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Cosmic Teds - Discography

Cosmic Teds - Discography
Heartbeatin Crisis EP (1992)
I'll Be Down There / Truth Is Out Single (1993)
Plus 3 compilation songs.

Heartbeatin Crisis
Label: Music Box International – M.B.I. 40476
Format: Vinyl, 12", EP
Country: Greece
Released: 1992/05
Genre: Rock
Style: Garage Rock, Punk   [info]

A1 Outta My Head
A2 L.U.V.        
A3 Cat Style Rock N' Roll
B1 Boppin' Machine
B2 The Sweetest Disease
B3 Teenage Lunacy

I'll Be Down There / Truth Is Out Single
Label: Studio II Records – ST II 06
Format: Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM
Country: Greece
Released: 1993
Genre: Rock
Style: Garage Rock   [info]

A I'll Be Down There
B Truth Is Out

Screaming A Love Song
From Various – Toxic Babies In A Rock'n'Roll Land Sub Studio Rec. 1994
Come Get Me
From The Thing From Another World Vol. 1 1995
I'll Be Down There
From The Local Heroes '95 Available free with ΠΟΠ & ΡΟΚ magazine 1995
Tell You No Lies
From The Thing From Another World Supernerdmobile! 1997

 Cosmic Teds - Discography
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The Cosmic Teds were formed in the mid of 1989 and among with The Last Drive were the pioneers of Rock 'n' Roll in Greece. The original COSMIC TEDS line-up was JETBOY - VOCALS/LEAD GUITAR, ADONIS - RYTHM GUITAR, JIMMY BOPPER - DRUMS/BACKING VOCALS, JOHNNY A. - BASS. Soon enough JOHNNY A. was replaced by Mr. JOHNNY TED - BASS/BACKING VOCALS. With that line-up which is quite the original, The Cosmic Teds stormed every stage available in Greece and soon they got attention by the MBI record label. The boys signed their contract and the result was the release of the "Heartbeatin Crisis" E.P. in 1992. But that partnership wasn't for long. The contract was broken and the TEDS were free. Their next release was the 7'' "I'll Be Down There / Truth Is Out" from STUDIO II RECORDS, released in 1993. The next release was "Screaming A Love Song" in the SUB STUDIO COLLECTION "TOXIC BABIES IN A ROCK N ROLL LAND" released in 1994. By that time ADONIS(NOT A COSMIC TED) decided it was best for him to take a hike down the highway and not the TEDS way! So the guys kept on rollin' as a trio, but that was not an issue, it was actually the BEST TEDS TIME EVER!!! The next step was their participation in "THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD COLLECTION VOL. 1" with the blasting anthem "Come Get Me" released in 1995. Due to serious problems from the military service TEDS reduced their activity. Then was the comeback! The military ventures were over and the boys came back to town! Starting their engines and geared up day by day, they started something they couldn't finish. FUCK!!!! That was the L.P. everyone's was waiting for. One track of these recording sessions was released in the "THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD COLLECTION VOL. 5" in 1997. That track is "Tell You No Lies" (a JOHNNY THUNDERS cover of ASK ME NO QUESTIONS) which was the very last release of the wondrous sounds of The Cosmic Teds! During that time The Cosmic Teds started a side-project instrumental garage/punk/surfabilly band with that weasel ALEX(GIMME MONEY,GIMME MONEY)BEREKOS from THE BLUE JEANS. That band was THE INVISIBLE SURFERS. It is worth to mention all that just for restoring the truth and just for the people to know! Eventually The Cosmic Teds broke-up in May of 1998 due to serious ego issues! After the TEDS broke-up that weasel ALEX BEREKOS kept the name INVISIBLE SURFERS and tried to continue something that was long gone and out of reach. The magic was gone..... That was the TEDS but now they are gone sending their luv to everyone!!!!!!!!! JETBOY is now rockin' out with his new band TEENHEAT.(check 'em out) Mr. JOHNNY TED is leading THE MIGHTY SHAKERS.(check 'em out) JIMMY BOPPER is M.I.A. for almost 5 years..........


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Ένα καλοκαιρινό, pure rock'n'roll  ποστ, για να ευχηθώ καλό καλοκαίρι σε όλους.Ανεβαίνει τώρα, μόλις γύρισα από την παραλία.