Thursday, January 05, 2012

Procol Harum : Ninth 1975 Mp3 & Flac

Hello Friends and happy new year .

This is my first Upload for the 2012 .

It's the Poland version of the "Ninth" album of Procol Harum .

Procol Harum is arguably the most successful "accidental" group creation that is, a band originally assembled to take advantage of the success of a record created in the studio in the history of Progressive rock.

With "A Whiter Shade of Pale" a monster hit right out of the box, the band evolved from a studio ensemble into a successful live act, their music built around an eclectic mix of blues-based rock riffs and grand classical themes. With singer/pianist Gary Brooker and lyricist Keith Reid providing the band's entire repertory, their music evolved in decidedly linear fashion, the only major surprises coming from the periodic lineup changes that added a new instrumental voice to the proceedings.

At their most accessible, as on "A Whiter Shade of Pale" and "Conquistador," they were one of the most popular of progressive rock bands, their singles outselling all rivals, and their most ambitious album tracks still have a strong following.

The group's two albums, "Exotic Birds" and "Fruit" (May 1974) and Procol's "Ninth" (September 1975), the latter produced by rock & roll songsmiths Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, performed moderately well, and "Pandora's Box" from Procol's Ninth , became one of their bigger hits in England, rising to number 16. July of 1976 saw a departure and a lateral shift in the group's lineup, as Alan Cartwright left the band and Chris Copping took over on bass, while Pete Solley joined as keyboard player.

This album that I upload - Procol Harum's "Ninth" record is their first LP issued in Poland

This is the Vinyl LP made in Poland by the Label : " MUZA " Polskie Nagrania SX 1378 .

This collective album has the authentic signatures of the members of the band on it's front cover and the date of the recording on it's back cover .

My friend "Tasos Rancid" , gift it to me after a journey in ... What country ? I don't remember .

Yes ! I remember now . He found it in Germany .
Thanks !!!

Side one

1. Pandora's Box - 3:39
2. Fool's Gold - 3:59
3. Taking The Time - 3:39
4. The Unquiet Zone - 3:39
5. The Final Thrust - 4:41

Side two

1. I Keep Forgetting (Leiber/Stoller) - 3:27
2. Without a Doubt - 4:30
3. The Piper's Tune - 4:26
4. Typewriter Torment - 4:29
5. Eight Days a Week (John Lennon/Paul McCartney) - 2:55

Year : 1975
Format : Vinyl LP
Made in : Poland
Label : Muza Records
Polskie Nagrania SX 1378
Take it HERE

Mp3 @ 320



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