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The Fixx : Shuttered Room 1982

A London-based new wave group that managed to sustain a successful career in America for several years in the mid-'80s," the Fixx " always flirted with the mainstream with their catchy, keyboard-driven pop.

Shuttered Room is the debut studio album by British new wave band The Fixx, released in 1982.

More info and their alboums Here


Side 1

01. Some People – 3:01
02. Stand or Fall – 4:00
03. Cameras in Paris – 3:52
04. Shuttered Room – 2:47
05. The Fool – 5:21

Side 2

01. Lost Planes – 3:23
02. I Live – 4:53
03. Sinking Island – 3:16
04. Time In A Glass – 3:32
05. Red Skies – 4:20

Format : Vinyl LP
Made in : USA
Label : MCA Records
Year : 1982
Vinyl Rip
MP3  Size : 89,4 MB
FLAC Size : 248 MB

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Red Mist : Empire Of All 1994 Vinyl 45 Rpm Single ( Limited Edition )

Red Mist is a Greek " Stoner " band and their fist presence on disc was on the compilaton "Ninteens Rock" . This band was formed by the members of "Λευκή Συμφωνία " and "Selefice" .
I have no other informatios about this band .

Η 1η τους παρουσία σε δίσκο.Nineties rock.Μέλη από ΛΕΥΚΗ ΣΥΜΦΩΝΙΑ,SELEFICE

Members :

Takis Barbagalas : Guitars
Miltos Tzalogiannis : Vocals
Sotiris Tsironis : Bass
Nikos Manousopoulos : Drums

Label : Wipe Out! Records ?– WOR 080
Format : Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM
Country : Greece
Released : 1994
Genre : Stoner Rock


Side A. : Empire Of All

Side B. : The Witch 

Freedom for my faith
Passion for my love
Symbol for my grave
Crossing every road
Finding every way

Flac  Size :  52,2 MB

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All About Eve : All About Eve 1988

All About Eve were a British rock/pop band. The creative core consisted of the Coventry born Julianne Regan (vocals), and the Huddersfield born Andy Cousin (bass guitar), with other members changing over the years.

Julianne Regan, a former journalist, played bass in an early line-up of the Gothic rock group  " Gene Loves Jezebel ", before leaving to join " All About Eve ", previously known as the Swarm. The initial core of " All About Eve " was Regan , guitarist Tim Bricheno , and bassist Andy Cousin.

Their self-titled debut album was produced by Paul Samwell-Smith and released in 1988. It included the UK hit single , "Martha's Harbour".

The album itself reached #7 on the UK Albums Chart, with much of its lyrical material drawing from hippie ideals , white magic and dreamlike fairy tales , the album's gentle folk rock inspired pop sound won the band many fans (nicknamed 'angels').

All About Eve is the self-titled first album of All About Eve. Commercially, this was their most successful, reaching No.7 in the UK charts and spawning four Top 40 singles (one of which went top 10). Most of the album was produced by Paul Samwell-Smith.

Some of the earlier cassette versions of the album had the album title Flowers In Our Hair printed on both sides of the tape, instead of All About Eve.

Although Mark Price (drummer) was a full-time member of the band when this album was completed, he was not present for all of its recording. Some songs feature Mick Brown, on loan from The Mission, one features session drummer Greg Brimstone, and one features a drum machine.

Their music was sometimes considered gothic rock by the media,some fans (who?) claimed the band did not play gothic rock after 1986 , though are connected mostly due to the engagements of ex-bandmembers in the musical scene of the time.

"She Moved Through the Fair" (or "She Moves Through the Fair") is a traditional Irish folk song, which exists in a number of versions and has been recorded many times.

Studio albums

All About Eve     1988    
Scarlet and Other Stories 1989   
Touched by Jesus     1991    
Ultraviolet     1992

Tracks from the vinyl LP :

01. Flowers In Our Hair
02. Gypsy Dance
03. In the Clouds
04. Martha's Harbour
05. Every Angel
06. Shelter from the Rain
07. She Moves Through the Fair (Traditional: arranged Bricheno, Cousin, Regan)
08. Wild Hearted Woman
09. Never Promise (Anyone Forever)
10. What Kind of Fool
11. In the Meadow

3 more tracks on CD 9 only Flac ) :

