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The Spencer Davis Group: Discography 1965 - 1974


The Spencer Davis Group were a British band formed in Birmingham in 1963 by Spencer Davis (guitar), brothers Steve Winwood (vocals, keyboards) and Muff Winwood (bass guitar), and Pete York

(drums). Their best known songs include the UK No. 1 hits "Keep on Running" and "Somebody Help Me" and the UK and US Top 10 hits "Gimme Some Lovin'" and "I'm a Man". They were One of the most exciting and influential groups to come out of Birmingham in the early 1960s, the Spencer Davis Group is recognized for their classic and ground-breaking recordings as well as for launching Steve Winwood's music career.

Steve Winwood left in 1967 to form rock band Traffic. After releasing a few more singles, the band ceased to be active in 1969. Davis revived the group on two more occasions, without the involvement of the Winwood brothers, first in 1973–1974 for two more albums, and again from 2006, since when

they had primarily been a touring act. Davis died on 19 October 2020, effectively ending the band. The Quartette had first attracted the attention of the Decca Records label for which the group went to London for a try-out recording session. Decca offered a contract but Blackwell promised them a better deal with the Phillips owned Fontana label as distributor so they signed with Fontana along with a publishing deal at Island Records. The partnership at Island Records was an informal one based on little more than a handshake but this indiscretion would come back to haunt them years later.

It was Muff Winwood who came up with the name "Spencer Davis Group" on the pretext that the articulate Davis could do the interviews while the others stayed in bed. The first single release by the group in April 1964 was a cover of the John Lee Hooker song 'Dimples' as it was considered one of the

strongest numbers they performed in their set at the time. Driven by Steve Winwood's Hammond organ along with Muff's powerful bass riff, the high-energy 'Gimme Some Lovin' became an instant classic - reaching Number 2 in the British charts and going on to make Top Ten in America. To this day it remains a staple of many party compilations and is probably the most instantly recognizable song by the group. Jimmy Miller later re-mixed the record to include extra percussion, piano and vocal backing before it was issued as a single in the USA.

An excellent Spencer Davis Group single titled 'I'm A Man' (chart position 9), composed by Steve Winwood and producer Jimmy Miller, was issued in early 1967. It was the final record with Steve and

Muff Winwood who had accepted a job offer from Chris Blackwell to work at the Island Records office. By this time, Steve Winwood had been rehearsing for a few months at the "Elbow Room" club in Birmingham with Dave Mason, Jim Capaldi and Chris Wood. Their new group to be named "Traffic" would shortly be signed to Island Records by Chris Blackwell (see Traffic for more about Steve Winwood).

During the summer of 1967, Spencer Davis put together a new Spencer Davis Group line-up. Following extensive auditions and much consideration, keyboard whiz kid Eddie Hardin and guitarist Phil Sawyer

were selected. With the departure of Steve Winwood the magic seemed to have gone. Another Spencer Davis Group single issued in March 1968 and composed by Ray Fenwick titled 'After Tea' sounded like an attempt to duplicate Traffic's sound but it failed to chart. Spencer Davis continued to record and play music in the 1970s and 80s which included a short-lived Spencer Davis Group reunion (without the Winwood brothers) in 1973. He relocated to the American west coast and has performed and toured with various line-ups of The Spencer Davis Group in both the USA and Europe. He passed away on October 19, 2020 while under treatment for pneumonia at age 81.


1. Their First LP (1965)
2. The Second Album (1966)
3. Autumn '66 (1966)
4. Mulberry Bush (1967)
5. With Their New face On (1968)
6. Funky (recorded 1969,[17] released 1997)[18]
7. Gluggo (1973)
8. Living in a Back Street (1974)


Spencer Davis (Davies) guitar, harmonica, vocal
Steve Winwood lead vocal, piano, organ, guitar (left 1967)
Mervyn "Muff" Winwood bass guitar, vocal (left 1967)
Pete York drums
Eddie Hardin organ, vocal (joined 1967)
Phil Sawyer lead guitar (joined 1967 - left 1968)
Ray Fenwick lead guitar, vocal (joined 1968)
Dee (David) Murray bass guitar, vocal (joined 1968)
Nigel Olsson drums, vocal (joined 1968)



The group's first album is basically a reflection of their early repertoire and very heavy on the

R&B/soul standards. Dominated by covers of Ike & Tina Turner, the Coasters, John Lee Hooker, Little Walter, Brenda Holloway, and others, only three of the tunes are original. Two of these are written by Stevie Winwood, the other by Spencer Davis; Winwood's mid-tempo soul number "It Hurts Me So" is easily the best of them. Winwood is in fine voice and the group is energetic, but this is neither as good as their best work nor nearly as good as the best British R&B albums of the era by competitors like Them and the Rolling Stones. Includes their first two British singles, "Dimples" and "I Can't Stand It."

