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V.A : The Revenge Of Blues



01. Screamin ' Jay Hawkins : Costipation Blues
02. Dakota Staton : The Thrill Is Gone
03. Carey Bell : Teardrops
04. Koko Taylor : Time Will Tell
05. Luther Allison : Watching You
06. Buddy Guy : Five Long Years
07. Shemekia Copeland : Married to The Blues
08. Sonny Boy Williamson : Help Me
09. Frankie Miller : I Want To Know Why The Sun Don 't Shine
10. Saffire : Sweet Black Angel
11. Jimmy Dawkins : Born In Poverty
12. Cassandra Wilson : Helbound
13. Jack Mc Duff : Long Day Blues

1. Screamin ' Jay Hawkins

Jalacy Hawkins (July 18, 1929, Cleveland, Ohio — February 12, 2000, best known as Screamin' Jay Hawkins was an African-American musician, singer, and actor. Famed chiefly for his powerful, operatic vocal delivery and wildly theatrical performances of songs such as "I Put a Spell on You", Hawkins sometimes used macabre props onstage, making him the one of few original shock rockers.


Ladies and gentlemen, most people record songs about love,
heartbreak, loneliness, being broke... Nobody's actually went out and
recorded a song about real pain. The band and I have just returned
from the General Hospital where we caught a man in the right position.
We name this song: "Constipation blues".

UOH, aah
Let it go! Let it go! Let it go! Let it go!
I don't believe I can take much more
Let it go

Got a pain down inside
Won't be denied
Yeah, every time I try
I can't be satisfied
Let it go!
Let it, let it go!
This pain down inside
Just won't let me be satisfied
Let it go!

Feel, ah, I-I feel alright
Yes ah, I'm beginning to feel alright
SPLASH!!! Shpsh...
I tell ya, everything's gonna be alright

Feel alright

2. Dakota Staton

Dakota Staton (June 3, 1930–April 10, 2007), also known by the Muslim name Aliyah Rabia for a period, was an American jazz vocalist who found international acclaim with the 1957 No. 4 hit, "The Late, Late Show".
She released several critically acclaimed albums in the late 1950s and early 1960s .
She continued to record semi-regularly, her recordings taking an increasingly strong gospel and blues influence.

3. Carey Bell

Carey Bell (November 14, 1936 - May 6, 2007) was an American blues musician, who played the harmonica in the Chicago blues style. Bell played harmonica (harp) and bass for other blues musicians during the late 1950s, 1960s and early 1970s before embarking on a solo career.
Collaborations with : Muddy Waters , Sonny Boy Williamson , Little Walter , Willie Dixon's Chicago Blues All-Stars ,and more .

4. Koko Taylor

KoKo Taylor (September 28, 1928 – June 3, 2009) was an American blues musician, popularly known as the "Queen of the Blues" . She was known primarily for her rough , powerful vocals and traditional blues stylings.
In the late 1950s she began singing in Chicago blues clubs. She was spotted by Willie Dixon in 1962 .
Taylor died on June 3, 2009, after complications from surgery for gastrointestinal bleeding on May 19, 2009 .

5. Luther Allison

Luther Allison (August 17, 1939 – August 12, 1997) was an American blues guitarist.
He played with Howlin' Wolf's band and backed James Cotton. His big break came in 1957 when Muddy Waters invited Allison to the stage.
Allison covered "You Can't Always Get What You Want" for the 1997 Rolling Stones' tribute album, Paint it Blue: Songs of the Rolling Stones.

6. Buddy Guy

George "Buddy" Guy (born July 30, 1936) is an American blues guitarist and singer. He is a critically acclaimed artist who has established himself as a pioneer of the Chicago blues sound .
His song "Stone Crazy" was ranked seventy-eighth in list of the 100 Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time also of Rolling Stone .
The Label " Chess " used Guy mainly as a session guitarist to back Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson, Koko Taylor and others.

7. Shemekia Copeland

Copeland was born in Harlem on April 10, 1979. She began to pursue a singing career in earnest at age 16 .She landed a record deal with Alligator Records, which issued her debut album Turn the Heat Up! in 1998, following it up with a tour of the blues festival circuit in America and Europe.
Her record, "Talking to Strangers", was produced by Dr. John, and in 2005 she released "The Soul Truth", produced by Steve Cropper.
Recently, Copeland has participated in the Efes Pilsen Blues Festival. October 16 to November 21, 2009 the festival was held between the 20 different cities that Copeland has given concerts

