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Slaine : Pat Mills ( Designers : Paul Staples - Siku - Rafael Garres - Simon Bisley )

Slaine is a comic hero from the pages of 2000 AD – one of Britain's most popular comic books.

Slaine is a barbarian fantasy adventure series based on Celtic myths and stories which first appeared in 1983, written by Pat Mills and initially drawn by his then wife, Angela Kincaid.
Pat Mills has written comics since the early seventies.

As well as his influential role in creating and contributing to numerous of British comics, Mills has produced work in both America and Europe. In particular he is known for creating 2000 AD where he was the first editor and contributed to a number of long-running stories like ABC Warriors which has run for nearly thirty years. He was also responsible for creating The Butterfly Children series of books for children with his former wife, Angela Kincaid.

Most of the early stories were drawn by Massimo Belardinelli and Mike McMahon.
Other notable artists to have worked on the character include Glenn Fabry and Simon Bisley. The current artist is Clint Langley, whose artwork combines painting, photography and digital art.

Slaine's favourite weapon is an axe called "Brainbiter". He has the power of the "warp spasm", based on the riastrad or body-distorting battle frenzy of the Irish hero Cu Chulainn, in which earth power "warps" through his body,

Slaine and Ukko


turning him into a terrifying, monstrously powerful figure. He is a devotee of the earth goddess Danu.At the start of the series Slaine was a wanderer, banished from his tribe, the Sessair. He explored the Land of the Young (Irish Tir na nOg) in the company of an unscrupulous dwarf called Ukko (Finnish for "old man", and the name of the Finnish pagan Thunder god), fighting monsters and mercenaries in the fantasy tradition.

In one early adventure he rescued a maiden, Medb (named after the Irish mythological queen Medb) from being sacrificed in a Wicker Man, only to earn her enmity – she was a devotee of Crom Cruach, the god to whom she was to be sacrificed, and was looking forward to the experience.

Her master and mentor, the ancient, rotting and insane Lord Weird Slough Feg, became the series' main villain.

Following stories featured sky chariots (flying longships), dragons and prehistoric alien gods.

 As the series progressed, Slaine returned to his tribe and became king

 leading them against the Fomorians, a race of Sea Demons who were oppressing them.
Then, in the landmark storyline The Horned God, Slaine united the tribes of the earth goddess against Lord Weird Slough Feg
and his allies, while his personal devotion to the goddess led to him becoming a new incarnation of the Horned God Carnun (based on the Gaulish deity Cernunnos).

Slough Feg : The Horned God

By the end of the story the Land of the Young is no more, and Slaine is the first High King of Ireland.

These new enemies turned out to be a full Fomorian invasion led by Balor and the sadistic Moloch, murdering, raping and eating their way through Slaine's tribe until, wracked with warp-spasm, Slaine was able to take out Balor. The tribal council forced Slaine to let Moloch go, hoping he'd fulfill his promise of keeping the Fomorians out of Ireland

The tribal council forced Slaine to let Moloch go, hoping he'd fulfill his promise of keeping the Fomorians out of Ireland; instead, he deliberately returned to rape and murder Niamh.

Wanting vengeance, Slaine abdicated the throne to go to Albion and kill Moloch, which he succeeded in doing. In his absence, his son Kai left the tribe to search for his father .

Slaine also killed Dagon  , The sea monster coming from the deep .

Slaine was able to convince the tribal council that the demons could be killed and war was once more declared on the invaders, but it was clear that Ireland would be constantly attacked by wave after wave of Fomorian invasion.

Slaine hit on the idea of having the Tribe of Danu escape to the Otherworld that their Sky Chariots had been sent to, thus freeing them from the demons and allowing the Atlanteans to settle peacefully in Ireland; both armies united against Odacon and his Sea Demons.

Slaine was able to free the Atlantean leader Gael from being Odacon's Golamh by handing over Sethor to take Gael's place; and they led their armies to bolster the city of Tara.

While the tribes fought a defensive battle, Slaine was sent to the Otherworld to secure the blessings of Danu for the Tribes of the Earth Goddess to settle there; this done, he returned with her power behind him and led a charge that decimated Odacon's forces. The Tribe was cast to the Otherworld in the aftermath, and Slaine assisted Gael in finally destroying Odacon and the parasitic spawn with which he had infested the outer-lying villages.

