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"X" : Ain't Love Grand 1985

They were the ones who put the L.A. punk scene on the map. "X" were the first L.A. punk band to be taken seriously by the rock press on both coasts, and at a time when many wondered how punk could thrive in the land of all that was mellow , "X" played music that was as raw, passionate, and powerful as anything coming out of New York, London, or any other major city.

X's melding of punk's speed and ferocity with the sounds of rockabilly, blues, country, and other roots music styles would prove to be wildly influential in the years that followed, as were the off-kilter harmonies of John Doe and Exene Cervenka.

Through a newspaper ad, Doe met Billy Zoom (born Ty Kindell), a gifted guitarist originally from Savannah, IL who had been playing rockabilly, blues, and R&B in L.A. for years, and had backed Gene Vincent during the rockabilly icon's last shows.

Like Doe, Zoom had discovered the Ramones and wanted to play music that was fast, loud, and honest, and they began jamming together. Shortly before meeting Zoom, Doe had met Exene Cervenka (aka Christine Cervenkova) who, like Doe, had recently arrived in Los Angeles (in her case from Tampa, FL) and was interested in poetry.

when Doe saw the Eyes performing at The Masque, L.A.'s first punk club, he saw their drummer was just what he and Zoom had been looking for: someone whose style was smart but simple, and who hit a big snare drum really hard. That drummer was D.J. Bonebrake, and he played his first gig with X in February 1978.

Ray Manzarek ( The Doors ) was impressed with X's bold music and literate songs, as well as their open admiration of his former group (they had taken to covering "Soul Kitchen" on-stage). Manzarek played keys at a few X gigs and offered to produce their first album.
Billy Zoom left "X" in 1985, and the divorce of Doe and Cervenka, who had wed in 1980, didn't help relations in the group.

Dave Alvin, guitarist with the Blasters and a collaborator in the Knitters, was recruited to join the band, and while he was an ideal fit for X, by the time they completed the recording of 1987's See How We Are, he was offered a record deal as a solo act and opted to leave.

Their fifth album, 1985's was " Ain't Love Grand " The most noticeable difference is in the production. Renown heavy metal producer Michael Wagener was on board (whose credits include Motley Crue, Dokken, and Great White), replacing longtime "X" ally Ray Manzarek.

As usual, the songwriting and performances shine, but the raw sound of their earlier work is noticeably absent .

Label : Elektra – 96 0430-1
Format : Vinyl LP
Made in : France
Released : 1985
Genre : Rock
Style : Hard Rock, Punk


A1         Burning House Of Love        
A2         Love Shack        
A3         My Soul Cries Your Name        
A4         My Goodness        
A5         Around My Heart

B1         What's Wrong With Me        
B2         All Or Nothing        
B3         Watch The Sun Go Down        
B4         I'll Stabd Up For You        
B5         Little Honey        
B6         Supercharged

Γύρισα Κουφαλίτσες , γύρισα ξανά στην
ΚωλοΑθήνα , μετά από σχεδόν δυό μη-
νάκια διακοπών στο νησί του Θείου , τρελα-
θήκαμε κάθε μέρα στις παραλίες , ρουφουχλήσαμε τα πάντα , και τώρα Τι ?
Tώρα θα γαμήσουμε αυτούς  που οι περισ-
σότεροι από εσάς ψηφίσατε για να μας γα-
μήσουν .

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  1. καλως ηρθες κωστακη.
    και τι επιστροφη,ε?
    Οι Χ ειναι λατρεμενη μπαντα.
    απιστευτες συνθεσεις,και η
    exene cervenka φωναρα.
    τι να λεμε τωρα,καλη ακροαση σε ολους.
    παντα τεττοια φιλε!!

  2. xeretismata kai apo μένα..!