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The Strawberry Statement : O.S.T 1970

The Strawberry Statement is a 1970 cult film about the counterculture and student revolts of the 1960s, loosely based on the non-fiction book by James Simon Kunen about the Columbia University protests of 1968.

The film does not take place in New York City, at Columbia University, but in Stockton, California, at a fictional university – which is based on San Francisco State College (later San Francisco State University). The original book's author, James Simon Kunen, has a cameo appearance in the film. Thunderclap
Newman's "Something in the Air" and numerous other rock songs are used on the soundtrack.
The song "The Circle Game" was written by Joni Mitchell, and was sung popularized by Buffy Saint-Marie.

The double-LP soundtrack to the film featuring Bruce Davison, Kim Darby, and James Coco is a coup for record executive Mike Curb, who composes the ultra-tacky liner notes, which contain the keyword "relevance." It's a compilation of songs by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Neil Young, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Buffy Saint-Marie, and Thunderclap Newman, along with instrumentals by Ian Freebairn-Smith, a minor public-domain track by the Red Mountain Jug Band, and Karl Bohm & the Berlin Philharmonic to boot. Some copies of the album contain Graham Nash's "Our House" from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; on other copies the track was missing.
( My copy contains The track : " Our House " )

Each of the album's four sides contains a different theme to Strawberry Statement with different titles; these are the instrumental tracks from Ian Freebairn-Smith. The music in between is incidental; the meat and potatoes here are the Neil Young and Crosby, Stills & Nash titles, along with Buffy Saint-Marie's great rendition of the Joni Mitchell classic "The Circle Game" and Pete Townshend's ( The WHO )production of the exquisitely brilliant and timeless "Something in the Air" by Thunderclap Newman.

It all fits perfectly in an anti-war protest film based on the book by James Kunen and, along with companion albums to the film Easy Rider and other trendy flicks, brought the rock & roll music soundtrack to a level beyond the cheesy Psych Out and Wild in the Streets collections of the '60s.

You've heard most of this music before, but MGM and Curb found some luck by combining these powerful forces under one roof. (all music)

The Story

Simon is a student at a college in San Francisco. He is content to be on the rowing team and remain as just a casual observer to the on-campus unrest, demonstrations and protests. However, curiosity gets the best of him and he begins exploring the inner sanctum of the students who have invaded the dean's office. He soon
meets Linda and becomes a loyal member of the student revolution to meet girls. However, when he truly discovers the corruption and the madness that his comrades are protesting, his mindset also joins the movement. He becomes a revolutionary leader and prepares his comrades for a very violent climactic showdown with "the pigs" at a sit-in.
- Written by thustlebird


    Bruce Davison: Simon
    Kim Darby: Linda
    Bud Cort: Elliott
    Murray MacLeod: George
    Tom Foral: The coach
    Bob Balaban: Elliott



A1. The Circle Game : Buffy Sainte-Marie
A2. Our House : Crosby,Stills,Nash and Young
A3. Market Basket (Theme From The Strawberry Statement) : Ian Freebairn-Smith & The MGM Studio Orchestra
A4. Down by the River : Neil Young
A5. Long Time Gone : Crosby, Stills and Nash
A6. Cyclatron (Theme from The Strawberry Statement) : Ian Freebairn-Smith & The MGM Studio Orchestra
A7. Something in the Air : Thunderclap Newman


B1. Also Sprach Zarathustra (Thus Spake Zarathustra) : Karl Bohm Conducting The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
B2. The Loner : Neil Young
B3. Coit Tower (Theme from The Strawberry Statement) : Ian Freebairn & The MGM Studio Orchestra
B4. Fishin' Blues : Red Mountain Jug Band
B5. Concerto in D Minor : Ian Freebairn & The MGM Studio Orchestra
B6. Helpless : Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
B7. Pocket Band (Theme from The Strawberry Statement) : Ian Freebairn-Smith & The MGM Studio Orchestra
B8. Give Peace a Chance : The Cast

Format : Double Vinyl LP
Made in USA
Label : MGM Records
2 SE 14 ST MGS 2340
Year : 1970
Genre : Rock Soundtrack

Record A FLAC : Size : 168 MB                      



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