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The Pink Fairies : Kings Of Oblivion 1972 - 1973

The excessive, drug-fueled Pink Fairies grew out of "The Deviants", a loose-knit band formed in 1967 by members of the West London hippie commune Ladbroke Grove.

They promoted free music, drug taking and anarchy .

Initially dubbed "The Social Deviants" and consisting primarily of vocalist Mick Farren, guitarist Paul Rudolph, bassist Duncan Sanderson, and drummer Russell Hunter, the group also featured satellite members Marc Bolan, Steve Peregrine Took, and players from the band Group X, later rechristened Hawkwind.

After three noisy, psychedelic albums and a U.S. tour, Farren exited to become a music journalist !

The remaining Deviants returned to London, where they recruited vocalist and former "Pretty Things" drummer Twink , who suggested the name Pink Fairies.

Despite gaining a reputation for mythic debauchery, the group remained largely an underground sensation before signing to Polydor and issuing its 1971 debut, "Never Never Land", a manic, decadent album featuring the live staples "Do It" and "Uncle Harry's Last Freak Out."

Shortly after the record's release, Twink departed, and the Pink Fairies continued on as a trio for 1972's What a Bunch of Sweeties , recorded with assistance from the Move's Trevor Burton, the album reached the Top 50 on the U.K. charts, and was the group's most commercially successful effort.

The album " Kings Of Oblivion " was named after a line from a David Bowie track titled " The Bewlay Brothers."


1. City Kids (Wallis/Sanderson) - 3:45
2. I Wish I Was A Girl (Wallis) - 9:41
3. When's The Fun Begin (Wallis/Mick Farren) - 6:13
4. Chromium Plating (Wallis) - 3:48
5. Raceway (Wallis) - 4:08
6. Chambermaid (Wallis/Sanderson/Hunter) - 3:18
7. Street Urchin (Wallis) - 7:06
8. Well, Well, Well (Single Version) (Wayne) - 3:59
9. Hold On (Single Version) (Wayne/Sanderson/Hunter) - 4:10
10. City Kids (Alternate Mix) - 3:42
11. Well, Well, Well (Alternate Mix) - 3:20

Larry Wallis – Guitar and Vocals
Duncan Sanderson – Bass
Russell Hunter – Drums


Nobody knows,
I know nobody cares what goes on in here,
We have this door,
Nobody gets in until I'm really sure

Don't creep up behind me,
You know where to find me I'm always around,
Turns out if you need us, before you lead us astray

Don't care who we meet,
We're orphans here on Easy Street and we feel real mean,
Cruising on speed,
We've got more than we'll ever need, ain't life sweet?

We won't turn your pay down,
better lay down, we don't call so,
Better this or some more of that,
City Kids we don't give that to you, oh no

Bombs go off at night,
Searing heat, blinding light, you like it fine,
Park the car and run,
Dance all night, it was for fun, we hang free

Why do we do it,
No-one can get through it we know where to run,

You hear what we're saying,
Is time that you were praying 'cos,
City Kids time, won't be long,
Won't be long, no it won't be long!

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