The Spencer Davis Group - Their First LP + 9 Bonus
Label: Universal Music Japan - UICY-93173
Format: CD, Reissue, Remastered
Country: Japan
Released: 2006


01. My Babe    
02. Dimples    
03. Searchin'    
04. Every Little Bit Hurts    
05. I'm Blue (Gong Gong Song)    
06. Sittin' And Thinkin'    
07. She Put The Hurt On Me (Bonus Track)    
08. I'll Drown In My Own Tears (Bonus Track)    
09. I Can't Stand It    
10. Here Right Now    
11. Jump Back    
12. It's Gonna Work Out Fine    
13. Midnight Train    
14. It Hurts Me So    
15. Stevie's Blues (Bonus Track)    
16. I'm Getting Better (Bonus Track)    
17. Goodbye Stevie (Bonus Track)    
18. My Babe (US version)    
19. Searchin' (US version)    
20. Midnight Train (US version)    
21. Incense (as The Anglos)

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The Second Album is the second album by the British band the Spencer Davis Group, released in 1966.

Many of the songs were a slightly experimental blend of beat, folk, jazz and blues. The album included Jackie Edwards' "Keep on Running", which gave the group their first U.K. number 1 single, and the R&B standard "Georgia on My Mind". The album spent eighteen weeks on the U.K. album chart, peaking at number 3. While the album was not released in the US, the single "Keep on Running" was released in February, 1966, and spent four weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart peaking at number 74 on March 12. Other tracks from this album were later released in the U.S. on various compilations of the band.

The Spencer Davis Group - The Second Album + 8 Bonus
Label: Fontana / Universal Music Japan - UICY-93174
Format: CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered
Country: Japan
Released: 2006


01. Look Away    
02. Keep On Running    
03. This Hammer    
04. Georgia On My Mind    
05. Please Do Something    
06. Let Me Down Easy    
07. Strong Love    
08. I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water    
09. Since I Met You Baby    
10. You Must Believe Me    
11. Hey Darling    
12. Watch Your Step


13. Stevie's Blues
14. Trampoline
15. Back Into My Life Again
16. Kansas City   
17. Oh! Pretty Woman
18. Det War in Schoneberg
19. Stevie's Groove
20. Stevie's Blues (US Version)

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3. AUTUMN '66 1966


At the peak of their popularity, the Spencer Davis Group's albums were considerably less impressive

than their hits and a bit thin on imagination, although they were never less than competent. This, their third LP, relies heavily on soul covers, as well as a few oft-covered blues standards ("Midnight Special," "Mean Woman Blues," "Dust My Blues"). Highlights are their second British number one hit "Somebody Help Me," the decent group original "High Time Baby," Winwood's organ-based instrumental "On the Green Light," and "When I Get Home," which (like "Somebody Help Me") was a hit in Britain, but not the U.S.

The Spencer Davis Group - Autumn '66 + 8 Bonus
Label: Fontana / Universal Music Japan - UICY-93175
Format: CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered
Country: Japan
Released: 2006


01. Together 'Til The End Of Time    
02. Take This Hurt Off Me    
03. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out    
04. Midnight Special    
05. When A Man Loves A Woman    
06. When I Come Home    
07. Mean Woman Blues    
08. Dust My Blues    
09. On The Green Light    
10. Neighbour, Neighbour    
11. High Time Baby    
12. Somebody Help Me


13. Gimme Some Lovin'
14. Blues in F
15. I'm A Man
16. I Can't Get Enough Of It
17. Waltz For Lumumba
18. Somebody Help Me (US Version)
19. Gimme Some Lovin' (US Version)
20. I'm A Man (Stereo Mix)

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With this 16-track disc, RPM has assembled the album that the Spencer Davis Group might have put

out in late 1967. As it was, just two singles appeared from the April-December 1967 lineup (Davis, drummer Pete York, Eddie Hardin on keyboards, and Phil Sawyer on vocals), although some material would come out on the soundtrack to Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush and the 1968 With Their New Face On album. To make matters more confusing, some of the songs released by the group in 1967 and 1968 were re-recorded or remixed for subsequent releases, sometimes replacing or overdubbing the vocals on the first versions.

