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The Dubrovniks - Medicine Wheel [1994]

The Dubrovniks
Medicine Wheel
Normal Rec. 1994

Label : Normal / Indigo
Catalog#: Normal 167 / Indigo 6267
Format: Vinyl , LP
Country: France
Released: 1994
Genre: Aussie Rock
Mp3@320 & Covers

Take me Here
Side A
Pass On By
Hernandoe's Hideaway
Never Get That Far
Holy Town
Under Your Skin
Side B
Hold On To Your Dreams
Can't Come Back
Out Of Bed
Next Train
Working My Way
Wild Wild Love
I Don't Owe You

Glen Armstrong - guitar
James Baker - drums
Peter Simson - guitar , vocals , organ
Boris Sujdovic - bass , vocals

Band photo


When Sydne
y band The Dubrovniks emerged in 1987, the individual members had personal histories in Australian music stretching back a decade.
James Baker, Roddy `The Raj’ Radalj, Peter Simpson and Boris Sujdovic comprised
an inner-city `supergrou
p’ of sorts right from the outset. Originally known as The Adorable Ones (formed August 1986), the band had to change names due to a Brisbane outfit already operating under that moniker. The name Dubrovniks was derived from the fact that both Radalj and Sujdovic were born in the (former) Yugoslavian village of Dubrovnik. The band’s clattering, yet accessible rock’n'roll was drawn along the lines of The Troggs meets T-Rex by way of New York Dolls. Radalj was also known for his stylish attire and his guitar made from a pine cheeseboard! Citadel issued the singles `Fireball of Love’/`If I Had a Gun’ (April 1988) and a cover of Alvin Stardust’s `My Coo Ca Choo’/`Girls Go Manic’ (November 1988). By the time the band recorded and issued the single `Speedway Girls’/`Freezin’ Rain’ (June 1989) and the album Dubrovnik Blues (August), the ever-restless Radalj had left. In late 1988, Radalj formed the sideline band The Punjabbers with Brett Ford(drums; ex-Kryptonics, Lubricated Goat), Tony Robertson (bass; ex-Hitmen, New Christs, Naked Lunch) and Tony Thewlis (guitar; ex-Scientists) and issued the single `Rock’n'Roll Loveletter’ on Timberyard (December 1988). Radalj then formed The Surfin’ Caesars and recorded several albums. Chris Flynn (guitar, vocals; ex-Headstones) eventually replaced Radalj, and the band signed to Mushroom. The band’s releases on Mushroom, both produced by Kevin “Caveman” Shirley, maintained
the revved-up, trashy rock’n'roll tradition.
Audio Sonic Lo
ve Affair (September 1990) included the singles `She Got No Love’/`Got this Far’ (June) and `Love is on the Loose’/`Something’s not Right in the World’ (October). Glen Armstrong (guitar; ex-Girlies) replaced Simpson in 1991, and the new line-up issued Chrome in June 1992. It produced two cracking singles in `Saigon Rose’ (February) and `French Revolution’ (June). In between albums, Baker and Sujdovic toured and recorded with Beasts of Bourbon. In early 1991, the two severed their commitments to the Beasts in order to concentrate on The Dubrovniks. Mushroom dropped the band in 1993. German label Normal issued Medicine Wheel in Europe, and Mushroom Distribution Services (MDS) distributed it in Australia. The Dubrovniks broke up in 1995 and Baker returned to Perth. He joined power pop band Satellite 5 with John Rushin (vocals), Phil Bradley (guitar; ex-Jackals), Doug Thomas (guitar; ex-Dagoes, Spikes) and Howard Shawcross (bass; ex-Elks, Howard I Know, Jackals).

[Encyclopedia of Australian Rock and Pop / Ian McFarlane 1999]
Dubrovnik Blues (1989)
Audio Sonic Love Affair (1990)
Chrome (1992)
Medicine Wheel (1994)


  1. Αυτα ειναι..Ενας απο τους καλυτερους δισκους των 90's και ουτε ενα σχολιο η' ενα απλο Ευχαριστω?
    Φιλε μου να εισαι καλα που ποσταρες κατι απο αυτη την υπεροχη μπαντα.Θεωρω τον εαυτο μου τυχερο που τυχαινει και εχω την δισκογραφια τους σε βυνιλιο.Ενα απο τα ποιο επιδραστικα και διαχρονικα συγκροτηματα μαζι με τους Wipers για οσους τους θυμουνται.
    Αυτα και ευχαριστω που υπαρχουν καποιοι και θυμουνται απο καλες μουσικουλες ;-)