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Stomu Yamashta - Steve Winwood - Michael Shrieve " GO " 1976

Stomu Yamashta (born Yamashita Tsutomu , 15 March 1947 , Kyoto , Japan) is a Japanese percussionist , keyboardist and composer.

He was the leader of the supergroup " Go " with Steve Winwood , Al Di Meola , Klaus Schulze , and Michael Shrieve.

Go (1976) is the first album by Stomu Yamashta's Progressive fusion supergroup "Go".


1. Stomu Yamashta - percussion and keyboards

2. Steve Winwood - vocals and keyboards

Playing the Hammond B-3 organ and guitar, backing blues singers such as Muddy Waters , John Lee Hooker , T-Bone Walker , B. B. King, Sonny Boy Williamson , Eddie Boyd , Otis Spann , Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley

Member of : The Spencer Davis Group - Blind Faith and Traffic

( You can find Steve Winwood HERE on this Blog )

3. Klaus Schulze - synthesizers


Tangerine Dream

Live with Lisa Gerald ( Dead Can Dance )

( You can find Klaus Schulze HERE on this Blog )

4. Michele' D'Adamo - guitar

5. Al Di Meola - lead guitar

Larry Coryell - John McLaughlin - Paco de Lucia - Jean-Luc Ponty - Aziza Mustafa Zadeh - Eddie Gomez - Billy Drummond and Yutaka Kobayashi

6. Michael Shrieve - drums

The drummer in Carlos Santana's band, playing on their first eight albums from 1969 through 1974. His performance at the 1969 Woodstock festival, when he was just 20 years old, made him one of the youngest musicians to perform at the festival. Shrieve's drum solo during an extended version of Soul Sacrifice in the Woodstock film has been described as "electrifying".

7. Pat Thrall - guitar

Thrall has worked with former Deep Purple bassist Glenn Hughes - Pat Travers Band - Asia - Meat Loaf - Tina Turner

8. Rosko Gee - bass

Rosko Gee is a Jamaican bassist who has played with the English band Traffic

9. Michael Quartermain - lyrics


Maybe the titles of the tracks are a little bit confused , because this is a Concept Progressive Album , so I didn 't cut them , preffering to record them with Fade Out .
Don 't worry about it , the sound is perfect !!!

1. Solitude - Nature
2. Air Over - Crossing the Line - Man of Leo
3. Stellar - Space Theme
4. Space Theme
5. Space Requiem - Space Song
6. Carnival - Ghost Machine - Surfspin
7 .Time is Here - Winner/Loser


When you're caught, the other side
Take a look and maybe start
To take up your life again
Crossing the line

Through the gate, what words to say
Demon takes your breath away
Hear your heart, don't be afraid
Passing through time

Spinning around the axis of a dream
Possibilities aren't always what they seem
Reject them and all your choices will be free

Crossing the line

Turn upon the winding stair
Past the door that isn't there
You have come you know not where
Passing through time
Walk along the narrow road
Where the ghost gives up his mind
You can catch the thread of time
Crossing the line

Spinning around the axis of a dream
Possibilities aren't always what they seem
Reject them and all your choices will be free

Crossing the line


Younger now
I must survive
not only for me
but for someone else
I will live .

Find something to give
not for yourself .


We are living
in the Psysical world
loving people let it show
body mind
Ghost machine
Heart of the Fire , gonn a make it glow .

Breath of your body in the beat of the night
calling on your lover's name
image game
body mind
get it all down , gonna make it shine

The rush as takes miraculous flight .

( All the Lyrics are available with the Text Download and the Scans . )

Size : 100 M B
Bitrate : 320

Αφιερωμένο στον Κώστα και την Πέρσα . Γαβ !


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