Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Dream Syndicate : The Days of Wine and Roses 1982

A classic American guitar band of the eighties . Born at the end of the Punk era , with a feel for Velvet Undergroundon The Dream Syndicate instantly became the saviours of alternative rock before tha term was commonly used .
Dream Syndicate are at the foundation (alongside the Velvet Underground , the Stooges and R.E.M.) of contemporary alternative music sheerly because at the time when most bands were experimenting with new technology , the Syndicate deigned to bring back the guitar . Fronted by Steve Wynn (b. Feb. 21, 1960) and including Karl Precoda (guitar) , Dennis Duck (drums) and Kendra Smith (bass) , the band formed in Los Angeles after Smith and Wynn had relocated there from Davis , CA . They debuted with a self-titled , unbelievably Velvet Underground-like EP on Wynn's own Down There label . It was shortly off to Ruby/Slash for Days of Wine and Roses , the most lauded record on the college charts that year . The record has been cited as influential from artists as diverse as Kurt Cobain to the Black Crowes' Chris Robinson . Live , they had developed into an assaultive guitar band prone to jamming which helped earn them the tag as leaders of L.A.'s Paisley Underground movement .

With " The Days Of Wine and Roses " they climbed to a highpoint in the critics eyes , and is still today considered a classic outside of die hard Steve Wynn fans circles .

The Medicine Show took a different direction that the raw punkish debut . It was/is on of the most lived albums among fans.

After The Medicine Show there was change in line up . Out went Kendra Smith and Karl Precoda and in came Mark Walton and Paul B . Cutler .

Originally realeased 1982


1. Tell Me When It's Over
2. Definitely Clean
3. That's What You Always Say
4. Then She Remembers
5. Hallowee
6. When You Smile
7. Until Lately
8. Too Little, Too Late
9. The Days of Wine and Roses

Bonus Tracks (2001 Rhino reissue)

10. Sure Thing (Down There EP Version)
11. That's What You Always Say (Down There EP Version)
12. When You Smile (Down There EP Version)
13. Some Kinda Itch (Down There EP Version)
14. Too Little, Too Late (Rehearsal Version)
15. Definitely Clean (Rehearsal Version)
16. That's What You Always Say (15 Minutes)
17. Last Chance For You (15 Minutes)

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  1. one of the best guitar albums ever

  2. Love this site! Makes learning about wine fun. Thanks for sharing!