With Gael as High King of Ireland and founder of the eventual Gaelic race, Slaine left to track down his son. He found Kai at a travelling funfair, and later embarked on a quest to track down Crom Dubh.

Main characters

SLAINE MAC ROTH : Mighty black-haired Irish warrior exiled from the Sessair tribe for having an affair with the chief's fiance Niamh. He loves fighting and often beats up Ukko. His weapon is the stone axe Brainbiter and he first experienced the Warp Spasm as a child.

UKKO : Slaine's dwarf sidekick and chronicler, named after the Finnish storm-god Ukko. He is lecherous and greedy; like most fantasy dwarves he loves gold and has a business mind centuries ahead of the human characters. When Slaine becomes king Ukko is appointed his jester.

NEST : Druidess who urges Ukko to record Slaine's deeds. Ukko argues with her all the time but it is hinted there may be some mutual attraction between them.

NIAMH : Slaine's strong-willed wife. She is very assertive even for a woman of her times and prone to anger and jealousy, often beating up Slaine's other wives and concubines[9]

Supporting characters

MACHA : The mother of Slaine

DANU :  Goddess of the earth who provides Slaine with guidance. Originally earth was ruled by female goddesses but the druids suppressed them and replaced them with male counterparts

CATHBAD :  Chief druid who wears a horse skull and has a strong dislike of Ukko. He is a short old man with a moustache and bald head, save for a single tuft of hair.

MYRDDIN :  Half-Cythron Atlantean survivor and high-level magus analogous to Merlin. His fortress is located in modern-day Wales.

MURDACH :  Time-displaced son of Brian Boru.

KAI : Slaine's son. Slaine wanted him to be a warrior but Niamh had him train as a druid. Later Kai became a travelling acrobat .

KING RUDRAIGE MAC DELA :  Ruler of the city of Gorlias and guardian of the Silver Sword of the Moon. His hand was bitten off by Avagddu and replaced with a metal prosthesis, preventing him from becoming High King. He was married to Niamh for a year but left her for a warrior resembling Arnold Schwarzenegger's Conan .

KING GANN MAc DELA :  Ruler of Finias and wielder of the Spear of the Flaming Sun. To celebrate the defeat of the Fomorians Gann was sacrificed and eaten by the tribe .

LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG : The insane horned God .

KING SENGANN MAC DELA : Mad ruler of Falias, a moon-worshipping society. His people, the black-skinned Tribe of the Shadows, were responsible for exterminating the Neanderthal-like Beaver folk and stealing the Stone of Destiny.

MOGROOTH : Fearsome Atlantean dragon rider and gladiator with enlarged, sharpened fangs. Despises Ukko for his thievery.

AVANC :  The Avanc was a monstrous creature that, like most lake monsters, was said to prey upon any foolish enough to fall into or swim in its lake.

TLACHTA : Mogrooth's daughter and one of Myrddin's best warriors. Was badly disfigured by Cythron laser beam.

BALOR : Leader of the Fomorians. He only has one eye which is capable of destroying anything he stares at.

AVAGDU : Son of the godess of Earth is the most ugly , stupid and dark creature who wants to kill Slaine. He dies eating himself .

ROBYM :  An evil dwarf who acts as a servant to Medb .

MEDB MEGRIM : Drune priestess saved by Slaine from human sacrifice. It is revealed she wanted to be sacrificed to the worm-god Crom to become a goddess.

MOLOCH :  Balor's cruel lieutenant, who wields six swords in battle. Based on the pagan god Molech. Assumed command of the Fomorians when Balor was killed, and brutally murdered Niamh.


