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Dawn : Lucifer's Halo : By Joseph Michael Linsner

Joseph Michael Linsner (born December 13, 1968) is an American comic book writer-artist-colorist best known for his mature-audiences supernatural character "Dawn", who first appeared in Cry for Dawn #1 (1989), self-published by his Cry for Dawn Productions.

Following the introduction of his lingerie-wearing occult character Dawn the original nine-issue series that debuted in 1989 (Cry For Dawn), he moved the character to Sirius Entertainment for several miniseries.

These included the five-issue Dawn (1995–1996, reprinted as the trade paperback collection Dawn: Lucifer's Halo #1, Nov. 1997, ISBN 1-57989-014-8), and the six-issue Crypt of Dawn (Oct. 1996 - March 1999), and the one-shots Dawn 1/2: Dreams of Dawn (1999) and Dawn #1/2 (2000), co-published by Sirius and Wizard Magazine.

Dawn is a fictional character created by comic book artist Joseph Michael Linsner.

Dawn is the goddess of birth and rebirth.

While her appearance depends on who is viewing her, she is generally depicted as a young, red-haired woman with three "tears" running from her left eye (and one "tear" running from her right eye, on the few occasions that it has been shown).

During the witch hunt, witches were discovered to only cry from their left eyes.
She also has a rose on one wrist, and a Chain on the other.
The Rose representing Hell because of its beauty, only to prick and hurt you.

The Chain for Heaven because you can only go so far, before the you are stopped short because of its restrictions.

Dawn is the guardian of all the witches on Earth, the goddess they pray to. Gaia, Aurora, Mother Earth.
Dawn is shown in many different facets, many shapes, sizes and colors.

Dawn is all women and Joseph Micheal Linsner always stresses that all women are goddesses. That's why Dawn takes so many shapes: because all shapes are beautiful, and so are all women.

Dawn is the lover of Cernunnos (sometimes also known as the Horned God), the god of death, who has incarnated himself in the mortal form of Darrian Ashoka.

Darrian, unaware of his true origins, is living in a post-apocalyptic New York City when he first meets Dawn. Dawn leads him on his path of true identity, and self-discovery.

Released in Greece at April 2006 by Gemma Press

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