06. Like Emily
11. Apple Tree Man
14. Lady Moonlight

All About Eve She Moves Through the Fair Lyrics:

My young love said to me
My mother won't mind
And my father won't slight you
For your lack of kind
And she laid her hand on me
And this she did say
It will not be long now
'till our wedding day

And she went away from me
And she moved through the fair
And fondly I watched her move
here and move there
And then she went onwards
Just one star awake
Like the swan in the evening
Moves over the lake

Last night she came to me
My dead love came in
So softly she came  her feet made no din
And she laid her hand on me
And this she did say
OH !It will not be long now
Till our wedding day

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Δίχως βότσαλα . Ολοστρόγγυλα ζελεδάκια , παστάκια , μπακλαβαδάκια , Σου και  τρίμματα άμμου από τρούφα που ο άνεμος παρασέρνει σκεπάζοντας κοχύλια γεμάτα  πραλίνα .
    Μελένια η θάλασσα .
    Κύματα από αφρισμένο μέλι , γλυκό , παχύρρευστο σαν όνειρο υγρής νύχτας , σκάνε στην παραλία , δίχως ήχο .
    ...Κι όμως όλες τις γλώσσες ομιλούν .
    Απάνωθέ της , σύννεφα από λευκή σαντιγί ευωδιάζουν βανίλια .
  ...Και ρώτησα τα σύννεφα :
   " Για ποίου στρατηλάτη το ένδοξο πεδίο τραβάτε ;"
    ... Και πήρα απάντηση . Όχι από τα σύννεφα .
   Από ένα χαρταετό που έτρεμε στον άνεμο , ζυγιάζοντας το πέταγμά του , χαμένος στις γλυκές μελωδίες μιας γαλάζιας τούρτας φτιαγμένης από ένα μπλε ουράνιο τρούλο ζάχαρης ... Και μου είπε το ζαχαροπλασμένο μυστικό του  :

    " Ένας ποιητής
    νιώθει την ακινησία του συννεφιασμένου ουρανού
    όταν οι στίχοι του
    αδυνατούν να ταξιδέψουν "

    Φύσηξε Μαΐστρος , Μύρισε κανέλα και γαρύφαλλο .

( Αντιγόνη - Κ.Π - Βάλια . Λιώμα σε ένα μπαράκι της Ανάφης , Πάνω από την παραλία του Ρούκουνα )

    Φθαρμένα σκούρα βράχια από "Τίραμι Σου" , μοιράζονται τα γλυκά μυστικά τους με τους νεοσσούς των θαλάσσιων καραμελένιων πουλιών που φωλιάζουν πάνω τους .
    Ζαχαρένιοι λευκοί γλάροι .
    Αρμενίζει αργοτάξιδη η ματιά έως τα κοντινά νησάκια από σοκολάτα .
    Με μαρκαδόρο που στάζει γλυκό του κουταλιού θα σκαλίσω λέξεις πάνω στο ξεχασμένο σου άγλυκο τετράδιο , ένα κομμάτι από το κέικ της ψυχής μου να σου φιλέψω . 

    Γονατίζουν τ΄αστέρια του ουρανού μου επάνω σου στάζοντας νέκταρ .
    Τα χείλη σου δύο ροζ ζαχαρωτά . Μουλιάζω στο σιρόπι μιας μικρής αιωνιότητας κι αναρωτιέμαι , πόσο πιο γλυκό μπορεί να γίνει το σεξ μαζί σου . Κόβω ένα κλαδάκι από μαστιχόδεντρο της Χίου να στο φορέσω βραχιολάκι στο χέρι σου . Ανυπότακτος εραστής της μουσικής , περπατώ πάνω στη λιωμένη κουβερτούρα από το διάβα σου , σε ψάχνω και αφήνω ίχνη από νότες στο σοκολατένιο πεντάγραμμο σου.

    Αναδύεσαι από τη θάλασσα φορώντας ένα ένδυμα στολισμένο με ερωτήσεις . Σινιάλο σου κάνω .
    Γυμνός από απαντήσεις είμαι .
    Σε κάλεσα και το ξέρω θα έρθεις .
    Φοβάμαι όμως ! Τόση γλύκα που μπορεί να χωρέσει ;
    και το μυαλό σου θα την αντέξει ;
    το δικό μου πως θα τη γητέψει ;
    Γλυκιά σωτηρία για εσένα επιθυμώ . Όχι για μένα .