The first Slaine novel was released at the end of 2006:

    Slaine: Slaine the Exile (Steven Savile, Black Flame, December 2006, ISBN 1-84416-387-3)
    Slaine: Slaine the Defiler (Steven Savile, Black Flame, September 2007, ISBN 1-84416-493-4)

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Edit in Greece By : Ο2Η. BOOKS
September 2000
Pages :    48
Size Book : 24x17
Μετάφραση : Μπριασούλης Αλέξανδρος
Creator : Pat Mills
Designers : Paul Staples - Siku - Rafael Garres - Simon Bisley

Edit in Greece :

 1. Master Of The Beasts ( Ο Κυρίαρχος των Θηρίων )
  Published in Greece : 2000


2. The Queen Of Serpents ( Η Βασίλισσα Των Φιδιών )
   Publised in Greece : 2000

 3. The Horned God, Book 1 ( Ο Κερασφόρος Θεός ) Βιβλίο 1
Publised in Greece : 2000


4. The Horned God, Book 2 ( Ο Κερασφόρος Θεός ) Βιβλίο 2
   Publised in Greece : 2000

 5. The Horned God, Book 3 ( Ο Κερασφόρος Θεός ) Βιβλίο 3
   Publised in Greece : 2001

6. The Horned God, Book 4 ( Ο Κερασφόρος Θεός ) Βιβλίο 4
   Publised in Greece : 2001

All these books was published in Greece By " O2H "

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10 CC : How dare You 1976

Deriving their name from the metric total of semen ejaculated by the average male,the tongue-in-cheek British art-pop band 10cc comprised an all-star roster of Manchester-based musicians : vocalist/guitarist Graham Gouldman was a former member of the Mockingbirds and the author of hits for the Yardbirds,the Hollies,Herman's Hermits and Jeff Beck, Singer/guitarist Eric Stewart was an alum of Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders,and vocalists/multi-instrumentalists Kevin Godley and Lol Creme were both highly regarded studio players . 

Formed in 1970 , 10cc began as a session unit dubbed Hotlegs , after establishing residence at Stewart's Strawberry Studios , Hotlegs scored a surprise U.K . smash with the single "Neanderthal Man," subsequently issuing an LP , Thinks,School Times and touring with the Moody Blues.

After scoring their commercial breakthrough with "I'm Not in Love" from 1975's The Original Soundtrack, 10cc continued to build on their good fortune with How Dare You. It didn't spawn another massive hit like "I'm Not in Love," but it is a well-crafted album that shows off 10cc's eccentric humor and pop smarts in equal measure.

This time, the hit singles were "I'm Mandy Fly Me" and "Art for Art's Sake." The first tune is the fanciful tale of a plane crash victim saved from death by the stewardess of his dreams that plays out a poppy mock-exotica musical backdrop while the second is a tongue-in-cheek parody of commercial-minded artists set to a rocking, cowbell-driven beat. 

Elsewhere, How Dare You pursues a similar mix of zany humor and pop hooks: "Iceberg" brings its tale of a frigid romantic partner to life with an incredibly intricate and jazzy vocal melody, and "I Wanna Rule the World" is a witty tale of a dictator-in-training with enough catchy riffs and vocal harmonies for two or three songs. How Dare You loses a bit of steam on its second side when the songs' tempos start to slow down, but "Rock 'N' Roll Lullaby" and "Don't Hang Up" keep the listener involved through a combination of melodic songwriting and typically well-crafted arrangements.

In the end, How Dare You never hits the giddy heights of The Original Soundtrack but it remains a solid album of witty pop songs that will satisfy anyone with a yen for 10cc.


01. How Dare You
02. Lazy Ways
03. I Wanna Rule The World
04. I'm Mandy Fly Me

05. Iceberg
06. Art For Art's Sake
07. Rock'N'Roll Lullaby
08. Head Room
09. Don't Hang Up

Format : Vinyl LP
Label : Mercury
Serial Number : 610 501
Made : In Greece
Year : 1876

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Porcupine Tree : Signify 1996

 Porcupine Tree are a progressive rock/art rock band formed by Steven Wilson in 1987 in Hemel

Their music is difficult to categorize, being associated with both psychedelic rock and progressive rock, yet having been influenced by trance, krautrock and ambient due to Steven Wilson and Richard Barbieri's penchant for the Kosmische Musik scene of the early '70s, led by bands such as Tangerine Dream, Neu! and Can.
Since the early 2000s, their music has been leaning towards progressive metal.

Signify is the fourth studio album by British progressive rock band Porcupine Tree. It was released in September 1996 .
It was the first album that frontman Steven Wilson recorded with the band on board from the beginning . Previous albums had been essentially solo efforts with occasional help from other musicians.

