Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mercury Rev : Deserter's Songs 1998

This is the chaotic avant Rock of the MERCURY REV full of brilliant melodies and melancholy moments


Time , all th' long red lines , that take
Control , of all th' smokelike streams , that flow into yr
Dreams , that big blue open sea , that can' t be
Crossed , that can' t be climbed , just born
Between , oh th' two white lines , distant gods an' faded
Sings , of all those blinking lites , you had t' pick th' one tonite ...


Tonite It Shows
I Collect Coins
Opus 40
Hudson Line
The Happy End (The Drunk Room)
Goddess on a Hiway
The Funny Bird
Pick up If You're There
Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp

Bitrate 320

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