    Ξεδιπλώνω το βλέμμα μου και θωρώ μια σκιά . Μας πλησιάζει φως μου . Κλέφτης είναι . Κλέφτης !. Αντιστέκομαι , παλεύω , δεν θα τον αφήσω να κλέψει τις  γλυκές στιγμές μας .
    Βγες από τη θάλασσα κι έλα να με βρεις στην παραλία . Εκεί που όλα άρχισαν .
    Στο Τίποτα και στο Παντού .
    Στο Μέσα και στο Έξω .
    Στο Πριν και στο Μετά .
    Εκεί που τίποτα δεν έγινε , εκεί που πρωτογνωριστήκαμε , φοβισμένοι Εραστές της άγνοιας . Εχθροί τώρα , επιλογή σου είναι . Όχι δική μου .
    Βγες από τη θάλασσα .
    στο μυαλό μου κύματα θεριεύουν .
    Κάποτε . Τότε . Πότε ;

    Κι ήρθες ΕΣΥ .
    κι ήρθε το μέλι να τραγουδήσει ότι θέλει .
    Κι ήρθες ΕΣΥ .
    Κι ήρθε η Αγάπη να μας φιλέψει κάτι
    Κι ήρθε το Τίποτα να ψιθυρίσει τα ανείπωτα
    Κι ήρθες Εσύ .

    Το μεγαλύτερο λάθος της ζωής μου .
    Εκείνο το πιο γλυκό και επώδυνο !!!

( Γράφτηκε πριν ενάμιση μήνα στο σπίτι της φίλης μου Κέλλυς )
( Οι φωτογραφίες είναι από την παραλία του Ρούκουνα - Ανάφη 2012 , όπου και έμεινα εκεί 6 μήνες )

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The Eric Bardon Band : Sun Secrets + Stop ( 2 Albums )

Released without Eric Burdon's authorization, Sun Secrets is nothing for the singer to be ashamed of artistically. With approximately 24 minutes per side, Sun Secrets is a far cry from The Black Man's Burdon and the rhythms of the group War. As Mountain guitarist Leslie West would do a year after this when he formed the Leslie West Band, Burdon beats him to the punch with a self-titled group that rocks -- rocks harder than the Animals, rocks harder than War.

It's innovative reinvention, and quite pleasing, not only to hear the three-piece unit blitzing behind the singer as he reinterprets Animals classics like "When I Was Young," "It's My Life," or the Hendrix/Cream riff-laden version of "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood," but on the instrumental title track as well. The tragedy of it all is that, according to the singer's biography, Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood by Eric Burdon with J.Marshall Craig (Thunder's Mouth Press), Burdon did not want this material out. The tapes were signed to Capitol and released without his permission.

Produced by Jerry Goldstein, they are called "rehearsal tapes" by the singer and feature the original lineup of what he says in his book is "The first in a long series of Eric Burdon band(s)." Capitol released two different versions of this disc -- the full-length commercial LP, and a "Radio Programming Aid" which has edits of everything except for the 13-minute Burdon co-write "Letter From the Country Farm." It's disheartening to read the agony for the star during these sessions and the touring from this period in his life, but it's refreshing to hear in these grooves that under adverse conditions the star still comes out on top artistically.

The other Capitol release by the Eric Burdon Band, Stop, has been added to this collection and, according to his biography, "now appear together on one CD, Sun Secrets/Stop."

Review by Joe Viglione

Stop is a hard rock/funk album by the first incarnation of the Eric Burdon Band, whose line up consisted of Burdon, John Sterling, Kim Kesterson and Terry Ryan.

They formed in 1971, after Burdon left his previous band War to cut an album with Jimmy Witherspoon. They recorded the album ‘’Guilty’’ and then, without Witherspoon, the album Stop.
It was not released until July 1975. Also it featured no hit single, but had some American chart success, reaching both US and Canadian album charts.