Reception for the album has been mostly positive. "Allmusic" gave the album four out of five stars, praising the album as ... the next great step forward for Porcupine Tree, a distinct advancement in how well the foursome could completely rock out as well as find its own narcotic style of ambient exploration...

The often gripping instrumental pieces which are as much a band trademark as anything else appear throughout, including the combination drift and charge of "Idiot Prayer," littered with intriguingly curious samples, and the amusingly titled, hellfire and brimstone preacher-punctuated "Intermediate Jesus."


01. Bornlivedie      Wilson/Barbieri     1:41
02. Signify       Wilson     3:26
03. Sleep of No Dreaming       Wilson     5:24
04. Pagan       Wilson     1:34
05. Waiting Phase One       Wilson     4:24
06. Waiting Phase Two       Wilson     6:15
07. Sever       Wilson     5:30
08. Idiot Prayer       Wilson/Edwin     7:37
09. Every Home Is Wired       Wilson     5:08
10. Intermediate Jesus       Wilson/Barbieri/Edwin/Maitland     7:29
11. Light Mass Prayers       Maitland     4:28
12. Dark Matter       Wilson     8:57


Waiting ... To be born again 
Waiting ... The Saddest kind of pain 
Waiting for the day
When I will crawl away

Nothing is what I feel 
Waiting for the DRUGS ... to make it real .

Waiting ... To be disciplined
Aching ... For your nails across my skin .

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Χόρχε Λουίς Μπόρχες, « Ποίημα στους φίλους »

Χόρχε Λουίς Μπόρχες, « Ποίημα στους φίλους »

Δεν μπορώ να σου δώσω λύσεις
για όλα τα προβλήματα της ζωής σου,
ούτε έχω απαντήσεις
για τις αμφιβολίες και τους φόβους σου ˙
όμως μπορώ να σ’ ακούσω
και να τα μοιραστώ μαζί σου.

Δεν μπορώ ν’ αλλάξω
το παρελθόν ή το μέλλον σου.
Όμως όταν με χρειάζεσαι
θα είμαι εκεί μαζί σου.

Δεν μπορώ να αποτρέψω τα παραπατήματα σου.
Μόνο μπορώ να σου προσφέρω το χέρι μου
να κρατηθείς και να μη πέσεις.

Ηρθα χθες στον κόσμο σου
και σου είπα ότι ψέμματα  ήθελες  σου πω
Αυτά που ήθελες να ακούσεις .
αυτά τα γνωστά , αυτά που δεν τα ήξερα .
Γονάτισα δίπλα σου και πήρα από το χάλκινο ποτήρι σου
το γυμνό στίχο που χρόνια μου απαγγέλεις .


No Pc , No Photoshop
Μονάχα μολύβια και Μαρκαδόροι " Evidenziatore "
Γιά τον Λευτέρη . 
Σκίτσο  : Κωστάκης

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The Reggae Files Of Urban Apirines Vol. 2

This is not an official Reggae compilation made by the labels . It' s only some Reggae songs that we like .
This is not a compilation made by Music market CD's
It's The Reggae Files Vol . 2 of this Blog .


01 . The Abyssinians : Declaration Of Rights
02 . Groundation : What could have been
03 . Barrigton Levy  :  Quick Divorce
04 . The Slackers  : Watch This
05 . Toots And The Maytals : 54-56 ( That΄s my number )
06 . Black Uhuru : Emotional Slaughter
07 . Los Pericos  :  Armoniquita
08 . Max Romeo  : Chase The Devil
09 . Aswad  :  I A Rebel Soul
10 . Alpha Blondie  : Peace In Liberia
11 . Peter Tosh  :  Bush Doctor
12 . Gregory Isaacs  :  Uncle Joe
13 . Black State  :  Boom Boom
14 . Toots and the Maytals : Reggae Got Soul
15 . Fikir Amlak : I everything
16 . Eric Donaldson : Jah Love
17 . The Abyssinians : Black man strain
18 . Bob Marley and the Wailers : Downpresser


The Abyssinians are a Jamaican roots reggae group, famous for their close harmonies and promotion of the Rastafari movement in their lyrics.
The vocal trio was originally formed in 1968 by Bernard Collins and Donald Manning. Their first song was "Satta Massagana",
"Satta Massagana" was first recorded for producer Clement "Coxsone" Dodd in March 1969, but he decided against releasing it, seeing no commercial potential for what he saw as a song constituting cultural subversion. In 1971, the group purchased the master tapes from Dodd for 90 pounds and released it on their own Clinch label, the single becoming a massive success, prompting Dodd to release his own instrumental and deejay versions.


