Sunday, November 16, 2008

Manfred Mann's Earth Band : Solar Fire (1973)

Darkness Darkness Darkness
in the beginning
Solar light warm as ice
started everything living
Lighting stringing-
Every life springs from light
from the waters come swimming .

Silence Silence
in the beginning
Silent sound fills the ground
all the oceans are singing
Thunder roaring
come the word something stirred
set the wheel of life spinning .
ART ROCK and PROGRESSIVE Sounds from the 70' s
One of the Best ever ...

1. Father of day , father of night (Written by Bob Dylan)
2. In the Beginning , Darkness
3. Pluto the dog
4. Solar fire
5. Saturn , Lord of the ring
6. Earth , the circle Part 2
7. Earth , the circle Part 1

Bonus Tracks :

8. Joybringer
9. Father of day , father of night (Edited version)

Flac  Size  :  289  MB 
Part 1         Part 2

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