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Fields Of The Nephilim : Dawnrazor 1987

Fields of the Nephilim are an English gothic rock band formed in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England in 1984. The original line-up consisted of vocalist Carl McCoy, saxophonist Gary Wisker, guitarist Paul Wright and brother "Nod" Wright on drums and Tony Pettitt on bass. After the release of the debut EP Burning the Fields, Wisker left the band and was replaced by Peter Yates as second guitarist to what is considered the 'classic' line-up.

Dawnrazor is the debut studio album by English gothic rock band Fields of the Nephilim. It was released in May 1987, through record label Situation Two.
The introductory track contains a sample of the Ennio Morricone theme "Man with the Harmonica" from Sergio Leone's epic 1968 western film Once Upon a Time in the West.

 AllMusic Review by Ned Raggett  

Losing the saxophone player from earlier EPs and taking advantage of better budgets and studios, the Nephilim on their first full album established themselves as serious contenders in the goth world.

It certainly didn't hurt having signed to Beggars Banquet, home of such acts as Bauhaus and the Cult, though the more obvious source of the Nephilim's sound at this point was the Sisters of Mercy, various attempts to deny it aside.

Like Eldritch's crew, the Nephilim fivesome weren't aiming just for the clad-in-black audience, but at being a great group in general; while that goal wasn't quite achieved on Dawnrazor, the band came very close. With sympathetic and evocative production throughout by Bill Buchanan, the album strongly showcases another chief element of the Nephilim's sound: Ennio Morricone.

The at-the-time totally outrageous fusion of smoky, cinematic spaghetti western guitars with the doom-wracked ominous flavor of the music in general, not to mention McCoy's growled invocations of
pagan ceremonies and mystic energy, provoked a lot of merriment from outside observers. The Nephilim stuck to their guns, though, and by wisely never cracking a smile on this album, they avoided the cheap ironic way out. Songs here which would become classics in the band's repertoire included the fiery "Preacher Man," which sounds like what would happen if Sergio Leone filmed a Stephen King story; the quick, dark gallop of "Power" (originally a separate single, then added to the album on later pressings); and the slow, powerful build of the title track, featuring McCoy practically calling the demons down on his head. ;'.?;'

For all of the undeniable musicianship and storming fury of the songs, sometimes things just get a little too goofy for words, as revealed in a classic, unintentionally hilarious lyric by McCoy from "Vet for the Insane": "The flowers in the kitchen...WEEP for you!."


    Carl McCoy – vocals
    Peter Yates – guitar
    Paul Wright – guitar
    Tony Pettitt – bass
    Alexander Wright – drums


Cutting razors and violence
Recalling cutthroats razor sin
Ee're watching heaven as the sun goes down
I watch the sun burst it hits the ground
You've gone too far

Dawnrazor's falling brush their skin
Dawnrazor's falling brush their skin

Dawnrazor well now
Dawnrazor well now

Only dreams survive
Been lost before
Only dreams survive
Been cut before

Cutting razors and violence
Recalling cutthroats razor sin
You've gone to far
Dawnrazor's falling brush their skin
Dawnrazor's falling brush their skin
Dawnrazor's falling brush their skin
Our dark angel has fallen brush their skin


01. Intro (The Harmonica Man)
02. Slowkill    
03. Volcane (Mr. Jealousy Has Returned)    
04. Vet For The Insane    
05. Dust    
06. Reanimator    
07. Dawnrazor    
08. The Sequel


09. Power    
10. Secrets
The Tower
12  Laura II
13. Preacher Man
14. Blue water


  1. Thank you again Kostas.

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    This is much appreciated - have a great day.

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