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The Knickerbockers: Knickerbockerism! Hits, Rarities, Unissued Cuts And More...1965 - 1967 (1997)


The Knickerbockers were an American garage rock band formed in Bergenfield, New Jersey in 1964.

They released the 1965 hit "Lies", which was known for its resemblance to the Beatles. The band was formed in 1964 by the brothers Beau Charles (guitar and vocals) and John Charles (bass and vocals) (birth names: Robert and John Carlos Cecchino respectively)

The Charles brothers played with a fluctuating personnel until 1964, when they met Buddy Randell (vocals and sax) (birth name: William Crandall). Randell was previously of the Rockin' Saints and The Royal Teens, who had a hit with "Short Shorts" in 1958. They took their name from Knickerbocker

Road (County Route 505), which runs through Tenafly, the next town to the east of Bergenfield. The classic line-up consisted of Randell, the Charles brothers, and drummer Jimmy Walker (previously the drummer with the Massena, New York-based Atco Records act The Castle Kings). They were spotted by producer and singer-songwriter Jerry Fuller playing the University Twist Palace in Albany, New York, and he signed them to Los Angeles-based Challenge Records.

Though the band had a strong songwriter in Beau Charles, they were hampered by their label's ineptness, and drummer Walker left in late 1968 to replace Bill Medley in The Righteous Brothers. Walker also recorded three solo singles for Columbia Records in 1968–1969, before retiring to

Wyoming for much of the 1970s. Buddy Randell was the next to depart. The Charles brothers kept the band going by adding new members Richie Walker (vocals), Eric Swanson (drums), and Barry McCoy (keyboards). Randell rejoined The Knickerbockers on drums in 1968, leaving again in 1970 (McCoy departed to join Gary Puckett & The Union Gap).

Randell later recorded singles for Uni Records ("Randi, Randi"/"Be My Baby" 1970) and under aliases such as Steel Wool ("No Sugar Tonight", White Whale 1969) and Blowtorch ("I Want Sugar all the

Time" Paramount Records 1971). Beau Charles was also active outside of the group, recording "Sharon Stay in Birmingham" for White Whale Records under the alias of Columbus Jones in 1969. (Both of the White Whale and Uni Records singles were produced or co-produced by George Tobin, who later went on to produce and manage 1980s teenage singer Tiffany). 




Buddy Randell - vocals, sax
Jimmy Walker - drums, vocals
Beau Charles - guitars, vocals
John Charles - bass, vocals

The Knickerbockers – Knickerbockerism! Hits, Rarities, Unissued Cuts And More...(1965-67)
Label: Sundazed Music – SC 11040
Format:    2 x CD, Compilation, Stereo, Mono
Country: US
Released: 1997
Genre: Rock
Style: Garage Rock, Pop Rock



01. Lies    2:42
02. Just One Girl    2:18
03. I Can Do It Better    2:27
04. Come On And Let Me    2:51
05. One Track Mind    2:27
06. I Must Be Doing Something Right    2:46
07. Can't You See I'm Tryin'    2:19
08. Please Don't Fight It    2:33
09. She Said Goodbye    2:50
10. Give A Little Bit    2:21
11. We Got A Good Thing Goin'    2:36
12. Is That What You Want    2:34
13. The Pad And How To Use It    2:19
14. Playgirl    2:30
15. Like Little Children    2:36
16. Bite Bite Barracuda    2:05
17. Lies (Alternate Backing Track)    2:58
18. Harlem Nocturne (Alternate Take)    4:04

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01. Stick With Me    2:34
02. High On Love    3:05
03. Rumors, Gossip, Words Untrue    2:51
04. Love Is A Bird    2:37
05. She's Gotten To Me    2:06
06. I Love    3:02
07. Chapel In The Fields    2:55
08. Can You Help Me    2:40
09. Please Don't Love Him    3:22
10. You're Bad    2:08
11. Guaranteed Satisfaction    2:50
12. Sweet Green Fields    2:39
13. What Does That Make You    2:37
14. As A Matter Of Fact    2:43
15. My Feet Are Off The Ground    2:35
16. They Ran For Their Lives    2:09
17. Come And Get It (Demo Version)    2:08
18. High On Love (Alternate Backing Track)    3:05

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  1. Today i will probaby get THE HIVES.
    Both for 6e in mint.

  2. For me, one of the best garage bands along with the Sonics.

  3. Belongs to the HIVES. Strong garage rock, i like !
    A tip from me: GRYS-GRYS - TO FALL DOWN
    French garage rock with elements of blues.
    One of the best album of the year 2021. Excellent ! Expensive and a bit hard to get.
    You can listen to them on youtube or bandcamp.

    1. I don't know them. I know another French garage band, completely unknown: The Firewalkers . They were under a Greek independent label: Green Cookie Records. Maybe I must upload them.

  4. The Firewalkers are already on order,, very cheap. Remind me of the Fuzztones