Friday, December 23, 2011

Yello : Stella 1984 Flac & MP3

The ambitious Swiss electronic duo Yello comprised vocalist/conceptualist Dieter Meier and composer/arranger Boris Blank. Meier, a former solo artist who also spent time with the group Fresh Colour, began collaborating with Blank in 1979, and the duo bowed with the single "I.T. Splash."

After signing with the Residents' label, Ralph Records, Yello issued their 1980 debut LP, Solid Pleasure, which spawned the dance hit "Bostitch."

With 1981's Claro Que Si, Yello made its first forays into music video; their clip for the single "Pinball Cha Cha," directed by Meier, garnered considerable acclaim and in 1985 was selected as one of 32 works included in the Museum of Modern Art's Music Video Exhibition.

Visual accompaniment remained a pivotal component of the duo's work after they signed to Elektra in 1983 for the LP You Gotta Say Yes to Another Excess, as the videos for "I Love You" and "Lost and Found" received heavy airplay on MTV.

Stella is the album that includes Yello's biggest hit, "Oh Yeah." It's also their best single LP, an excellent production throughout by Boris Blank, from the theatric instrumentals "Stalakdrama" and "Ciel Ouvert" to the frenetic pitched percussion on "Let Me Cry."

As well, Dieter Meier proves he's at his best vocally, whether it's the seamy side of life on "Desert Inn" or an exaggerated leer for "Koladi-ola."


1. Desire – 3:42
2. Vicious Games – 4:20
3. Oh Yeah – 3:04
4. Desert Inn – 3:30
5. Stalakdrama – 3:05
6. Koladi-ola – 2:57
7. Domingo – 4:33
8. Sometimes (Dr. Hirsch) – 3:35
9. Let Me Cry – 3:30
10. Ciel Ouvert – 5:26
11. Angel No – 3:07

2005 Bonus Tracks

12. Blue Nabou – 3:19
13. Oh Yeah (Indian Summer Version) – 5:30
14, Desire (12" mix) – 6:54
15. Vicious Games (12" mix) – 6:00


The sun
Blowing the moon away
Lights me up for
One more day
The streets are naked
In the morning sun
The night lifts behind me
I run and run

Morning heat
Puts a thin film of sweat on my face
A little man, his eyes half closed
Puts chairs on tables
Admires his work
And collects a quarter from the floor

I head over to broadway
Where I watch myself
Having a slow breakfast
Trying to impress the barman with a fresh voice
When I ask for the bill

The sun
Blowing the moon away
Lights me up for
One more day
The streets are naked
In the morning sun
The night lifts behind me
I run and run

Desire for the unknown eyes
Desire for the unknown name
I'm burning in the morning sun, I want to run
Desire for the unknown name
Desire for the unknown love
I'm burning in the morning sun

Take it HERE MP3 @ 320


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