frantic dimension of sound  .

The Sound Explosion were formed in Athens, Greece, in May 1991 by four young gentlemen obsessed with all the great mid 60's garage and beat bands from all parts of the world. The line up was John (vocals, 6 and 12 string Vox guitar, harmonica), Jim (Eko bass, backing vocals), Stelios (Farfisa organ, maracas, backing vocals) and Stavros (drums, tambourine). The band started playing alone and together with other bands, such us the Fuzztones, Dead Moon, the Marshmallow Overcoat and the Others. Their wylde stage act attracted the attention of garage freaks from all over the globe.

As a result, the band started recording and releasing various 45's and a full length LP/CD, which got rave reviews from fanzines and magazines and considerable airplay from radio stations worldwide. While things started looking promising for the band, studies, day jobs, army obligations, some "internal frictions" ("we hate each other in the band" was a common phrase in the Sound Explosion ranks!), alien abductions etc, sadly put a sudden end to the band in early 1997. It looked like The Sound Explosion were gone for good! Yet, some things never change... So, you're right kids... THE SOUND EXPLOSION ARE BACK!!!

On the other side "Why Can't you see" is one of their most raw and intense recordings.The reason ? Maybe because it was recorded in a night with full moon !


A . I' ll Shake The Universe

B . Why Can't You see ?

Vinyl Rip 
Recorded at Psraxis Studio
File Size : 41.9 MB
Made in : Greece
Label : Dionysous Records
Style : Garage 
Greek Bands 

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