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Jimi Hendrix and Lonnie Youngblood : Together 1963

This is not an official album of Hendrix . These are the Jam sessions 1963 playing with the Saxophonist Lonnie Youngblood .

Jimi's very first recorded sessions took place with saxophonist/vocalist Lonnie Youngblood, but in the mid-1990s not much was known for certain about the sessions.

Speculation was that the sessions took place in Philadelphia in 1963, but no one was sure beyond a doubt.

The Youngblood sessions remained shrouded in mystery, released and recycled on countless releases (like the "Two Great Experiences Together" , with a photo of Jimi and Lonnie jamming in 1969 in New York).

Youngblood was born on August 3, 1941, in southern Georgia. As he grew up, Lonnie soon realized he had an attraction to the saxophone - thanks to the music of the one of the greatest stars of the 1940's.

Stylistically Youngblood patterned himself after one the greatest sax players ever, and a man who hired Jimi Hendrix to play in his band in 1966.

Lonnie said :

“See, what had happened was that Jimi had tried LSD. Now if he hadn’t done that I might have went with him. He said, ‘Man, we got to try this tab of LSD.’ I said, ’Damn…’ I was petrified of LSD. I mean, not scared - petrified! Because I heard that LSD would come back on you. So I was scared to death of that stuff, but he was cool.

The fact that the sessions took place late in 1963 is generally accepted, but beyond that little else has been revealed about Jimi's time with Youngblood or the professional career of Lonnie himself. The fact that Youngblood has not been interviewed in depth about this period has doubtlessly contributed to the haze of mystery that cloaks one of the significant events in the history of rock - Jimi Hendrix's recorded debut.


1. Wipe the sweet ( Youngblood - Wesley )
2. Sweet Segway II ( Youngblood - Wesley )
3. Sweet Segway III ( Youngblood - Wesley )
4. Goodbye ( Bessie Mae ) ( Youngblood )
5. Two in one goes ( Youngblood )


1. All I Want ( Youngblood )
2. Under the table ( Youngblood - Hendrix )
3. Table II ( Youngblood - Hendrix )
4. Table III ( Youngblood - Hendrix )
5. Psycho ( Youngblood - Hendrix )

Year : 1963
Format : Vinyl LP
Label : JOKER ( JOKER STEREO SM 3536 )
Made : In Milan - Italy ( Viale di Porta Vercellina 14 20123 Milano )
Direttore / Editoriale Sergio Balloni

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