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The Sound : Jeopardy 1980

Jeopardy is the debut studio album by English post-punk band the Sound, released on 1 November 1980 by record label Korova.

Jeopardy was released in November 1980. It was lauded by critics upon its release, but fared poorly commercially, failing to chart in the UK and with the band's fanbase failing to expand further than a cult following.

With the plaintive intro of the rhythm section, a spidery guitar, and incidental synth wobbles (which all sounds surprisingly Neu!-like), "I Can't Escape Myself" begins the album unassumingly enough until reaching the terse, one-line chorus that echoes the title of the song; suddenly, from out of the blue, all the instruments make a quick, violent, collective stab and retreat back into the following verse as singer Adrian Borland catches his breath.

The reverb placed on his voice is heightened at just the right moments to exacerbate the song's claustrophobic slant. The ecstatic onward rush of "Heartland" forms the back end of a dynamic one-two opening punch, with a charging rhythm and blaring keyboards leading the way.

Sound belonged in the same league as the bands they were compared to and not somewhere in the bushes. Hardly coattail jockeying, the Sound were developing and growing alongside them. If you're thinking this sounds like someone's telling you that you need Jeopardy just as much as you need Kilimanjaro or Unknown Pleasures or Crocodiles, you're right again. [Renascent's 2002 reissue offers a fine remastering job and the four-song Live Instinct EP as a bonus.]

The Sound

    Adrian Borland – vocals, guitar, production
    Michael Dudley – drums, production
    Green (Graham Bailey) – bass guitar, production
    Belinda "Bi" Marshall – keyboard, production


    Nick Robbins – production
    Sara Batho – sleeve artwork
    Spencer Rowell – sleeve photography


01. I Can't Escape Myself     Adrian Borland    
02. Heartland     Borland    
03. Hour of Need     Borland, Graham Bailey, Michael Dudley    
04. Words Fail Me     Borland, Adrian Janes    
05. Missiles     Borland    
06. Heyday     Borland    
07. Jeopardy     Borland, Bi Marshall, Bailey, Dudley    
08. Night Versus Day     Borland, Janes, Bailey    
09. Resistance     Borland    
10. Unwritten Law     Borland, Bailey    
11. Desire     Borland



12. Psysical World


13. Brute Force


14. Heartland (Live)    
15. Brute Force    
16. Jeopardy    
17. Coldbeat


18. Heartland
19. Unwritten Law
20. Jeopardy
21. I Can't Escape Myself


I hate the quiet times
I need some company
I miss the noise of life
The silence deafens me

The seconds split so slow
The minutes I can't kill
I keep an eye on the time
I catch it standing still

In my hour of need.(3x)

Try to find my place
Sometimes I get so near
I journey aimless days
But always end up here

In my hour of need.(3x)

Deep in the country
The factories hide
Where they make the missiles
That run our lives

Who the hell makes those missiles?(3x)
When they know what they can do?

They've got the money
They've got the know-how
It's all above our heads;
It's coming down now

Missiles cause damage
And make an eerie sound
Missiles leave carnage
Where there once was a town

Who the hell makes them?
Who the hell makes them?
Who the hell makes those missiles?
When they know what they can do?

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