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Area : Caution Radiation 1974

Very creative jazz-fusion progressive oriented Italian band, where the outsdanding voice work of Demetrio Stratos pinpoints the band's work. Very complex and different passages featured everywhere in the compositions, and several wind instruments give a final touch to their music.

Recommended for intricate music lovers only !

Originally released in 1974, this was the second album by the massively influential Italian progressive group (lead by Demetrio Stratos) that with Caution Radiation Area added increasing levels of fringe experimentation to their already weird recipe. Stratos’ vocal comes off throughout as one-third Pavarotti, one-third haunted house, and one-third Diamanda Galas’ long-lost brother. Primitive drums and electronics, intense dustbowl jams, ARP synthesizers, a blizzard of speaking voices, Fender Rhodes solos, wavering Middle Eastern hummingbird and modes, ghostly voices morphing into tortured cries.

Demetrio Stratos was born as Efstratios Demetriou in Alexandria, Egypt on April 22, 1945, of Greek parents (Janis Demetriou and Athanassia Archondoyorghi).

His family was of Greek Orthodox religion, so during his infancy he listened to religious Byzantine songs, traditional Arabic music and then the early beginnings of rock and roll. All of those sounds strongly influenced him for the rest of his life.

In 1972, Demetrio Stratos and drummer Giulio Capiozzo founded Area, a well-known Italian progressive rock, jazz fusion band.

In April 1979 , Demetrio Stratos was diagnosed with a severe case of aplastic anemia. On April 2, he was recovered at the Milan Polyclinic, but his condition deteriorated rapidly and he was transferred to New York City Memorial Hospital for treatment. Meanwhile, in Italy, his friends organized a concert to pay for his medical expenses. Many musicians accepted the invitation to perform, and the concert was planned for June 14, 1979. It was to become Demetrio Stratos’ memorial concert, where over hundred musicians played in front of an audience of 60,000 at the Arena of Milan, the first great and spontaneous reunion of youth in Italy. He died in New York City Memorial Hospital on June 13, 1979 ( midnight of the concert ) at the age of thirty–four .


1. Cometa Rossa (4:00)
2. ZYG (Crescita zero) (5:27)
3. Brujo (8:02)
4. Mirage (10:27)
5. Lobotomia (4:23)

Total Time: 32:19


- Giulio Capiozzo / drums, percusion
- Patrizio Fariselli / piano, electric piano, bass clarinet, synthesizer
- Ares Tavolazzi / bass, trombone, contarabass
- Paolo Tofani / guitar, flute synthesizer
- Demetrio Stratos / vocal, organ, cembalo, percussion


Ανοιξε χειλι μου
γλυκα να τραγουδησω

Ανοιξε την καρδια

Κομητη κλεισε το στομα στους Ποιητες
Κομητη κλεισε το στομα και φυγε

Ανοιξε τα ματια στην ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΙΑ RED COMET

Open ! Μy lips
Οpen !
For sweet singing

Open your heart

Comet shut the mouth to the Poets
Comet shut the mouth and go away

Open our eyes to FREEDOM

( Ελευθερη μεταφραση ειναι και μη με δειρετε . Μπας και χαμπαριασουν κατι οι βαρβαροι απο την αλλη πλευρα )

Size 66,4 MB
Cramps REcords
Bitrate 320


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