Friday, July 10, 2009

Yesterday' s Thoughts : Take A Ride With ... 2004

Limited edition of 950 copies
Featuring : SKY SAXON ( THE SEEDS )

Greek Psychedelic Garage band originating from the 90s with their 2nd album . 15 originals including 2 collaborations with legendary SEEDS member SKY SAXON . This is where 60s garage punk meets psychedelia . Yesterday’s Thoughts were formed in Athens , Greece in 1996 . The main influences of the group are focused on the mid sixties US punk and psychedelic sounds . In 1998, they released their first 7” E.P. including four original songs & in 2002 their first LP titled " Searchin’ In Shadows ". Been busy giving concerts & interviews as well as songs in many fanzines and compilations . Opened festivals for many top bands like the Fuzztones , the Nomads (Sweden) , Steve Wynn… & the Seeds . Being fans of Seeds music for many years this was a real pleasure for the band especially meeting Sky Saxon and shearing the feelings of respect for each other’s music . On May 2004 Yesterday’s Thoughts signed up with a newly formed Greek label , Sound Effect Records in order to have their second LP as the label’s first release . In the meantime Sky 'Sunlight' Saxon came for a second concert in Athens and surprised the band by proposing two new ideas he had and asking them to take part in their LP ! After working with the band for some days they co- wrote the " If I had some marijuana " & " Build yourself an aero-plane " songs with Sky’s leading vocals . You can listen to them along with 13 original compositions of Yesterday’s Thoughts in this LP .



02.Wasting My Time
03.Walking To Your Grave
04.So Scary
05.Land Beyond The Moon
06.I Can't Take It
07.If I Had Some Marijuana
08.They Say
09.Yesterday's Thoughts
10.What Can I Do
11.Love Me
12.Ball And Chains
13.Let's Take A Ride
14.Someday You're Gonna Find
15.Build Yourself An Aero Plane

Special thanks to :
SKY "SUNLIGHT SAXON" for his valuable help , contribution and vocals in
" If I had some Marijuana " and " Built yourself an aereo plane "

Sound effect Records


They say , the tears in my eyes will stop
when I' ll stop dreaming every day
They say , ocean don' t cry for desert
But I , I' m bleeding all the time
They say , look forward and go on now
But I , I' m haunteed from the ghosts of past .

They' re coming in my dreams and dance
with a magic sound
and sing to me for love and peace
and for rainbow trips .

Please take me with ...

They say , the ship will sail away now
We have , we have to be inside
Hey you , the number 20.000
Come here , go on and get to the line .

I gotta go , I gotta live
No place for me , you have no dreams
and if you try to stop my ride
I' ll disappear .
I' ll blow your mind ...

Size : 94 MB
Format : Vinyl LP
Label : Sound Effect Records
Made : Athens , Greece
Recorded at : Feedback Studio

Bitrate : 320

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