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Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard: Big In Europe Vol. 1 (Warsaw 2009) + Vol. 2 (Amsterdam 2009) 2013



As both a solo artist and member of groups including Tangerine Dream and Ash Ra Tempel, Klaus Schulze is acknowledged as one of the founding fathers of contemporary electronic music. His epic,

meditative soundscapes helped pave the way for new age and ambient music, and his sequencer-driven rhythmic explorations anticipated the rise of techno and trance. Making his solo debut with 1972's visionary Irrlicht, recorded using tape machines and an electronic organ, Schulze began using synthesizers soon afterward, producing classics such as 1975's "Timewind" and 1976's "Moondawn". During the '80s, he switched to digital equipment on albums like "Dig It" (1980), as well as several releases under his Richard Wahnfried alias, which contained his most accessible material.

After flirting with the possibilities of sampling on albums such as 1990's "Beyond Recall", Schulze explored classical music and opera on releases such as "Goes Classic" (1994) and "Dosburg Online" (1997), in addition to ambient techno on the Dark Side of the Moog series with Pete Namlook and Bill Laswell. During the 21st century, he collaborated with Dead Can Dance vocalist Lisa Gerrard on several concerts and recordings, and continued releasing solo works such as 2018's Silhouettes.

Born in Berlin on August 4, 1947, Schulze began his performing career during the '60s, playing guitar, bass, and drums in a variety of local bands. By 1969, he was drumming in Tangerine Dream, appearing a year later on their debut LP, Electronic Meditation. The album was Schulze's lone effort with the group, however, as he soon co-founded Ash Ra Tempel with Manuel Gottsching and Harmut Enke, debuting in 1971 with a self-titled record; again, however, the band format appeared to stifle Schulze, and he mounted a solo career a few months later.

After collaborating with Stomu Yamash'ta on 1976's Go, Schulze resurfaced with a flurry of new solo material, including the LP "Moondawn", 1977's "Mirage", and two volumes of the porn soundtrack "Body Love". He remained extraordinarily prolific in the years to follow, with 1979's "Dune", inspired by the Frank Herbert sci-fi classic, becoming his 11th solo record released during the '70s alone.  In

2005, he began re-releasing his earlier works with previously unissued bonus tracks, in addition to giving wider releases to material that was previously only available as part of limited box sets The Ultimate Edition (2000) and Contemporary Works I (2000) and II (2002). In 2007, Schulze released the solo album "Kontinuum". He also began recording and performing concerts with Dead Can Dance singer Lisa Gerrard. The duo released Farscape and the live album Rheingold, both double CDs, in 2008. These were followed in 2009 by Dziękuję Bardzo, also featuring Gerrard, which was released as a triple CD as well as a DVD. Schulze's solo live two-CD/DVD Big in Japan appeared in 2010. The studio album Shadowlands appeared in 2013, as did The Schulze–Schickert Session 1975, a previously unearthed collaboration with Günter Schickert.

Schulze announced in 2013 that he would no longer be performing concerts. He still continued to issue live albums, though, with two volumes of Big in Europe (with Gerrard) appearing in 2013 and 2014, and Stars Are Burning, a collection of previously unreleased concert recordings from the late '70s, surfacing in 2014. In 2016, Schulze and Namlook's Dark Side of the Moog work was anthologized as three limited-edition CD box sets, and in 2017, his four-part Ballet series was reissued. Silhouettes, Schulze's first studio album in five years, was released in 2018.
Artist Biography by Jason Ankeny.

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Lisa Gerrard is an award-winning singer, composer, and instrumentalist from Australia who rose to

fame as a member of Dead Can Dance during the 1980s, and has remained an in-demand collaborator and soundtrack composer throughout. One of the most otherworldly vocalists of her time, she sings in the dramatic contralto and mezzo-soprano ranges, often in a self-created language.

As with Dead Can Dance's work, Gerrard's own music is virtually unclassifiable, incorporating folk melodies, traditional instruments, electronics, and orchestral arrangements. Among other instruments, she is particularly skilled at playing the yangqin, a Chinese hammered dulcimer. After releasing several albums as part of Dead Can Dance throughout the '80s and early '90s, she made her solo debut in 1995 with the full-length "The Mirror Pool".

By the early 2000s, she'd established herself as a notable film composer; her score for the 2000 film Gladiator, in collaboration with Hans Zimmer, won a Golden Globe and her original score for 2009's

Balibo which received an Aria award. Gerrard has worked on dozens of film and television scores such as A Thousand Roads (2005), Burning Man (2011), Samsara (2014), and Valley Of Shadows (2018) and released several more solo albums including 2009's "The Black Opal", and 2014's "Twilight Kingdom". She has engaged in numerous recorded and live collaborations with Pieter Bourke, Patrick Cassidy, Klaus Schulze, Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgares, among many others. In 2021, she and composer Jules Maxwell (Dead Can Dance's keyboardist) released the collaborative album "Burn".

She went on a world tour, marking the first time she had ever toured in her home country. In 2008, Farscape, her collaboration with Klaus Schulze, was released and followed by a tour. Gerrard also worked on film and television soundtracks during the year. In 2009, she began her own Gerrard Records label, and undertook another tour with Schulze.

Composer Jules Maxwell joined Dead Can Dance as a keyboardist for the 2012 reunion world tour. He and Gerrard composed the song "Rising Of The Moon" together. The band eventually performed it as

each evening's final encore. They also collaborated on songs for 2018's BooCheeMish. Their tracks became the seed material for an album-length collaboration. With Maps' James Chapman as a collaborator and producer, they recorded an album across three continents during 2020's COVID-19 quarantine. The finished album was titled "Burn", and released in April 2021.
Artist Biography by Richie Unterberger.


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Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard ‎– Big In Europe Vol. 1 Warsaw
Label: MIG ‎– MIG 01050 2DVD+CD
Format: CD, Album, DVD-Video
Country: Germany
Released: 29 Nov 2013
Genre: Rock
Style: Electronic


01. Voices Of Wielun     07:46
02. Kampania Wrzesniowa     06:03
03. Selbsterkennende Ganzwerdung     27:15
04.  A La Recherche Du Printemps Perdu     06:58
05. The Da Varsaw Code     10:28

MP3 @ 320 Size: 136 MB
Flac  Size: 293 MB


Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard ‎– Big In Europe Vol. 2 - Amsterdam
Label: MIG ‎– MIG 01060 2CD+2DVD
Format: 2 × CD, Album, 2 × DVD, DVD-Video, NTSC
Country: Germany
Released: 19 Sep 2014
Genre: Rock
Style: Electronic


01. Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck     8:47
02. Mad Ret Sma     6:39
03. Prinsengracht     18:11
04. The Polish Rider     12:44

MP3 @ 320 Size: 111 MB
Flac  Size: 259 MB



01. Orcus Humanum Est     19:05
02. Leiden     19:40
03. Hieronymus     13:07
04. Le Moulin Deja Vu     13:36

MP3 @ 320 Size: 155 MB
Flac  Size: 372 MB

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