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The Amboy Dukes : Journey To The Center Of The Mind 1968

The Amboy Dukes were an American rock music band of the late 1960s and early 1970s from Detroit, Michigan, best remembered for their hit single "Journey to the Center of the Mind", and for launching the career of Ted Nugent.

The band's name comes from the title of a novel by Irving Shulman about a Jewish street gang of

the same name in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn during the 1940s. In the UK the group's records were released under the name of The American Amboy Dukes owing to the existence of a homonymous British group.

The band went through a number of personnel changes during its active years. Bassist Greg Arama died in 1979. The group helped in the foundations of heavy metal and progressive rock.

Side one

1. Mississippi Murderer (Nugent, Farmer) – 5:12
2. Surrender To Your Kings (Nugent) – 2:52
3. Flight Of The Byrd (Nugent) – 2:50
4. Scottish Tea (Nugent) – 4:01
5. Dr. Slingshot (Nugent, Farmer) – 3:09

Side two

1. Journey to the Center of the Mind (Nugent, Farmer) – 3:33
2. Ivory Castles (Farmer) – 3:21
3. Why is a Carrot More Orange Than an Orange (Farmer) – 2:26
4. Missionary Mary (Farmer) – 2:35
5. Death is Life (Farmer) – 2:08
6. Saint Philips Friend (Farmer) – 3:33
7. I'll Prove I'm Right (Farmer) – 1:38
8. Conclusion (Nugent, Farmer) – 1:57

CD bonus track

1. J.B. Special (alt. version) (Nugent, Farmer) – 2:24

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  1. Μου αρεσουν παρα πολυ αυτοι...και Ted Nugent φυσικα να δινει ρεστα απο τοτες...:)