Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Renaissance : Novella 1977

This is a group devoted to experimentation between rock, and classical forms . Progressive sounds from the 70' s .

Side One

1. Can you hear me ? 13:39
2. The Sisters 7:14

Side Two

1. Midas Man 5:45
2. The captive heart 4:12
4. Touching once ( Is so hard to keep ) 9:25

John Tout : Keyboards , Vocals
Annie Haslam : Lead Vocals
Jon Camp : Bass , Bass Pedals , Acoustic Guitar , Vocals
Michael Dunford : Acoustic Guitars , Vocals


Gold - said the man to the many
I want money and I’ll make it grow
I will count my worth in gold - wealth untold
I’ll sell my soul - midas man

Sold - said the man to the many
Work for me, I’ll only steal your time
I will count my money out, there’s no doubt
I’ll sell my soul - midas man - midas man

I’ll take from the blind and I’ll get up ahead
I’ll sneak up behind and I’ll steal
I’ll take all that you have
And then all that you’ve concealed
I’ll take anything I can get - I’ll make you
I’ll break you and I’ll make you sweat
Nothing is worth nothing unless it’s
Made for midas man

Gold - said the man to the many
Pots of gold are all I want from you
Quarter time for treble days the only way
To sell your soul - midas man - midas man

Midas - midas - midas man

MIDAS was a Greek mythologic king of Frygia , who asked from the Gods to have the power to transmute whatever he touch into gold .
...And so was ! His wine , his food , his palace , his wife , everything turned gold .
This is the curse of Midas .

Arrangements by Renaissance
Orchestral arrangments by Richard Hewson
Recorded at De Lane Lea Music Center , Wembley
Year : December 1976
Label : Sire Records 1977
Marketed by ABC Records , Inc
Los Angeles , Calif , 90048
New York , N Y 10019

Size 96 MB
Format : Vinyll LP
Bitrate 320

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