01. It's My Life
02. Ring Of Fire
03. Medley: When I Was Young/War Child
04. Real Me
05. Medley: Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood/Nina's School
06. Letter From The Country Farm
07. Sun Secrets
08. City Boy
09. Gotta Get It On
10. The Man
11. I'm Lookin' Up
12. Rainbow
13. All I Do
14. Funky Fever
15. The Way It Should Be
16. Stop 

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The Garage Files Of Urban Aspirines

This is not a compilation made by an alternative label of Garage bands .
It's only a file made by URBAN ASPIRINES , zipping the tracks from various LPs and Mp3 Garage compilations showing the way to the Psychedelic Garage sound .
Maybe you know some of these bands , maybe not .
Maybe you really like it , maybe not .
I Don't really care about .


01. The King Bees : Little girl
02. Thee Deuces : You gonna try
03. The Munks : Long time waiting
04. A Passing Funcy : I'm losing tonight
05. The Chessmen : Love didn't die
06. The Great Scots : Balland chain
07. The Guess Who : Baby feeling
08. Michel & the French Candians : Cause I believe
09. The Deverons : She's my lover
10. Jury : Who dat
11. Painted Ship : Little white lies
12. The King Bees : I gotta move
13. The Canadian Squires : Leave me alone
14. The Great Scots : Don't want your love
15. Brian Rednond & the Sound Box : I want you
16. Richie Knight & the Mid-Knights : Work song
17. The Guess Who : Clock on the wall
18. The Secrets : Crying over her
19. The Checkerlads : Skake yourself down
20. Free For All : Show me the way
21. M.G and the Escorts : A someway fool
22. One Way Street : I see the light
23. Vipers : Medication
24. The Luvin' Kind : Missy D.M
25. The Checkerlads : Baby send for me
26. The Vertebrats : Left in the dark

1. The King Bees

The Kingbees, also known as The King Bees, was a short-lived New York-based rhythm and blues Garage musical group of the 1960s.

The Kingbees were Danny Kortchmar (credited as Danny Kootch) (guitar), Joel O'Brien (drums), Dickie Frank (bass) and John McDuffy (vocals and organ). They released three singles on the RCA label.

After the group disbanded, Kortchmar and O'Brien met again in the Flying Machine, fronted by then-unknown James Taylor, and were later to reunite in Jo Mama. In 2003 after O'Brien's death they had a memorial where Kortchmar and Frank played. The Kingbees were formed in 1964 or 1965.

2. Thee Deuces

3. The Munks

4. A Passing Funcy 

A Passing Fancy was a Toronto band from the mid-1960s fronted by the singer-songwriter and guitarist Jay Telfer, today publisher and editor of the antique collector's magazine Wayback Times, and Dr. Brian Price, president of In The Game Hockey Cards.

5. The Chessmen
1963, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Guy Sobell (guitar), Terry Jacks (guitar), Bill Lockie (bass), Al Wiertz (drums), Larry Borisoff (bass), Miles Kingan (drums), Ted Lewis [aka Duris Maxwell] (drums), Ken Moore (drums), Bruce Peterson (accordion)


6. The Great Scots
 While determining just who was America's or Britain's greatest rock & roll band will forever be in doubt, the list gets whittled down to one name when figuring out who was the biggest group from Nova Scotia: the Great Scots. From Halifax, the Scots cut three singles of wild punk music, loaded with solid playing and great screaming vocals.

The group began officially in 1963 as the Shadows, changing their name to the Beavers (all wearing Mohawk haircuts) the following year and finally becoming the Great Scots by December 1964. The original lineup consisted of guitarist Bill Schnare, singer Rick McNeil, bassist Dave Isnor, drummer Gerry Archer and guitarist Wayne Forrest. Hailed in the Canadian press as "Canada's answer to the Beatles," the group flew down to California in 1965, looking for bigger horizons to conquer.

7. The Guess Who

Αre a Canadian rock band from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Initially gaining recognition in Canada, the group also found international success from the late 1960s through the mid-1970s with numerous hit singles, including "No Time", "American Woman", "These Eyes" and "Share the Land". Several former members of The Guess Who, notably Burton Cummings and Randy Bachman (of Bachman–Turner Overdrive), have found considerable success outside the band.

8. Michel & the French Candians

9. The Deverons

Burton Cummings was born and raised in the Canadian city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, as were all of the original members of The Guess Who.

His first band was a local Winnipeg R&B group The Deverons, with an ‘E’, (not to be confused with the band The Devrons who had Country/R&B hits in the early 60’s such as “Brand X”, “Battle Him”, “Lost Love”, “Too Little Too Late”). He joined The Guess Who in 1965 to replace keyboardist Bob Ashley and shortly thereafter its previous lead singer, Chad Allan, left the band.