The Spencer Davis Group – Mulberry Bush
Label: RPM Records – RPM 188
Format: CD, Compilation
Country: UK
Released: 2000
Genre: Rock, Blues
Style: Rhythm & Blues, Classic Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Pop Rock


01. Time Seller (Original Single Version)    [0:02:51.19]
02. Don't Want You No More (Original Single Version)    [0:03:03.03]
03. Mr Second Class    [0:03:15.08]
04. Sanity Inspector    [0:03:01.21]
05. Taking Out Time (Original Version)    [0:02:10.65]
06. Every Little Thing    [0:02:50.17]
07. Virginals Dream    [0:02:04.60]
08. Looking Back    [0:03:47.48]
09. Picture Of Her    [0:02:59.59]
10. Just Like Me    [0:01:42.03]
11. Possession    [0:02:02.08]
12. Morning Sun (Original Version)    [0:03:23.28]
13. Feel Your Way (Original Version)    [0:02:54.30]


14. Picture Of Her (Alternate Version)    [0:02:55.43]
15. Just Like Me (Alternate Version)    [0:01:44.00]
16. Possession (Alternate Version)    [0:02:13.46]

Flac Size: 268 MB



With Their New Face On is the fourth studio album by the Spencer Davis Group, the first to be released

after the departure of Steve Winwood (to form the group Traffic), and his brother Muff Winwood. The album was released in 1968 in both the UK and the U.S. on the United Artists label. The new lineup of the band included existing members Davis and drummer Pete York, plus Eddie Hardin on vocals and keyboards and singer/guitarist Phil Sawyer. Hardin had been part of a band called A Wild Uncertainty. Sawyer had played in The Fleur de Lys and Shotgun Express.

The Spencer Davis Group - With Their New Face On
Label: OOO - SDGRCD-1968
Format: CD, Album, Reissue, Unofficial Release
Released: 2000
Genre: Rock
Style: Pop Rock, Psychedelic Rock


01. With His New Face On    
02. Mr. Second Class    
03. Alec In Transitland    
04. Sanity Inspector    
05. Feel Your Way    
06. Morning Sun    
07. Moonshine    
08. Don't Want You No More    
09. Time Seller    
10. Stop Me, I'm Falling

11. After Tea     3:19
12. Aquarius Der Wassermann     2:48
13. Let The Sunshine In     2:04
14. Feel Your Way     2:56
15. I'm Lost     2:56
16. Pools Winner     4:00
17. Morning Sun     3:21
18. Spencer Davis Radio Interview     5:42

Flac Size: 321 MB

6. FUNKY 1968


In 1969 The Spencer Davis Group went into the studio to record a new album for Date Records. The

album was finished, and Date Records pressed up the finished album and was ready to puy it into the stores when it was discovered that Spencer had never actually signed the contract. Even trough the album never reached the record stores in 1969, in 1971 some of the pressed up albums made the deletion bins in the U.S. The cover of this CD is the original album cover used for "FUNKY".

The Spencer Davis Group - Funky
Label: One Way Records - OW 34529
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 2001
Genre: Rock
Style: Blues Rock


01. I Met A Woman    
02. Letter From Edith    
03. Raintree River    
04. What A Way To Die    
05. Funky    
06. Magical Day    
07. I Guess I'm Wasting My Time    
08. Poor Missguided Woman    
09. And The Gods Came Down    
10. New Jersey Turnpike    
11. With Their New Face On (Radio Session)    
12. Time Seller (Radio Session)    
13. Feel Your Way (Radio Session)    
14. Taking Out Time (Radio Ression)    
15. Mr Second Class (Radio Session)    
16. After Tea (TV Session)    
17. Groove Extra (Studio Jam Session Backing Track)    
18. Moonshine (Radio Session)    
19. The Girls Song    
20. Anquarius / Let The Sunshine In (German Single Demo)    
21. Dust My Blues (Live)


Tracks 1 - 10 were originally planned to be released as 'Letters From Edith' on CBS, but it never happened due to contractual reasons.

