Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chris Setel - Monika Split Single [2006]

Monika - Are you coming with us? / Chris Setel - Regardless

catalogue number: gtrec02
format: 7" vinyl
release date: 20/Nov/2006
artwork: Constantinos Chaidalis

Sold Out !
Mp3 @ 320 & scans : Take it here
Flac & scans : Take it here

Monika is a young singer-songwritter based in Athens, Greece. At the age of 5 she started play the piano and at the age of 10 she bought her first guitar. A bit latter she joined an orchestra where she did saxophone lessons for five years. She collaborated with the Greek band Serpentine and Relevant Box, for which she did some backing vocals and played quitar and saxophone. Using this experience, Monika started recording her own songs at home and performing them live in small venues. The great success of these live sets led to an invitation from Calexico to play as support act at their gigs in Greece, in summer 2006. Her participation in gracetone recordings' second 7" single is her first offcial release.

Chris Setel is a self-taught musician. He started playing the guitar quite late. Right away, he began writing and recording his own songs. Late 2004, along with byron, they co-founded neon, an ambient electronica band based in Athens, Greece.
Chris Setel's musical orientation varies from ambient, electronica and post-rock to folk and lo-fi. He has written a bunch of dreamy and touching songs using nothing but an acoustic guitar and few electronics. His inspiration comes from everyday life, as well as from more personal experiences. His participation in gracetone recordings’ second 7” single is his first official release.

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Από την gracetone  η οποία έχει καταπληκτικές κυκλοφορίες (μια ματιά στο site της θα σας πείσει) , έρχεται αυτό το single.
Μία πλευρά για την Monika, και μία πλευρά για τον Chris. 
Είναι η πρώτη φορά που δισκογραφούνται και οι δύο. Δεν είμαι σίγουρος για το πόσα κομμάτια κόπηκαν για αυτό το single, αλλά πουλήθηκαν όλα. Σε ατμοσφαιρικούς ρυθμούς και τα δύο τραγούδια. Προτείνω να τα ακούτε όταν έξω βρέχει, για να σας φτιάχνουν την διάθεση (τουλάχιστον σε μένα λειτούργησε ευεργετικά)...

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