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Forgotten Realms : Homeland ( Book 1 ) : The Dark Elf Trilogy

Robert Anthony Salvatore (born January 20, 1959), who writes under the name R. A. Salvatore, is an American author best known for The DemonWars Saga,[1] his Forgotten Realms novels, in which he created the popular character Drizzt Do'Urden, and Vector Prime, the first novel in the Star Wars: The New Jedi Order series. He has sold more than 15 million copies of his books in the USA alone and twenty-two of his titles have been New York Times best-sellers.

Tim Seeley is a comic book artist and writer known for his work on books such as G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, G.I. Joe vs. Transformers, New Exiles and Forgotten Realms: The Dark Elf Trilogy.

Drizzt Do'Urden is a Drow (dark elf) from Menzoberranzan, one of the largest cities in the Underdark of Faerun. Unlike most rather sociopathic Drow, Drizzt is a kind, good person.

This is a project about the "Dark Elf" trilogy. I spend a lot of time to realise it. Too many scans and too many texts.( Over 150 scans and texts ). It wasn't easy to do it.
I want simply present you a complete work , not available on the Net, of  this masterpiece books and the Comic .Please excuse me about some mistakes, but this project was too big my friends
I hope that you will appreciate it.

Menzoberranzan is a place of evil, but does not know its own true nature. It is a matriarchal society,

ruled over by priestesses of the dark goddess Lolth.

However in this underground city, only the greatest Houses are given the right to be a part of the Council. So it is that House Do'urden begins to put their plans into action. Thus, they can eliminate House DeVir and rise in their hierarchy.

Matron Malice finalizes her plans against House DeVir with her husbands and children, all the while she is experiencing the pains of her impending delivery.

Her child will be born this night, a third son who will not live to see the morning. A third-born son of a great House is traditionally given to Lolth in blood sacrifice, and so he will be killed as soon as he has been given a name.

House Do'urden launches its attack on DeVir, pressing every advantage it possesses, both physically in terms of warriors, and psychically in terms of prayers to Lolth. The battle is a virtual stalemate until Lolth grants the prayers of Do'urden over those of DeVir.

In the middle of the carnage can be found Zaknafein, Weapons Master and First Husband of House Do'urden
Back in the Do'urden chapel, Malice is in the throes of birth pangs, and she delivers her third son, naming him Drizzt.
When the fighting has subsided, Dinin (second son of Matron Malice) catches his older brother Nalfein Do'urden by surprise and stabs him in the back through the heart They deem the spider goddess appeased by the death of Nalfein, and Malice spares the baby.
At the age of sixteen, Drizzt stands before his mother and is proclaimed to be "secondboy" of House Do'urden. Malice warns him, "Dishonor me, and I will put needles into your purple eyes."

 Drizzt is entrusted to Zak for his weapons training. He is taken to spartan quarters, and instructed that all his time, whether eating, sleeping, or training will be spent in that single room.
Drizzt's training with Zak commences, and continues in urgency. One day while sparring, Zaknafein inadvertently reveals that Drizzt had once had two brothers, and explains the true nature of the older brother's death. Drizzt is shocked to learn that Nalfein died on the night of his birth, not from the axe of a dwarf or the pick of a gnome, but the blade of a drow warrior.
By his eighth year, Drizzt is assigned to one of the groups doing practice patrols in the Underdark surrounding Menzoberranzan. In one such assignment, his party is told that a noble child of the First House, a Baenre, has gone missing in the tunnels, and that a group of hook horrors has been spotted. Without warning or instruction from his masters, Drizzt races off into the tunnels alone to effect a rescue.

He finds the child crying and surrounded by three of the terrible beasts, and quickly dispatches one of them, but just as quickly looses the element of surprise. Creatures of the Underdark, hook horrors are giant creatures with bird-like beaks, humongous clawed arms, and thick carapaces. Quite mindless, they will attack and eat anything, including a drow child or a fierce warrior.
   Before Drizzt can gain ground on another of the beasts, it has the child within its clawed arms, and tears the poor girl to shreds.

