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Coil : The Snow EP 1991 Flac & MP3

Coil was an English Industrial/Experimental/Electronic group formed in 1982 by Jhonn Balance and Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson. Balance chose the name Coil because of the shape's omnipresence in nature. The group's sound changed several times over their nearly 30 year catalog, ranging from avant garde industrial music to symphonic, krautrock, gothic, tribal, ritualistic, and even ambient drones.

"The Snow (Driftmix)" and "The Snow (Out In The Cold)" are remixes by Peter Christopherson. The Snow (Answers Come In Dreams I)" and "The Snow (Answers Come In Dreams II)" are remixes by Jack Dangers. "The Snow (As Pure As?)" was remixed by John Balance and Drew McDowall.

Considering the release date, this was a brilliant step forward in electronic music. Combining big, hard breakbeats with an absolutely eerie sample of an old vocal quartet (Mills Brothers?).

If you like any of Jack Dangers / Meat Beat Manifesto, this is one you can not pass up. Start with that Psychic TV / Throbbing gristle acid-born prescience and uneasiness, throw in driving MBM-style breakbeats and Spooky-like synth textures.

Top off with one of the most haunting vocal samples ever to grace an electronica album. These are long dead ghosts from the past, voices heard in the howling wind, saying 'All too soon, life had passed. Carpe diem, foolish mortal."

Side A:

1. The Snow (Driftmix) – 2:35
2. The Snow (Answers Come In Dreams I) – 5:47
3. The Snow (Out In The Cold) – 7:43

Side B:

1. The Snow (As Pure As?) – 6:33
2. The Snow (Answers Come In Dreams II) – 5:57
3. The Snow – 6:48

Format : Vinyl EP
Label : Torso Records
Made : In Holland
Imported in Greece by Penguin Records

Take it HERE

MP3 : 320


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