8. Sonny Boy Williamson II

Sonny Boy Williamson II
Aleck "Rice" Miller (March 11, 1908 - May 25, 1965) was a blues harmonica player, singer and songwriter. He was also known as Sonny Boy Williamson II, Willie Williamson, Willie Miller, Little Boy Blue, The Goat and Footsie.
Beginning in the 1930s, he traveled around Mississippi and Arkansas and encountered Big Joe Williams, Elmore James and Robert Lockwood, Jr., also known as Robert Junior Lockwood, who would play guitar on his later Checker Records sides. He was also associated with Robert Johnson during this period. Miller developed his style and raffish stage persona during these years. Willie Dixon recalled seeing Lockwood and Miller playing for tips in Greenville, Mississippi in the 1930s. He entertained audiences with novelties such inserting one end of the harmonica into his mouth and playing with no hands.

9. Frankie Miller

Frankie Miller (born 2 November 1949, Bridgeton, Glasgow, Scotland) is a Scottish rock singer-songwriter and vocalist , who had his biggest success in the 1970s.
He first became aware of rock and R&B through his mother’s record collection. She had a fondness for Ray Charles while his sisters introduced him to Little Richard and Elvis Presley. He identified instinctively with Little Richard’s flamboyant aggression, once saying "The music was alive, exciting, I loved it.
Miller suffered a brain haemorrhage in New York on 25 August 1994, while writing material for a new band he and Joe Walsh of The Eagles had formed with Nicky Hopkins and Ian Wallace. Miller spent five months in a coma, after which he went through rehabilitation.

10. Saffire

At one point in the early '90s, the ladies from Saffire just considered themselves blues historians, but since their performing career has gotten launched on the festival circuit, they've become much more than that. All three have developed into talented songwriters. Since blues fans are always looking for fresh themes or new twists on old themes, this trio is a sought-after club and festival act.
The core members of the Virginia-based group include pianist Ann Rabson (b. April 12, 1945) and Gaye Adegbalola (b. March 21, 1944), and while the trio was accompanied for a while by bassist Earlene Lewis, she has since left the group. Lewis was replaced by mandolinist Andra Faye McIntosh, also from the Washington, D.C./Virginia area. Rabson worked as a computer programmer and Adegbalola was an award-winning teacher before they gave up their day jobs to play blues full-time for a living.

11. Jimmy Dawkins

James Henry "Jimmy" Dawkins (born October 24, 1936, Tchula, Mississippi) is an American blues guitarist and singer.
In 1971 Delmark released his second album All For Business with singer, Andrew "Big Voice" Odom, and the guitarist, Otis Rush. Dawkins also toured in the late 1970s backed up by James Solberg (of Luther Allison and The Nighthawks fame) on guitar and Jon Preizler (The Lamont Cranston Band), a Hammond B-3 player known for his soulful jazz influenced style.
In 1991 he began to tour and record more regularly. In 1995 he received three nominations for the W.C.
Handy Award in the categories "Best Blues Instrumentalist - guitar", "Contemporary Blues Album of the Year" (1994's Blues And Pain), and "Blues Song of the Year" ("Fool in Heah"). The re-release of Fast Fingers received a W.C. Handy Award nomination as "Best Reissue Blues Album of the Year" in 1999.

12. Cassandra Wilson

Cassandra Wilson (born December 4, 1955) is an American jazz musician, vocalist, songwriter, and producer from Jackson, Mississippi. Described by critic Gary Giddins as "a singer blessed with an unmistakable timbre and attack [who has] expanded the playing field" by incorporating country, blues and folk music into her work, Wilson has won two Grammy Awards.

13. Jack Mc Duff

"Brother" Jack McDuff (September 17, 1926-January 23, 2001) was an American jazz organist and organ trio bandleader who was most prominent during the hard bop and soul jazz era of the 1960s, often performing with an organ trio.
McDuff soon became a bandleader, leading groups featuring a young George Benson, Red Holloway on saxophone and Joe Dukes on drums.
After his tenure at Prestige, McDuff joined the Atlantic Records label for a brief period and then in the 70s recorded for Blue Note.
He died of heart failure at the age of 74 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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  10. You put the wrong Sonny Boy Williamson in your text, the Bluebird recording artist who was killed in 1948.
    "Help Me" is by Chess artist S.B.W. II (real name: Aleck "Ric" Miller, born 1905 - died 1965).
    kindly, kdm (Berlin)

  11. The photo is okay, it shows indeed S.B.W.II


  12. Mistakes can happen always .Ok! I forgot to put the number 2 . Aleck "Rice" Miller was also known as Willie Williamson, Willie Miller, Little Boy Blue, The Goat and Footsie.In my "Complete Rock Discography Book" seems that he was born 11 March 1908 .

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