Lyrics to What Could Have Been 

What could have been the first moment in my destiny yeah
What could have been the first trumpet in sing a song my bredren
What if it could be the first crying in the wilderness was love?I'll defend

But, but, but, but which one of them?
Which, which, which, which one of dem a leave Jah?
But, But, But them a gonna fall
let, Jah, Jah, come right in and lead them in-in to the
Ites, Ites, Dream, Dream
Look upon him sufferah
Dream, dream upon them, upon them, upon them
Let's exalt Jah, and live them for Zion and a go
Preach dem, preach dem, preach dem, preach one a de day, day man, man
For tonight we're coming for ya Culturally speaking

Oh but I love them?and they do too!
Man look upon the sky?lead them into war
Some a dem a call out to say man
You do to, be true, positive energy man
Be true, be true, the Lion a destiny
Man don't be afraid, I've been here before
Man a go way an ya, culturally we fear man's soul

But then the lightning, strike, street
Born again, born again man sufferah

I man sufferah

live in the skies

Jah know, Jah know, Jah know, Jah know, oh yeah

Come to see, what they really do not want them to see
Visions in the night them reach for the blind man
Tell in the sky man this is love
Live again then Jah
They say I come from the land of E-the-o-pia!
Conquerors Sufferahs Vampire!

Unto the great moon in the sky
Why must you treat him like a rotten I sufferah!?

Live again oh Lord

Burn, burn, burn, I, I fear, I, I, I, disappear
Into the discipline that joins us today
But I, I, I, come today, come, come Jah today
I feel it right on top, onto the pit of my soul

Jah deliver them soul!
We'll try to suffer this road!
Jah deliver them souls!
Oh I will suffer this road!

See them fall-all-all see them falling way tonight
So you can see the bright - bright - bright souls
And the righteous yeah?.yeah?oh but the righteous yeah?
Man but the righteous yeah?


Levy was born in Clarendon, Jamaica. He formed a band called the Mighty Multitude, with his cousin,
By the time his 1980 album Robin Hood was released, Levy was one of the biggest Jamaican stars, and saw his international fame growing.
Taking a break from albums, Levy then released a series of hit singles.
In the 1990s, Levy continued to release periodic hits in Jamaica, and more rarely in the UK.
In September 2013 he released the single "Love the Way She Love", a collaboration with Mr. Vegas, and announced an acoustic album featuring new songs and reworkings of old songs.


The Slackers are a New York City band , formed in Brooklyn in 1991 . The band's sound is a mix of ska ,
Redlight is an album by The Slackers , released on September 23 , 1997 (see 1997 in music) on Hellcat Records .
It solidified the Slacker's sound , with ska , reggae , and dub remaining prevalent . The track "Watch This" received airplay on college radio stations . The band's lineup was finally solidified (confused by the inclusivness of band photos in Better Late Than Never) . Now the Slackers brought in Glen Pine from Boston on Trombone . Jeremy Mushlin also debuted his vocal talents for the first time on Redlight , although it wouldn't be until The Question that he would exhibit his DJ style that he is known for .


Toots and the Maytals, originally called The Maytals, are a Jamaican musical group and one of the best known ska and rock steady vocal groups. According to Sandra Brennan at Allmusic, "The Maytals were key figures in reggae music. Formed in the early 1960s when ska was hot, the Maytals had a reputation for having strong, well-blended voices.
Toots & the Maytals were founded by Frederick "Toots" Hibbert, who was born in May Pen, Clarendon Parish, Jamaica in 1945.

