Thursday, July 04, 2013

The Lizardz : When The Night Falls 1st E.P 2013

"The Lizardz" is a garage punk, rock n roll band from Athens, which appeared in late 2008.
The influences range from 60s garage punk of the British and New York 70s punk, and the resurgence of garage to 80s.

The band members are: Panos Kapidis (Mellor) voice and guitar, Kostas Gkiziotis (Gizone) on guitar and vocals, Spyros Avgeropoulos (Spir Vicious) on bass and Stelios Santas (The Crasher) on drums, old friends with common musical sounds.

 The band was created by Panos and Spyros at 2007 with the name "White Riot" in honor of the Clash And Joe Strummer, which was the most important influence.

The "White Riot" band by Panos, Spyros and Mario (drums) played together about a year, and writing the first 2 songs. later "The Lizardz" released a single - live appearance on the stage of "the wire".

So a year later with the advent of Stelios (The Crasher) on drums the band changed it's name to "The Lizardz" and write as a trio a few more of their own songs. Then the band becomes the fourth member, guitarist Phoebus (Retro Rambler) and so Lizardz begin their first live performances in various scenes such as the An club, the Rodeo, the After Dark and Ghost House with many bands of domestic species, such as "Snails", "lipstick traces", "Crooks", "Cheenaskees" etc.

After nearly a year Phoebus left the band and its position on the guitar got Kostas (Gizone). This is the composition of the complex today.

Important moment in their path so far is the opening concert of "The Standells" at Gagarin 205 Club in the summer of 2010.

The Lizardz have recorded their first E.P. which includes four songs will be released soon by the Fuzz Overdose Records.

This is the master Single E.P .
Coming soon as a Vinyl E.P.


01. When The Night Falls
02. Evil Monkey
03. When I Met You
04. The Day Began

Free Download Here :

You can also find their very rare first CD Demo HERE

You can by this CD E.P at their concerts with 2 Euros

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