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Forgotten Realms : Exile ( Book 2 - Part 1 ) : The Dark Elf Trilogy

                  For ten long years, Drizzt lives in the wilds of the Underdark with Guenhwyvar as his only companion.

Even then, he is alone for most of his waking hours, since Guen cannot stay on the material plane for more than a few hours at a time, and must return to the astral plane for food and rest.
Drizzt is still racked with guilt over Zaknafein's death, feeling that his father's sacrifice is his fault.

But his father has turned to an udead nightmear under the control of Malice

He faces the dangers of the Underdark, defeating such monsters as hook horrors, cave trolls, and Basilis

.Back in Menzoberranzan, Malice castigates Briza (sister of drizzt) and Dinin (brother of Drizzt) for their failure to capture their renegade brother. Briza and Dinin are sent out into the tunnels of the Underdark with a contingent of Do'urden soldiers to search for Drizzt. They are magically tracking him somehow, but Drizzt discovers them on his trail and deduces that it is his House Do'urden emblem that is allowing their trace on him

Drizzt ties his emblem to Guen and sends her in the opposite direction, allowing him to sneak up behind Dinin, knock him out and draw a sword on Briza. She tells him that the war with Hun'ett is over, and lies to say that he can come home and take up the mantle of weapons master of the House. Drizzt refuses and tells them to never seek him out again.

Drizzt puts himself on the move again, knowing he cannot live in his beloved cavern is no longer secret, no longer safe. He runs through the tunnels, into twists and turns which he had never seen before until he ran directly into his past.Eventually, their journey ended. He had come to Blingenstone, the great fortress city of the Svirfnebli.

Members of the Blingenstone city council investigate Drizzt. They are naturally suspicious of him and his reasons for being in the city. Belwar remembers Drizzt as the purple eyed drow that had bested his earth elemental and convinced his hunting party to take his hands rather than his life.

Belwar informs Drizzt that it was the decision of King Schnicktick to have the drow put to death

Belwar replies, "No, you won't, for you'll not die this day. Ten years ago you saved my life Drizzt Do'urden. Honor demands I do the same." Belwar accepts the responsibility of having Drizzt in the city, both for the drow’s safety and that of the city at large.

 Malice reveals another way.

After much meditation and prayer, the soul of Zaknafein is ripped from the afterlife, and placed into his reanimated corpse, but all free will is gone. As a test of her power over him, Malice orders her undead husband to find and kill Drizzt.

Meanwhile in the caverns near Menzoberranzan, Firble meets with his contact, the infamous Jarlaxle.Jarlaxle names the renegade as Drizzt Do'urden, and warns him that if they know anything about Drizzt, then to keep him far away. The goddess Lolth herself wants the boy dead, and she stops at nothing to get her wishes. "Drizzt is doomed, and so doomed will be any foolish enough to stand beside him." Of course,

Firble's reaction to the news confirms for Jarlaxle that the gnomes of Blingenstone indeed know of Drizzt and his whereabouts.

.Schnicktick says he has no further choice.
"To keep Drizzt here would invite war with Menzoberranzan, and I will not put Blingenstone in jeopardy for the sake of a dark elf, even if he has shown himself to be a friend".Drizzt says he will be gone within the hour, and he parts ways with nothing but gratitude in his heart.

Strolling through the gate, the pair are met by Belwar, who has decided to leave his home behind and join Drizzt in the dangerous Underdark. Drizzt is loathe to let him come along, but Belwar will not take no for an answer, taking off from the city walls and into the deepening darkness before the drow could stop him.

After walking for weeks and weeks, they come upon a cavern that is glowing with a bright light, and so they move to investigate. They enter a vast cavern filled with a sea of acid—the source of the light—and find the greatest danger they had yet faced.

END OF  BOOK 2  Part 1 .
Continues on Part 2  in the next Post of URBAN ASPIRINES

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