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Porcupine Tree : On The Sunday Of Life 1992

Porcupine Tree are a progressive rock/art rock band formed by Steven Wilson in 1987 in Hemel Hempstead, UK.
Their music is difficult to categorize, being associated with both psychedelic rock and progressive rock, yet having been influenced by trance, krautrock and ambient due to Steven Wilson and Richard Barbieri's penchant for the Kosmische Musik scene of the early '70s, led by bands such as Tangerine Dream, Neu! and Can.
Since the early 2000s, their music has been leaning towards progressive metal.

On the Sunday of Life
July 1991 (Delerium CD - DELEC CD008 / Double LP - DELEC LP008D)

This is the CD Rip


1. Music for the Head (2:42)


2. Jupiter Island (6:12)

Jupiter Island is full of pleasures
Glowing gardens holding hidden treasures
Luminous flowers of yellows and greens
Glittering petals that have to be seen
Here's your chance don't let it pass you by
Take my hand and we'll fly

Jupiter Island is surrounded by oceans
Majestic ballerinas with graceful motions
Magenta forests on a crimson sea
The electric clouds ar as vivid as can be
Scarlet moons in a domino sky
Take my hand and we'll fly

Come on let's fly to Jupiter Island

Just take my hand and we'll fly

Jupiter Island is full of mountains
Ruby rivers and sapphire fountains
Chessboard lawns bible black and white
The pink and blue trees are incredibly bright
An orange sunset painted on the sky
Take my hand and we'll fly

Jupiter Island is full of people
But you can't see them unless you want to
Lying in the hay on a hot sunny day
Everyone's happy so no-one's gay
Laughter from the children dances way on high
Take my hand and we'll fly

Jupiter Island is full of meadows
Fertile pastures for growing rainbows
Illuminated portraits from strange orchestrations
Lost in a collage of its own creations
Never a chance to wave goodbye
Take my hand and we'll fly

3. Third Eye Surfer (2:50)


4. On the Sunday of Life (2:07)


5. The Nostalgia Factory (7:28)

A Caterpillar crawled to me one day
and said "Oh what the hell goes on inside your swollen head?

The caterpillar gasped at me
and said "My god if that's what's going on inside your head
You can see so much more than I I think it's time to turn into a butterfly."

6. Space Transmission (2:59)


7. Message from a Self Destructing Turnip (0:27)


8. Radioactive Toy (10:00)

9. Nine Cats (3:53)

The butterfly sailed on the breeze
Past a field of barbed wire trees
Where golden dragons chased around
Pampered poppies on the ground
Two silver trout sat way on high
And watched a royal samurai

Plant two black orchids in a box
And strap it to a laughing fox
A minstrel bought a crooked spoon
He gave it to a blue baboon
Who filled it full of virgin snow
And watched it in the afterglow

Fat toad stood in his ballet shoes
Teaching sixteen kangaroos
How to skip across a lake
They found it hard to stay awake
A pharaoh played a merry tune
And watched nine cats dance on the moon
I didn't know what all this meant
I didn't know why I'd been sent.

The Insignificance version of Nine Cats has the following additional verse at the end:

I threw 5 clocks down on my bed
The chimes danced out on golden threads
And turned to footprints on my wall
Sequined tears began to fall

10. Hymn (1:14)


11. Footprints (5:56)

I saw her footprints on the sea
I knew her eyes were watching me
So I ventured further in my mind In the hope that I would find:

"Tangerine Trees and Marmalade Skies
and Plasticine Porters with Looking Glass Ties"

My mind had formed a mental prison
I cried aloud no-one would listen
Then floating through the heavy mist
My vision took a sudden twist

Empty people stood in grey
Children laughing far away
An empty courtyard wept alone
Rain lashed down on darkened stone

A crystal glove points to the door
A threshold I had crossed before
On turning back all I could see
Were her footprints on the sea.

12. Linton Samuel Dawson (3:04)

Linton Samuel Dawson Lives in inner space He hangs around with a circus troupe Outside the human race

Linton Samuel Dawson Has just reached 25 Artists travel from outside time Just to see his rainbow jive

He's bored, He's bored.

Linton Samuel Dawson Yields his knowledge in a phial A vivid play on an emerald day I s experienced in his smile

Linton Samuel Dawson Visits many open minds He aids escape to tranquility From the boredom of mankind

Boredom. From the boredom. From the boredom of mankind.

13. And the Swallows Dance Above the Sun (4:05)

I'm sitting in the concrete
I'm listening for a heartbeat
I'm sitting in the painting
I promised I'd be waiting
I'm sitting in the window
I'm listening to the wind blow
I'm sitting in an hour glass I'm waiting for the march past

I'm sitting in the doorway
I'm wishing for a new day
I'm choking in the landscape
I'm cutting through the red tape
I'm sitting in the concrete
I'm listening for a heartbeat

And the joke has crossed the line
And the final word is mine
And the mist has touched the wood
And the words are understood
And the sand has drifted high
And the blind man gave a cry
And the swallows dance above the sun
And the swallows dance above the sun Yeah

I'm sitting on the ceiling
I had to know the feeling
I'm sitting in the shelter
I'm going down helter skelter
I'm sitting in the concrete
I'm listening for a heartbeat

Every time I turn around
There's another face watching me
Every time I turn around
There's another voice calling me
Every time I turn around
There's another fool reading me
Every time I turn around
There's another silence drowning me

14. Queen Quotes Crowley (3:48)


15. No Luck With Rabbits (0:46)


16. Begonia Seduction Scene (2:14)


17. This Long Silence (5:05)

A systematic killer
Returning from Madrid
Murdered Mozart in his garden
Mussolini ran and hid
He was chosen by his elders
Sitting on the shelf
They passed his heart to Satan
Who showered them with wealth

A Purple Haze crawled on the lawn
Where lonely angels played
And Shakespeare wrote of Vietnam
While a president decayed
Hollow laughter from below
Cracked the sky in two
As Manson dance inside the flames
And the yellow changed to blue

Swinging from a length of rope
Ruth Ellis blew a kiss
Merlin spoke to Norma Jean
And granted her a wish
Mark Chapman stared at fantasy
Bare wires burned his brain
As Sergeant Pepper led the band
Playing through the rain

The third eye on the surface
Opens up my mind
Twin visions in production
This long silence you will find

18. It Will Rain for a Million Years (10:51)


( Art Work : Urban Aspirines )

Run through forests

on a hot Summer day

Trying to break down walls of numbing pain

Give me the freedom to destroy

Give me radioactive toy

Taste the water

from a stream of running death

Eat the apple

and cough a dying breath

Give me the freedom to destroy

Give me radioactive toy

Feel the sun burning through your black skin

Pour me into a hole,

inform my next of kin

Give me the freedom to destroy

Give me Radioactive Toy

Run through graveyards

on a dusty Winter day

Spit the dirt out and try to say...

Give me the freedom to destroy

Give me radioactive toy

Size : 178 MB
Bitrate : 320

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  1. Thanks from Spain

  2. I post "RADIOACTIVE TOY" by Porcurine Tree a month ago . Now it's Reality . Now it's FEAR !!!
    Can you live with it ?
    Can you say NO MORE NUKES ?