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Holly Golightlty: Singles Round Up 2001


Holly Golightly (born Holly Golightly Smith on 7 September 1966) is a British singer-songwriter. Her

mother christened her after the main character of Truman Capote's Breakfast at Tiffany's. Her musical style ranges from garage rock to R&B.

While she was dating Thee Headcoats' drummer Bruce Brand she had an impromptu singing

performance with his band. Billy Childish, founder of the Headcoats, added her to the line up of The Delmonas and changed the name to Thee Headcoatees. Thee Headcoatees were primarily a garage band that backed up the Thee Headcoats. In 1995 she started her solo career but continued to be an active member of Thee Headcoatees until they disbanded in 1999.

Thee Headcoatees were an all-female garage band formed in Chatham, Kent, England in 1991.

They were part of the Medway scene. The members were Holly Golightly, Kyra LaRubia, Ludella Black and "Bongo" Debbie Green.

As a backing band Thee Headcoatees initially would just do a few songs to warm up for Thee Headcoats. Their song "Headcoat Girl" on The Sisters of Suave even states "I wanna be a headcoat

girl". In 1991 the band cut their first album Girlsville for Hangman Records. It consisted of songs written by Billy Childish and covers of songs by The Kinks (Last Plane Home), The Beatles (Run For Your Life), The Tamrons (Wild Man) and more. In 1998 Debbie Green left the band, which was reduced to a three piece for their final album, Here Comes Cessation. Thee Headcoatees continued to tour with Thee Headcoats until the group folded in 1999.

Holly Golightly has gone on to pursue a solo career, recording more than ten LPs, and has worked with the bands The Greenhornes and The White Stripes and in her latter career has formed the

band Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs.
Kyra and Debbie went on to sing for The A Lines (featuring Delia from Mambo Taxi and Julie Hamper of Billy Childish's Musicians of the British Empire); Debbie and Delia currently play in Ye Nuns. Kyra and Ludella later appeared in The Shall I Say Quois alongside Julie Hamper, while Debbie also went on to play with Dutronc, Baby Birkin and The Speed of Sound; she also drummed and sang with Would-Be-Goods, and recorded in The Buffets, alongside Hamper.

Golightly formed a duo in the mid-2000s, recording and touring extensively with her longtime bandmate Lawyer Dave. As Holly Golightly and The Brokeoffs, they released five albums and one EP between 2007 and 2012.

Holly Golightly – Singles Round-up
Label: Damaged Goods – DAMGOOD 190-CD
Format:    CD, Compilation
Country: UK
Released: 2001
Genre: Rock
Style: Garage Rock



01. Virtually Happy    3:33
02. The Ride #1    3:03
03. No Big Thing    2:39
04. My Own Sake    2:19
05. Til I Get    3:05
06. Waiting Room    2:18
07. I Can't Be Trusted    2:48
08. Card Table    3:24
09. No Hope Bar    3:07
10. Believe Me #1    4:08
11. Come The Day    2:48
12. In You    2:30
13. Believe Me #2    3:18
14. Stain    3:15
15. Won't Go Out    3:37
16. Too Late Now    3:29
17. Sand    2:46
18. Lonesome Town    2:45
19. Your Love Is Mine    4:39
20. Laughing To Keep From Crying    2:53
21. Listen    1:58
22. Rain Down Rain    2:46
23. You Shine    2:30
24. Box Elder    2:47

MP3 @ 320 Size: 158 MB
Flac  Size: 414 MB


  1. GREAT Kostas ! Never heard of the solo carrer of Headcoatees drummer. (I have 3 cds from H). Exactly the right thing for me. MANY THANKS.

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  2. I have a cd from Golightly her first the good things. And from the Headcoatees i have 5 cds and not 3. That's something. I have already ordered the cd with the singles for only 7e.

  3. I looked a litle at the statistick of your entries.
    This year is expectionally good. Not just the number of entries, one of the strongest year,
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