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Humble Pie : Smokin' 1972

Humble Pie was a hard rock , and rhythm and blues band from England and were one of the first supergroups from the 1970s , finding success in America and UK . They are best remembered for their dynamic live concert performances . The original band lineup featured STEVE MARRIOT from the Small Faces , Peter Frampton , lead singer and guitarist of The Herd , Greg Ridley , former bassist from Spooky Tooth and seventeen-year-old drummer Jerry Shirley .

In late 1968 Steve Marriott formed Humble Pie with Greg Ridley , Peter Frampton and Jerry Shirley who had been the drummer for the mod band Apostolic Intervention. Their debut single "Natural Born Bugie" was released in July 1969 becoming a #4 hit in the UK Singles Chart and was quickly followed by the album As Safe As Yesterday Is, which peaked at #16 in the UK album charts .

Frampton was replaced by Dave "Clem" Clempson and Humble Pie moved towards a harder sound emphasizing Marriott's blues and soul roots .

Their first record with Clempson " Smokin' " was released in 1972 , along with two singles "Hot 'n' Nasty" and "30 Days in the Hole." It was the band's most commercially successful record and reached #6 on the US charts , helped by a busy touring schedule . After the success of Smokin' the band's record label A&M released Humble Pie's first two Immediate albums in one album , as Lost and Found.

This was Humble Pie's first post-Peter Frampton album. Co-founder and blues shouter 'par excellence' Steve Marriott was thoroughly in charge here, and the result was the band's best-selling album. Highlights include dramatically slowed down versions of Eddie Cochran's "C'mon Everybody", Junior Walker's "Road Runner", and the wah-wah laden slow blues "The Fixer". "You're So Good for Me", which begins as a delicate acoustic number, ultimately mutates into a full-bore gospel music rave-up, an element that would later influence bands like The Black Crowes.

Alexis Korner guests on the track "Old Time Feelin'' , Marriott's vocals take a back seat on this number as the main vocals are provided by Greg Ridley and Korner who also plays a Martin Tipple, mandolin-type guitar , the sound is reminiscent of their song "Alabama '69" appearing on their first album .

Stephen Stills of Crosby , Stills & Nash guests on "Road Runner 'G' Jam" (the title is a nod to the band's habit of developing songs out of jam sessions), playing some incredible Hammond organ fills and his backing vocals were over-dubbed on "Hot 'n' Nasty" a slow-burning and then dynamic R&B song, after he strolled in after recording his own sessions next door .

Side One

1. Hot 'n' Nasty (Humble Pie/Marriott) – 3:20
2. The Fixer (Humble Pie/Marriott) – 5:02
3. You're So Good for Me (Marriott/Ridley) – 3:49
4. C'mon Everybody (Capehart/Cochran) – 5:12
5. Old Time Feelin' (Traditional) – 3:59

Side Two

1. 30 Days in the Hole (Marriott) – 3:57
2. (I'm A) Road Runner (Holland-Dozier-Holland) B) "Road Runner's 'G' Jam" (Humble Pie) – 3:41
3. I Wonder (Gant/Leveen) – 8:53
4. Sweet Peace and Time (Marriott/Ridley/Shirley) – 5:49

Size : 80 MB
Format : Vinyl LP
Label : A & M Records
Distributed by : Dischi Ricordi S.P.A
Made : In Italy
Year : 1972



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