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Killing Joke - Killing Joke 1980

Killing Joke are an English rock band formed in October 1978 in Notting Hill, London, England. The original line-up included Jaz Coleman (vocals, keyboards), Paul Ferguson (drums), Geordie Walker (guitars) and Youth (bass).
Their first album, Killing Joke, was released in 1980. After the release of Revelations in 1982, bassist Youth was replaced by Paul Raven. The band achieved mainstream success in 1985 with both the album Night Time and the single "Love Like Blood".
A key influence on industrial rock, their early music was described by critics Stephen Thomas Erlewine and John Dougan as "quasi-metal [...] dancing to a tune of doom and gloom", which gradually evolved over the years, incorporating elements of electronic music, synthpop and gothic rock, though always emphasising Coleman's "savagely strident vocals". Killing Joke have influenced many later bands and artists, such as Metallica, Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden. Coleman and Walker have been the only constant members of the band, the current line-up features all four original members.

Killing Joke is the debut studio album by English rock band Killing Joke. It was released in August 1980 by
The album's lyrics were written by frontman and vocalist Jaz Coleman, and expressed his opinions on issues such as politics, death, hypocrisy, human nature, pollution and exile.

The artwork was based on a photograph by Don McCullin of young rioters trying to escape from clouds of CS gas released by the British Army in Derry, Northern Ireland, on 8 July 1971 during the Troubles.[5] The original picture was taken a few months before the day now known as Bloody Sunday that took place in the same town in early 1972.


The atmosphere's strange
Out on the town.
Music for pleasure
It's not music no more.
Music to dance to
Music to move.
This is music to march to
To war dance!

The war dance
A war dance

Look at graffiti
Scrawled on the wall.
You know the reason
Outside the door.
You have something
Nasty in your mind,
Crawling to get out
To war dance!

The war dance
A war dance

We walk 'round the pitch.
Honesty is sick.
Try to be honest
Look what you get.
The food runs short,
And then the money talks.
One way out-
Your premonition is correct!

The war dance
A war dance

record label E.G.

A1. Requiem     3:44
A2. Wardance     3:46
A3. Tomorrow's World 5:25
A4. Bloodsport     4:44
B1. The Wait     3:40
B2. Complications 3:06
B3. S.O.36     6:30
B4. Primitive     3:32


Man watching video
The clock keeps on ticking
He doesn't know why
He's just cattle for slaughter

The, requiem

When the meaningful words
When they cease to function
When there's nothing to say
When will it start bothering you?

The, requiem

Only a hint of religion
Uncensors to its false depravity
The sound of breaking glass
This is a reflection

The, requiem

Format : Vinyl LP
Label : Malicious Damage
Made in : USA
Genre : Rock
Style : Post Punk
Year : 1980

MP3 : Size : 83 MB
FLAC : SIZE : 244 MB

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  1. Wow, LOVE this band. My first experience of them was hearing "Love Like Blood" late one night when I saw the video on MTV. That's still my favorite song of theirs, though I've since gone out of my way to try to track down all of their cds and I love pretty much ALL of their music. But still, that song just resonates with me, for some reason. Maybe just because it's the first KJ I ever heard, but it still has a special place in my heart.