10. Jury

11. Painted Ship

Alumni of Vancouver, BC's largely unheralded '60s music scene, this quartet consisted of buckskin-clad Bill Hay (vocals), Bob Rowden (guitar), Ken Wain (keyboards) and Barry Rowden (drums). The band cut two late-'60s singles with the London label: "Little White Lies" b/w "Frustration" and "Audience Reflections" b/w "And She Said 'Yes.'" "Frustration" seethes with primal angst. Its structure recalls the Castaways' "Liar Liar," with organ runs from Uzbekhistanm -- or the Hindu Kush. "Lies," Hays said, was "a parody of a swaggering rock star."  

12. King Bees


13. The Canadian Squires

The Canadian Squires evolved from Ronnie Hawkins’ backing band the Hawks. Hawkins and his drummer Levon Helm were from Arkansas, but finding huge success in Ontario, they started recruiting local musicians as original members of the Hawks returned to the U.S.
After leaving Hawkins in 1964, the group toured on their own, usually billed as Levon and the Hawks. Personnel changed periodically, but by the time of this recording, all the members of the group that would go on to become the Band was in place, four of the five from southern Ontario.
Hawkins’ producer at Roulette, the legendary Henry Glover brought them into Bell Studios in New York to record two fine Robbie Robertson originals, “Leave Me Alone” and “Uh Uh Uh”, in the spring of 1965. Glover released these on the Ware label in the U.S., and on Apex in Canada.

14. The Great Scots

Artist Biography by
While determining just who was America's or Britain's greatest rock & roll band will forever be in doubt, the list gets whittled down to one name when figuring out who was the biggest group from Nova Scotia: the Great Scots. From Halifax, the Scots cut three singles of wild punk music, loaded with solid playing and great screaming vocals.
The group began officially in 1963 as the Shadows, changing their name to the Beavers (all wearing Mohawk haircuts) the following year and finally becoming the Great Scots by December 1964. The original lineup consisted of guitarist Bill Schnare, singer Rick McNeil, bassist Dave Isnor, drummer Gerry Archer and guitarist Wayne Forrest. Hailed in the Canadian press as "Canada's answer to the Beatles,"  

15. Brian Rednond & the Sound Box

Second 45 and great follow up to their Psychedelic "Warm Your Mind & Soul". A-side was written by fellow Montréaler, Andy Kim. This was the band's last record and was produced by CFOX deejay Bill Lowell for Donald K Productions (same people that booked Simple Simon & The Piemen). Brian Redmond would later record with Martin Martin.

16. Richie Knight & the Mid-Knights 

By the Summer of 1962 the group was playing bars on the famed Yonge Street strip. It was at one of these venues that a promotional man at Arc Records saw the band playing. He thought one specific song the band was performing could be a hit record and brought it to the attention of Bill Gilliland. The song was called "Charlena" and the group had learned it from a record released by a Los Angeles group called The Sevilles.

17. The Guess Who

 18. The Secrets


19.The Checkerlads

In their brief existence, the Checkerlads released just three singles, the best of which has got to be this scorching piece of garage punk. The Regina quintet of Arnold Rippliner, Robert Frei, Robert Bucholtz, Harvey Frasz and Larry Reich issued the first of those records on the Thunder Bay-based Gaiety imprint in 1966. And though the band's self-penned Rolling Stones clone on the a-side seemed the better of the two tunes, it was the frantic flipside that managed to tweak the charts. 'Shake Yourself Down' and its cheeky pilferage of 'Louie, Louie' entered Vancouver's CFUN 1410 Canadian Runners-up chart the week of October 29th. South of the border, the suits at RCA Victor obviously took note, reversing the two sides for the U.S. release. Near-mint copies of this record will set you back three bills on either label, but the holy grail is definitely the ultra-rare picture sleeve that came with Gaiety promo copies.

21.M.G. and the Escorts

The band was Glenn Grecco lead guitar, Graham Powers vocals, Mike Gauthier guitar, Glen Stephen bass and Bill Bryans on drums, from the Pointe Claire section of Montreal.

Their other 45s are excellent as well. You can hear that distorted guitar sound on their very first 45, “Please Don’t Ever Change”, which was a top ten Canadian hit in May of ’66. It was written by Glenn Grecco, who also wrote “A Someday Fool”, and backed with a slow ballad, “Sorry to Hear”.