 "Emotional Slaughter" Lyrics

So come let's start ya (Start ya)
Emotional slaughter
So come let's start ya (Start ya)

I was born on the outskirts
I was a natural burden
We sung from our heart
With the privilege of free talk
Cause the mind increasing
You wanna hear the pastor man
Preaching, to corrupt the mind of the weak
Oooh up to now
As man reach get peek (All rise)

Emotional slaughter
So come let's start ya (Start ya)
Emotional Slaughter
So come let's start ya (Start ya)

Down in the ghetto a star is born
Brother is strong, brother is strong
In the ghetto will free for all
Star rise, star fall
Alright, alright (Start ya)

Oh JAH help us
In our righteous that in guidance's true
All day, all night
To see the face of JAH when adding
No matter because there must be a big bless

Emotional slaughter
So come let's start ya (Start ya)
Emotional slaughter
So come let's start ya
Emotional slaughter
Come let's start ya


Los Pericos is an Argentinean rock band known for its experimental music where reggae and ska are predominant. In 1987, with a little help of two local DJs in a Buenos Aires' radio station, Los Pericos had the chance to make their music heard. Their song "El Ritual de la Banana" became an instant hit which gave the band the opportunity to get a deal with Berlin Records. Los Pericos was released in December 1988, selling 150,000 units in just a few months.


The singer who put the rude in rude boy, Max Romeo was responsible for launching an entirely
Romeo was born Max Smith on November 22, 1947, in St D'Acre, Jamaica.
In 1968, the singer, now dubbed Max Romeo, was confident enough to launch a solo career. Working with producer Bunny Lee, the young star recorded a number of love ballads and sweet singles, but none made much of an impression on the charts.
Romeo released numerous political singles.
Romeo released a clutch of seminal singles all fired by the Lee Perry's deep roots production.

new sub-genre of reggae, whose overtly suggestive lyrics caused an outcry but took a massive hold of the music scene regardless.
predominant. In 1987, with a little help of two local DJs in a Buenos Aires' radio station, Los Pericos had the chance to make their music heard. Their song "El Ritual de la Banana" became an instant hit which gave the band the opportunity to get a deal with Berlin Records. Los Pericos was released in December 1988, selling 150,000 units in just a few months.

The members of Aswad are UK descendants of immigrants from the Caribbean. They attended John Kelly/Holland Park School..The original members of Aswad were Brinsley Forde, Angus "Drummie Zeb" Gaye, Donald Griffiths, George Oban, and Courtney Hemmings. Aswad were the backing band of Burning Spear's 1977 Live album, recorded at the Rainbow Theatre in London. Other contributors included Vin Gordon, and Karl Pitterson..They became one of the UK's top reggae bands in the 1980s, following the departures of Hemmings (in 1976), Oban and Griffiths (both in 1980), and the arrival of Tony "Gad" Robinson (as a replacement for Oban). They were distinctly different from Jamaican reggae acts, in that they wrote songs that dealt with the issues surrounding the experiences of black youths growing-up in the UK.


Alpha Blondy (born January 1, 1953) is an Ivorian reggae singer and international recording artist. Alpha Blondy was born Seydou Kone in Dimbokro, Ivory Coast. He sings mainly in his native language of Dioula, in French and English, and sometimes in Arabic or Hebrew. His lyrics convey serious political attitudes and a sense of humor. In particular, he coined the French term democrature (an English equivalent might be "democratatorship") to identify some African governments.

Alpha Blondy's respect for all religions and the spirituality he derives from them can be heard on the tracks “God is One” or “Jerusalem” where he sang for unity between all religions in 1986


During the early 1960s Tosh met Robert Nesta Marley (Bob Marley) and Neville O'Reilly Livingston (Bunny Wailer) and went to vocal teacher, Joe Higgs, who gave out free vocal lessons to young people, in hopes to form a new band.
In 1964 Tosh helped organize the band The Wailing Wailers, with Junior Braithwaite, a falsetto singer
He also claims that he was the beginning of the group, and that it was he who first taught Bob Marley the guitar. The latter claim may very well be true, for according to Bunny Wailer, the early wailers learned to play instruments from Tosh.
Tosh began recording and released his solo debut, Legalize It, in 1976 with CBS Records company.
During Bob Marley's free One Love Peace Concert of 1978, Tosh lit a marijuana spliff and lectured about legalizing cannabis, lambasting attending dignitaries Michael Manley and Edward Seaga for their failure to enact such legislation. Several months later he was apprehended by police as he left Skateland dance hall in Kingston and was beaten severely while in police custody .
Mystic Man (1979), and Wanted Dread and Alive (1981) followed, released on the Rolling Stones' own record label.
On 11 September 1987, just after Tosh had returned to his home in Jamaica, a three-man gang came to his house demanding money. Tosh replied that he did not have any with him but the gang did not believe him. Tosh said he did not have any money in the house, after which Lobban put a gun to Tosh's head and shot once, killing him.