Flac Size: 465 MB



The Spencer Davis Group re-formed in 1973 after a couple of years off during which Spencer Davis cut

some solo albums and Eddie Hardin recorded the masterful solo record Home Is Where You Find It (with the help of fellow SDGers Pete York and Ray Fenwick). Gluggo is the result of their reunion and while it isn't terrible by any means, it is a letdown to anyone who was looking for classic Spencer Davis sounds or a reprise of Hardin's solo album. Too many of the songs are tune-free, the vocals sound like first takes, the playing isn't particularly interesting, and the whole record is weighed down by an attempt on the band's part to be heavy.

The Spencer Davis Group - Gluggo 1973
Label: Repertoire Records - REP 4683-WY
Format: CD, Album, Reissue
Country: Germany
Released: 1997
Genre: Funk / Soul, Rock
Style: Hard Rock, Rhythm & Blues


01. Catch You On The Rebop     3:15
02. Don't You Let It Bring You Down     3:55
03. Living In A Backstreet     3:24
04. Today Gluggo, Tomorrow The World     3:43
05. Feeling Rude     3:17
06. Mr. Operator     3:37
07. The Edge     2:21
08. The Screw     3:45
09. Tumble Down Tenement Row     3:09


10. Alone     4:18
11. Legal Eagle Shuffle     2:17
12. Trouble In Mind     4:33
13. Touching Cloth     2:53
14. Mr. Operator (Rough Mix)     3:35
15. Touching Cloth (Rough Mix)     2:53

Flac Size: 359 MB



The 1974 album "Living in the Back Street" is a solid album with some good songs and fine vocals

from Eddie Hardin. Hardin has remixed the songs as bonus-tracks for this release.
The title song is great, as well as the ballad "No Reason", and "Sure Need a Helping Hand". My favorite track though is the last "I Can Only Stay a While" - great tune.

The Spencer Davis Group – Living In A Back Street
Label: Repertoire Records – REP 4682-WY
Format: CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered, Stereo
Country: Germany
Genre: Rock
Style: Blues Rock


01. Living In A Back Street     3:26
02. One Night     3:16
03. Hanging Around     3:36
04. No Reason     2:30
05. Fastest Thing On Four Wheels     4:33
06. Back Street Boys     3:22
07. Another Day     3:10
08. Sure Need A Helping Hand     4:04
09. We Can Give It A Try     4:12
10. Let's Have A Party     3:35

Bonus Tracks & Alternative Mixes

11. We Can Give It A Try     2:49
12. Living In A Back Street     3:21
13. Fastest Thing On Four Wheels     4:27
14. Sure Need A Helping Hand     3:58
15. Hanging Around     3:29
16. One Night     3:15
17. Back Street Boys     3:18
18. Another Day     3:09
19. Let's Have A Party     3:26
20. We Can Give It A Try     4:11
21. No Reason     2:30
22. I Can Only Stay A While / We Can Give It A Try     3:46

Flac Size: 514 MB

This Post is dedicated to the 2 English musicians that I met on my vacation and who, talking about music, told me that they love The Spencer Davis Group. As I promised them, I uploaded all their albums that I have.



  1. Spencer Davis Group i have 2 cd compilation. I don't know the band well. Probably not necessarily a band that i particularly like. But i'll have a listen and then decids.
    I've been having a lot of problems with discogs orders lately. Yesterday there were 2 messages that shipments had been returned to the sender. People are also using more and more obscure mail order companies. The Abyssinians cd were on the road from Italy 11 weeks. Another from Ireland 7 weeks.
    I think i've had enough now.

    1. A friend of mine told me that he has the same problems with Disogs . Attention Josef.

  2. Attention that's me. I also stand for values:
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  3. I've now listened to the Spencer Davis Group do-cd " the St. Winwood years 64-67 with 51 tracks, and barely remember anything. Very good tracks but also very weak ones. The music is good especially W. singing. ( I like Blind Faith very much, almost better than Cream). How is the band after Winwood? Are all of the ones listed here recommended ?
    Thank you

    1. The music after Steve is completely different. Try to listen to them in You Tube and decide if you like them.