He is attacked by the beast, but is able to drive his scimitars through its heart before it can snap his head off. Meanwhile, the rest of his party "discovers" that the child was no noble drow, but just a wandering orphan or castoff of low house, and therefore meaningless to them.
For Drizzt's final year at the Academy, he and every other student are assigned a year in the other two divisions of the school, sixth months in Sorcere, and six in Arach-Tinith. The idea is to give the warriors exposure to the other disciplines so that they can better function in their necessary societal role.
Unbeknown to Drizzt, he has stumbled into the clutches of one of his mortal enemies, a man he has never met before, Masoj Hun'ett.
  Alton is pounced upon by a great black panter, a beast that Masoj calls his pet, summonded from the astral plane via an onyx figurine. Drizzt is immediately enamored by the majesty and beauty of the animal, for he has met Guenhwyvar for the first time. It would not be their final meeting.

Two days later, Drizzt joins one of the official patrol groups that kept the caverns safe around Menzoberranzan. In his group was his brother Dinin, Masoj Hun'ett, and a brand new friend, the beautiful astral panther Guenhwyvar.
   Dinin announces to his patrol group that they have been chosen for a rare opportunity, a surface raid. There are to travel for many days through the Underdark to the surface, and there raid a group of faeries, or light skinned elves, their mortal enemies.

Approaching the surface, Drizzt feels the breeze for the first time, and when they break into the night sky, he sees the cool radiance of the moon and is drawn to it like nothing else ever before. Within site of the cave opening was a gathering of faeries partaking in a revel to some moon goddess or other.  

Dinin calls for the attack while Drizzt whispers to himself,
   Drizzt stands back in horror as he watches his dark kind, in heart not in skin, as they coldly cut down these bright and shining people who were only moments before dancing and laughing. One of the victims reaches out to him, begging for mercy and help just before she is cut down from behind.

When the woman's daughter rushes to the her fallen mother, Drizzt swipes his sword across her, knocking her to the ground. He has not hurt her, however, and whispers to her to stay down. He lies to Dinin and proclaims her dead, causing Dinin to proclaim,They leave the terrified and crying elf child behind. Drizzt's only consolation is that she will live to see another day.

.Drizzt's next patrol takes them just five miles outside of the city, where they encounter a crew of Svirfnebli, deep gnomes on a mining expedition. Drow and deep gnomes were mortal enemies, and such an encounter could only end in bloodshed.
Dinin orders the attack, commanding them to go after the Belwar Dissengulp first, stating, "He is the key to their strength with the stone."
 They capture the gnome, and Dinin orders him killed. As the priestess moves forward to torture the gnome, Drizzt convinces them to allow him to live and go back home to tell the other Svirfnebli of the superiority of drow strength. Dinin likes the idea, but not before the take the gnome leader's hands first.

Loth said that the young Elf is very mercyfull , so he must die
She said :
"Drizzt Do'urden must die within ten days."
Zak literally gets down on his hands and knees and begs Malice to take him instead. She accepts,Zak is tied down the spider-shaped sacrificial altar and Malice dons her ceremonial spider-embroidered garb. Ask Malice raises the knife to strike a killing blow, Zak is calm and at peace.
The last words were : " Hear your heart my son "
Across the city, Sinafey is punishing Masoj for his failure to kill Drizzt.
Drizzt returns to House Do'urden and searches for Zak.

 He is met in Zak's chambers by his mother and siblings. When he asks after Zaknafein, Malice lies and says he is away on House business, and chastises him for disobeying her command to stay within the household.Drizzt asks for Zaknafein once more.
  Malice's answer gives him the clue that he has been killed, and Malice confirms the deed, telling him that Lolth demanded repayment for sparing the elven child. She tells Drizzt of the agreement Zak made, sacrificing himself not only to let Drizzt live, but that Drizzt would now be weapons master of the House. Drizzt refuses, and yells, "A true god damn you all! And damn the Spider Queen as well!" He throws a flash bomb on the ground and escapes the House while they are all blinded.
In tears, Drizzt leaves Menzoberranzan behind, taking Guen, her figurine, and his memories of his father    with him.

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