Monday, November 03, 2008

Candi Staton : Candi Staton 2003 Collection

Canzetta Maria Staton was born in 1943 , and had just the kind of rural upbringing you might imagine : helping pick cotton and singing in the church choir . By her eighth birthday Candi was already singing in a gospel group , " The Four Golden Echoes " .
When Candi was ten her mother moved the family north to Cleveland in order to escape her alcoholic husband . Candi , though , was send to a boarding school in Nashville , where she joined " The Jewel Gospel Trio " and touring with Mahalia Jackson , The Staple Singers , and a young Aretha Franklin .

At seventeen Candi ran off to Los Angeles with The Pilgrim Travellers ' singer Lou Rawls . Rick Hall , owner of FAME RECORDS , was looking for a female blues singer at the time .
The records Candi made at FAME are some of the finest examples of what is known now as southern soul . Tough , funky , dirty , soulful and proud , they still sound immense today . The sound is more complex than the hits that had previously come out of other southern studios like" STAX " .
Today , over thirty years after they were recorded , the songs of this compilation shine as bright as ever .


1. I' m just a prisoner
2. Evidence
3. I' d rather be an old man's sweetheart (than a young man' s fool)
4. The best thing you ever had
5. Someone you use
6. That' s how strong my love is
7. Another man' s woman , another woman' s man
8. He called me baby
9. Sweet feeling
10.Do your duty
11. Love chain
12. Stand by your man
13. Heart on a string
14. Too hurt to cry
15. You don' t love me no more
16. Mr and Ms untrue
17. How can I put out the flame
18. To hear to say you' re mine
19. Sure as sin
20. What would become of me
21. In the ghetto
22. Get it when I want it
23. Freedom is beyond the door
24. I' ll drop everything and come running
25. The thanks I get for loving you
26. I' m gonna hold on

Please listen the tracks : No 1 and No 8
This is Pure Soul Music
Angry and Sensitive .

Bitrate 320

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