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The Frantic Five - A Go Go At A Cave Near You....

Label: Inka Records
Catalog#: INKA002
Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition
Country: UK
Released: 23 Apr 2007
Genre: Rock
Style: Garage Rock, Psychedelic Rock [discogs]

01 Miss Blue Jeans        
02 Liar Liar (Written By Jim Donna)
03 Don't Tread On Me (Written By  Kit Massengill)
04 Brand New Baby        
05 You Made Me Cry        
06 She Lied        
07 Standing Still        
08 Changing Colors Of Life        
09 I Like Girls        
10 I Can Only Give You Everything        
11 Simposio        
12 I Believe You Were Wrong        
13 There's A Pain        
Live recordings at various crypts, caves and cellars.
Foldout cardboard cover.
Limited to 500 copies.
Tracks 1 to 5: Recorded live at the House Of Kicks, May 2006.
Track 7: Recorded live at Hydrogios Club, April 2003.
Tracks 6, 8 to 10: Recorded live at Hydrogios Club, October 2004.
Track 11: Recorded live at Milos-Ksilourgio, May 2006.
Tracks 12, 13: Previously Unreleased Studio Versions, April 1998.

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Cd Liner Notes
The Frantic Five were formed in 1994.
They immediately became active and started performing. Imagine in the Kurt Kobain and techno era 5 guys in white shirts and black ties performing real unadulterated 60's garage and eurobeat!!! In 1995, Jens Lindberg came to visit and they recorded 2 tracks lost in oblivion and 10 tracks as a rehearsal.
Time passed, some e.p's were released in and out of the Greek border, and doing wild and fun gigs was the permanent agenda for the cold Greek nights. It was May 1999, and ? And The Mysterians chose the band to open for them. Later on, the same thing happened with the notorious Fuzztones. Their 10" on Misty Lane Records was reviewed several times in magazines, zines, played in radio stations and television. A superb gig followed supporting the Fuzztones and Mark Lindsay during the Greek Psychorama Festival. An invitation to Italy's Festival Beat rushed the boys over the Adriatic Sea establishing their sound abroad. In 2003, the boys gathered in the studio to record their first 12" of sonic pleasure! "A long play with the Frantic V" was what came out (ON STAGE RECORDS). Next year, they invaded Germany in late October for Germans to enjoy some frantic tracks in full volume, screams farfisa and fuzz. For the time being, the boys are recording their second long player. As for future plans, who knows ? The frantic gang might invade your town any moment now, so beware!

Band Members:
Chris Kiriazis: Vocals-Tambourine on tracks 6,7,8,9,10
Kostas Kapetanakis: Guitars, Vocals on track 4,5,12
Manolis Chatzidakis: Bass, Vocals on 3,4
Dr. Organ: Farfisa Organ, Vocals on 1,2
Alex Klimentopoulos: Drums, Vocals on 13
Sakis Kiriazis: Farfisa Organ on 12,13

Chris Kiriazis joined the Frantic Five from 1994 to 2003 / Sakis Kiriazis joined the Frantic Five from 1995 to 2000 / Dr. Organ replaced Sakis Kiriazis in January 2000.

New Release Out Now!!!!!
Love Beat, 10" EP (OSR-027) LABEL: ON STAGE

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Δεν θέλω τσιγκουνιές., εξάλου τα περισσότερα από αυτά που έχουν κυκλοφορήσει, είναι εξαντλημένα.
Συλλογή με live - κυρίως - ηχογραφήσεις και το πάρτυ συνεχίζεται...Κόλημα μεγάλο για μένα η διασκευή στο Liar Liar. Απολαυστικοί όπως πάντα.
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Liar Liar
The Castaways (1965)


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