23. The Vipers

The Vipers were an Irish group of the late 1970s. An incendiary live act fronted by Paul Boyle and virtuoso guitarist George Sweeney, they built up a loyal following in their home country and toured with the likes of The Clash and The Jam.

A well received debut single "I've Got You"/"No Such Thing" (Mulligan LUNS 718) hit the streets in late 1978. This was heard and liked by the BBC's John Peel who invited the band across the Irish Sea to do a session for his famous radio program, the Peel Sessions. A permanent move to London led to extensive UK tours with the Boomtown Rats and Thin Lizzy as well as regular gigs on the circuit including the Marquee, Music Machine and Fulham Greyhound. A further single "Take Me" was released in early 1980. Although press was always positive a failure to secure long term record company support led to the band splitting up in London in late 1980.

24.The Luvin' Kind

The Luvin' Kind were one of the several Belfast bands of the mid-1960s that sounded rather like the greatest Belfast band of all, Them. They were one of five Belfast groups included on the 1966 Ember Records LP compilation Ireland's Greatest Sounds: Five Top Groups from Belfast's Maritime Club. The Luvin' Kind's "Answers Please" was the highlight of that album, with a raw and ready R&B-rock sound similar to that heard on Them's cover of "Just a Little Bit." It was also an unusual, even refreshing, selection in that its lyrics were not of the usual R&B mold, but a fairly dramatic and effective anti-nuclear bomb statement. Though the production was only up to demo standards, it outshone another track they put on the album, the routine R&B pastiche "It's a Cruel World." Both "Answers Please" and "It's a Cruel World" have been reissued on the Big Beat compilation Belfast Beat Maritime Blues, an anthology of mid-'60s tracks by Belfast groups. 
25. The Checkerlads

26.  The Vertebrats 

The Vertebrats are a musical group formed in the twin cities of Champaign-Urbana (CU), Illinois, initially active from 1979 until 1982. They are credited with being one of the originators of a local CU DIY music scene that still exists. The Vertebrats gained notoriety due to their energetic live performances, on-stage chemistry, numerous original compositions, a fiercely loyal local fan base, and, as time went on, other bands covering their songs.

During their initial existence (1979–82) their recorded legacy was scant. Their song “Left in the Dark” was included on Greg Shaw’s Voxx Records (a subsidiary of Shaw’s Bomp! Records label) anthology called “Battle of the Garages” released in 1981. Because this anthology LP was distributed internationally, The Vertebrats gained broad exposure.

 Here @ 320 Mp3

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Dr.John : Plays Mac Rebennack 1981

Mac Rebennack

Real Name : Malcolm John Rebennack, Jr.
Profile : American vocalist, songwriter, pianist, guitarist, session musician.
Born November 21, 1940, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

Mac Rebennack is the real name of Dr. John

The legendary Dr. John is a six-time GRAMMY Award-winning musician and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee. Known throughout the world as the embodiment of New Orleans’ musical legacy, Dr. John is a true icon in American culture. His colorful musical career began in the 1950s when he wrote and played guitar on some of the greatest records to come out of the Crescent City, .

 Review by Thom Owens

Dr. John was always respected as a consummate pianist, but he didn't make a solo, unaccompanied piano record until 1981's Dr. John Plays Mac Rebennack.

The wait was well worth it. His music had always been impressive, but this is the first time that his playing had been put on full display, and it reveals that there's even more depth and intricacies to his style than previously expected. More importantly, the music simply sounds good and gritty, as he turns out a set of New Orleans R&B (comprised of both originals and classics) that is funky, swampy and real.

Label : Demon Records
Made in : England
Recorded by Dean Roumanis using the Mark Levinson Audio Systems at Orpheus Nusic in New York City , August 1981 .
Genre : Jazz , Blues
Style : Louisiana Blues
Year : 1981
Format : Vinyl LP

Side A

01. Porothy
02. Mac's Boogie
03. Memories of Professor Longhair
04. The Nearness of You
05. Delicado

Side B

06. Honey Dripper
07. Big mac
08. New island midnight
09. Saints
10. Pinetop

MP3 @320  Size : 95.6 MB
FLAC  Size : 177 MB