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Martha And The Muffins ; Trance And Dance 1980

Martha and the Muffins emerged from the early punk/new wave/art pop scene in 1977 which was centered around various clubs along Toronto's Queen Street West and the Ontario College of Art, where several members of the band were students.

Martha and the Muffins are a Canadian New Wave band, active from 1977 to the present. Although they only had one major international hit single (1980's "Echo Beach") under their original band name

The group's initial line-up came together in Toronto in 1977, when David Millar asked his fellow Ontario College of Art student Mark Gane to help him start a band.
Millar recruited Martha Johnson to play keyboards; Johnson brought in a friend from high school, Carl Finkle, to play bass; and Gane's brother Tim signed on as the drummer. With Millar and Mark Gane as guitarists, and Johnson as lead vocalist, this is the line up that debuted at an Ontario College of Art Hallowe'en party in October 1977.

They chose the name "Martha and the Muffins" to distance themselves from the aggressive names adopted by many punk bands of the era. 

The group formed in 1977 and, on the strength of their debut independent single, "Insect Love"/"Suburban Dream," were signed by Virgin U.K. The band's debut album, Metro Music, appeared in 1980, led by "Echo Beach," which would become a new wave classic. After 1981's This Is the Ice Age, and Danseparc two years later, Johnson and Gane moved the outfit to England and recorded Mystery Walk (1984) and The World Is a Ball (1986) as M+M. From then on, Martha and the Muffins recorded sporadically, releasing Modern Lullaby in 1992 and Delicate in 2010.


     01. Luna Park     3:11
    02. Suburban Dream     3:27
    03. Was Ezo     4:00
    04. Teddy The Dink     3:27
    05. Symptomatic Love     4:08
    06. Primal Weekend     5:10
    07. Halfway Through The Week     3:40
    08. Am I On?     3:24
    09. Motorbikin'     2:55
    10. About Insomnia     3:10
    11. Be Blase     2:39
    12. Trance And Dance     7:14

Format : Vinyl LP
Label : Virgin - 1980 Dindisc
Made in : Great Britain
S.N : OVED 78
Produced by : Mike Howlett


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    1. Επιτέλους είσαι και πάλι κοντά μας , παλιέ μας σύντροφε στα μουσικά ταξίδια . Καλή συνέχεια .

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