Monday, April 06, 2009

Mazzy Star : Among My Swan 1996

If Psychedelic music had a voice in '90s post-punk, Mazzy Star may have been its strongest reincarnation.

 Mazzy Star much prefered the Dark side of psychedelia

1. "Disappear" – 4:04
2. "Flowers in December" – 4:57
3. "Rhymes of an Hour" – 4:12
4. "Cry, Cry" – 3:58
5. "Take Everything" – 4:53
* Drums: Aaron Sherer
* Guitar: William Reid of The Jesus and Mary Chain
6. "Still Cold" – 4:48
* Drums: Aaron Sherer
7. "All Your Sisters" – 5:16
8. "I've Been Let Down" – 3:17
9. "Roseblood" – 4:51
10. "Happy" – 3:58
11. "Umbilical" – 4:59
12. "Look On Down from the Bridge" – 4:47


Field of light
They hold me inside
Count my stars
They're all lucky in the sky

There's a time
When you go off of light
And all my things look like someone else's memories

Cold outside
Burns a great big hole in my heart
I just wait till you're happy
And your smile makes it bright
It makes it bright

Sleep inside
Ocean has miles
It shimmers and it glows
For some people, I know it shines
I know it shines

Stay inside
Don't colors me blind
They hold me inside
Count my stars
Let them shine
I know they shine


Cannot hear what your saying
Could i tell you so
And i can't believe my troubles
And i'm going home
Lie and sleep
Under deep
You know
While the cold winter waiting
While it's turning cold
All these things we were searching
Now we just don't know
Lie and sleep
Under deep
I think you know
For the rhymes of an hour
Now i'm going home
And I can't believe I'm nothing
'Cause I'm coming down
Lie and sleep
Under deep
Do you know?

Size 130 MB
Bitrate 320
Released in 29 October 1996

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