Wednesday, October 05, 2011

String Driven Thing : The Machine That Cried 1973 Flac & MP3

String Driven Thing were a 1970s Prog-rock band from Scotland led by husband and wife Chris Adams and Pauline Adams and featuring the electric violin of Graham Smith.

While this group's name is often the impetus for "String Driven Thing" falsely acquiring a folk-rock classification, they were in actuality a boogie and psychedelia-laced rock & roll band who happened to have electric violin as their lead instrument.

In 1973, when this album was initially released, very few rock bands featured the violin as prominently as they did. Charisma, their label at the time, considered it a little too grim for public consumption and forced a few key changes. This, though, is the band's own restored version and a fine, creepy period piece it is too, never more so than on Heartfeeder and the epic, if flawed," River of Sleep ", which was cut to ribbons first time around.

Violinist Grahame Smith helped blaze the trail for fiddlers like Ric Sanders and Robbie Steinhardt to openly strut their stuff within the confines of rock & roll.

This album at times showed signs of creativity, but unfortunately its inconsistencymore… was symptomatic of String Driven Thing's career. The slow soft rock numbers are the bane of this recording, while the manic psychedelic pieces like "Sold Down the River," "Heartfeeder," and "Night Club" showed this band at its finest.


1. Heartfeeder 6:39
2. To See You 3:58
3. Night Club 5:05
4. Sold Down the River 4:29
5. Two Timin' Mama 3:10
6. Travelling 2:55
7. People on the Street 6:03
8. The House 2:37
9. The Machine That Cried 5:19
10.River of Sleep: The Sowee/Search in Time/Going Down 11:00


It's all right pinning your faith in youth
Cos you there's one saving grace
It buds and it blossoms and it flies for a while
And then it starts to fade away
You're looking at beauty but all that you're seein' is skin
The machine, the machine that cried
The machine, the machine that cried

It's all right facing your life own truth
If everyone believes what you say
The beggar and the tycoon and the honest man
All you need for a day
We're dealing in fiction cos the truth's gonna drive us insane
The machine, the machine that cried
the machine, the machine that cried

There's a man at the bus stop standing by you
You've seen him and he's seen you
You've seen each other so many times before
It's the bitch on the TV that reads the news
The singers singing that can't sing the blues
The soldier who died but he's still too young to choose
It's the girl you met when you were sixteen
You fell in love but in between
Found that she did not really love you

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  1. Τί μπαντάρα είναι αυτή βρε Κώστα!! Ευχαριστούμε ειλικρινά για τη μουσική

  2. Έδωσες ρέστα τώρα..Φοβερή Μπάντα!!

  3. @ Orestis and Paul Cook : Μένω έκπληκτος που σας άρεσε αυτή η μπάντα .
    ...Και που να δείτε τι σας ετοιμάζουμε για μετά !

  4. Ωραίο Group.Βασικά ψάχνω να βρώ τα προσωπικά του
    1.Grahame Smith - Touch of Magic 2.Grahame Smith - Arrival of Spring.αν ξερεις που μπορώ να τα βρώ,
    γραψε στο blog σου,για να κατεβάσω.θα σου είμαι ευγνώμον.Για τις πληροφορίες που γράφεις γενικά...Ευχαριστώ!!!