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Jeff Beck : There and Back 1980

While he was as innovative as Jimmy Page, as tasteful as Eric Clapton, and nearly as visionary as Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck never achieved the same commercial success as any of those contemporaries, primarily because of the haphazard way he approached his career. After Rod Stewart left the Jeff Beck Group in 1971, Beck never worked with a charismatic lead singer who could have helped sell his music to a wide audience.

He earned a reputation by supporting Lord Sutch, which helped him land the job as the Yardbirds' lead guitarist following the departure of Eric Clapton.

Beck stayed with "The Yardbirds" for nearly two years, leaving in late 1966 with the pretense that he was retiring from music.

He formed "The Jeff Beck Group" with vocalist Rod Stewart, bassist Ron Wood ( now with the Rolling Stones ), and drummer Aynsley Dunbar, who was quickly replaced by Mickey Waller , keyboardist Nicky Hopkins joined in early 1968.

Beck had intended to form a power trio with " Vanilla Fudge " members Carmine Appice (drums) and Tim Bogert (bass), but those plans were derailed when he suffered a serious car crash in 1970.

"There and Back", Jeff Beck's first new studio album in four years, found him moving from old keyboard partner Jan Hammer (three tracks) to new one Tony Hymas (five), which turned out to be the difference between competition and support. Hence, the second side of this instrumental album is more engaging and less of a funk-fusion extravaganza than most of the first.

"There & Back" is an album released in 1980 on Epic Records. The first three tracks of the album featured keyboardist Jan Hammer, while the remaining tracks feature Tony Hymas (later of Ph.D.) on keyboards. Both keyboardists contributed compositions to the album, though Hymas shared songwriting credits with drummer Simon Phillips. Mo Foster played bass guitar.


1. Star Cycle (Jan Hammer) – 4:56
2. Too Much to Lose (Hammer) – 2:55
3. You Never Know (Hammer) – 4:03
4. The Pump (Tony Hymas, Simon Phillips) – 5:43
5. El Becko (Hymas, Phillips) – 3:59
6. The Golden Road (Hymas, Phillips) – 4:55
7. Space Boogie (Hymas, Phillips) – 5:04
8. The Final Peace (Beck, Hymas) – 3:36

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