Friday, December 09, 2011

The Fixx : Ink 1991 Flac & MP3

Ink is the sixth studio album by British new wave band The Fixx, released in 1991.

1. "All Is Fair" (Lyrics: Curnin, Music: Curnin/West-Oram/Woods/Greenall/Brown)
2. "How Much Is Enough?" (Lyrics: Curnin, Music: Curnin/Cutler/Hall/West- Oram/Woods/Greenall/Brown)
3. "No One Has to Cry" (Lyrics: Curnin, Music: Curnin/Cutler/West-Oram/Woods/Greenall/Brown)
4. "Crucified" (Lyrics: Curnin, Music: Curnin/Cutler/West-Oram/Woods/Greenall/Brown)
5. "Falling in Love" (Lyrics: Champlain, Music:Gaitsch/Champlin)
6. "Shut It Out" (Lyrics: Curnin, Music: Curnin/West-Oram/Woods/Greenall/Brown)
7. "Still Around" (Lyrics: Curnin, Music: Curnin/West-Oram/Woods/Greenall/Brown)
8. "All the Best Things" (Lyrics: Curnin, Music: Curnin/Sturkin/Rogers/West-Oram/Woods/Greenall/Brown)
9. "Yesterday, Today" (Lyrics: Woods, Music: Curnin/West-Oram/Woods/Greenall/Brown)
10. "One Jungle" (Lyrics: Obstoj, Music: Curnin/West-Oram/Woods/Greenall/Brown)
11. "Climb the Hill" (Lyrics: Woods, Music: Curnin/West-Oram/Woods/Greenall/Brown)
12. "Make No Plans" (Lyrics: Curnin, Music: Curnin/West-Oram/Woods/Greenall/Brown/Termini)

Info and LP on this Blog : HERE

Για τον Paul Cook που γουστάρει αυτή την μπάντα


  1. Ετσι φιλε μου τους γουσταρω τρελα γιατι αξιζαν τα παλικαρια ενω αλλοι που δεν αξιζουν μία εκαναν επιτυχια πολυ μεγαλυτερη απο δαυτους...!!
    ΥΓ. Απευθυνομαι περισσοτερο προς τον "Θειο" αμα εχω το ελευθερο να "σπρωξω" το δισκακι των frantic V στο δικο μου σε MP3 μιας και το ανεβασε μοno FLAC...εΥχαριστω..!

  2. @PaulCook : Άμα γουστάρεις σπρώχτο, από μένα κανένα πρόβλημα.
    Τώρα θα ακούσω και εγώ τους Fixx να δώ τι τους βρίσκετε...

  3. Thanks SO MUCH for this! I'd been searching for a good copy of it and was getting frustrated that I kept striking out! I just discovered your blog today, and it's AMAZING. So much terrific music!