Bush Doctor :  Some Lyrics


Cigarette smoking is dangerous, dangerous
Hazard to your health

To legalize marijuana
Right here in Jamaica
I'm say it cure glaucoma
I man a de Bush Doctor

So there'll be
No more smokin and feelin tense
When I see them a come
I don't have to jump no fence

So there'll be no more
Police brutality
No more disrespect
For humanity

Legalize marijuana
Down here in Jamaica
It can build up your failing economy
Eliminate the slavish mentality

There'll be no more
Illegal humiliation
And no more police

Legalize marijuana
I man a de Bush Doctor

So there be
No more need to smoke and hide
When you know you're takin
Illegal ride

Legalize marijuana
Down here in Jamaica
It the only cure for glaucoma
I man a de Minister


One of Jamaica's most beloved vocalists who was as pertinent in dancehalls as he was in bedrooms, Gregory Isaacs' career stretched over 30 years. From the heady days of reggae through lovers rock, a genre
By 2007 he had reportedly lost his teeth due to crack cocaine addiction, and he was later diagnosed with lung cancer, which spread and ultimately took his life. Gregory Isaacs died at his home in London on October 25, 2010 at the age of 59.


Black Slate was formed in 1974, including musicians from England, Jamaica, and Anguilla. They backed several Jamaican singers, including Delroy Wilson and Ken Boothe on their UK appearances, and had their first reggae-chart hit themselves in 1976, with the anti-mugging song "Sticks Man" .
They toured the UK for the first time in 1978, and formed their own TCD label, having a minor hit with "Mind Your Motion".[1] They also backed Dennis Brown when he played live in the UK, and in 1980 their Rastafarian rallying call, "Amigo", was picked up by Ensign Records, and broke into the UK Singles Chart, reaching #9. The follow-up, "Boom Boom" was also a hit, though less successful.



In 2002, Andres "Fikir" Estrada arrived in Santa Cruz, CA with the vision of forming a musical collective of conscious Rastafari bredren and sistren who would carry the message of Haile Selassie I the First and Ethiopia's redemption to the four corners of the world. Originally from Puerto Rico, Fikir has been inspired by the roots reggae traditions of the carribean such as the Zioniers, Cultura Profetica and Gomba Jahbari. Previously having sung and played guitar in a Los Angeles area band, The Ghetto Fabulosos, maturity and spiritual growth deemed necessary a new direction and focus. At first using the name Jah Musica, "Fikir Amlak" was chosen as the name for the new band, which in Ethiopic means "Jah Love".
Fikir Amlak released his latest album, "The Lion Lives", in December of 2012 under the Black Lion Sounds label.As of late 2012, Fikir Amlak has joined forces with Jah Youth Productions out of Hawaii for a string of singles to be released in 2013.


Eric Donaldson (born June 11, 1947, St. Catherine, Jamaica) is a Jamaican reggae singer-songwriter.
Reggae artist Eric Donaldson was born in Kent Village, Jamaica, on June 11, 1947, and launched his music career in 1964 when he recorded some tracks for Studio One in Kingston, which have remained unreleased.
Donaldson decided to continue to pursue music on his own, which led to him submitting an original composition, "Cherry Oh Baby," to the Festival Song Competition in 1971.
He has taken the top spot at subsequent Festival Song Competition's as well in 1977, 1978, 1984, and 1993. Donaldson runs the Cherry Oh Baby Go-Go Bar in his hometown of Kent Village.


he virtually invented, his talent reached into the modern age. Born in the Fletcher's Land area of Kingston,
Jamaica, on July 15, 1951, Isaacs arrived in the music business via the talent show circuit, a tried and true formula for many of the island's budding singing stars.


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