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Various: The Arf! Arf! Blitzkrieg 32-Track Sampler 1990-98 (1998)


1998 is now upon us and ARF! ARF! has compiled a blitzkrieg, power-packed 32 track sampler (1


representative cut from each release) showcasing what you're missing. Whether you're into '60s Garage/Psych, Incredibly Strange Music or Radically Fresh Soundz, it's all here waiting to lure you into amassing a sizeable ARF! ARF section in your personal library.

Just what the title says, a generous sampling of the various albums available in this small indie's

catalog. Featuring Midwestern '60s bands, New England Teen Scene sides, Iowa/Great Lake reissues, flower power '60s rock, Incredibly Strange Music tracks (a great chance to score Tony Burrello's "There's a New Sound"), and new stuff, this is a great little label sampler of hard-to-find material.

Thirty-two track various artists CD of 28 different obscure garage and psych bands. In more cases

bands on this various artists title have at least one full album out. Rare songs for this Arf! Arf! label sampler from Rising Storm, The Bourbons (playing a Nightcrawlers cover), Lazy Smoke, Three Wylde Maniacs, the oddly-named Tommy Tucker & The Esquires, The Paupers (sort of reminded me of the Standells) and the awesome garage rocking gem by Powered By Love. Plus, I also should mention TNT - performing a Moving Sidewalks gem, the two heavy psych cuts by Pandora (not to be confused with the '80's all-female band, The Pandoras) and The Moving Parts - as the disc closes with four songs from the Space Negros. Essential.

I was really surprised at how clean these recordings are. No "snap, crackle and pop" like you'll find on

many other comps of obscure 1960s Garage Bands. The songs are actually quite good and if they had received proper promotion could have been big hits. Many of these bands either had bad management or were sadly overlooked. The band called "The Electras" sound a lot like Paul Revere and The Raiders back in their heyday(probably a huge influence). So many good bands.

Another is the Continental Coets, an all female band that sound like they could have run rings around

the Go-gos and Bangles and their song is actually much better than either of those two 1980s bands ever wrote. I would like to review an entire comp of their work. "Trip on out" by Haymarket Riot sounds like it could've been released in 1967 or 1968. It's a very cool fuzzed out proto-psych number. Overall, you cannot go wrong with these samplers. I'm looking forward to more from this indie label! Highly recommended for fans of Garage Rock!

This CD has excellent sound quality,and the first 19 songs which are garage rock songs all apparently

from the 1965-68 era, are so clear one who would not know might guess they were modern recordings in the style. If you like the Nuggets, Pebbles, Back from the Grave series you are going to like this CD as those first 19 songs are all very strong songs.

These first 19 songs cover the whole range from Paul Revere type straight garage rock to slightly

pschadelic stuff, then there is the girl band and a couple of those 60's harmony type songs. Of course there is the Beatle like and the Buddy Holly like song too. Some of these songs are standout quality and I will let you find them yourself.

Various – The Arf! Arf! Blitzkrieg 32-Track Sampler 1990-98
Label: Arf! Arf! – AA-068
Format: CD, Compilation, Sampler
Country: US
Released: 1998
Genre: Rock
Style: Garage Rock, Novelty, Psychedelic Rock



01. The Rising Storm – She Loved Me    3:44
02. Flat Earth Society – Four & Twenty Miles    1:58
03. The Bourbons – Little Black Egg    3:23
04. The Lost – Changes    2:09
05. Lazy Smoke – All These Years    3:27
06. Dry Ice – Mary Is Alone    1:51
07. Thee Wylde Maniacs – Why Ain't Love Fair    2:33


08. The Electras – Action Woman    2:28
09. The Fredric – Federal Reserve Bank Blues    2:07
10. White Lightning - (Under The Screaming Double) Eagle    3:25

11. Tommy Tucker & The Esquires – Don't Tell Me Lies    2:16
12. The Noblemen – Things Aren't The Same    1:47
13. Continental Coets – Let's Live For The Present    2:39
14. Dee Jay And The Runaways – The Gorilla    2:06

WAY COOL '60s COMPS       
15. Prince And The Paupers – Exit    2:15
16. Haymarket Riot – Trip On OUt    2:22
17. Pinocchio And His Puppets – Fusion    2:29
18. The Misty Wizards – It's Love    2:08
19. Powered By Love – Powered By Love    2:18

20. Lucia Pamela – Walking On The Moon    3:07
21. Tony Burello – There's A New Sound    2:29
22. David Arvedon – Eliot Ness    1:17
23. Jack Mudurian – Chicago/Toot Toot Tootsie/Volare/Rose O'Day    1:31
24. Peter Donner – God Bless America    3:13


25. Erik Lindgren – Train Of Thought    3:17
26. TNT – 99th Floor    2:13
27. Pandora – Space Amazon (Edited)    3:01
28. The Moving Parts–Anti - Aircraft Warning    1:54

29. The Space Negros – Happenings Ten Years Time Ago (Revisited)    3:05
30. The Space Negros – Man To Man    0:48
31. The Space Negros – Booze Thang Meets The Wired Chain Gals (Featuring Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic)    3:05
32. The Space Negros – We Will Fall    2:17

Flac  Size: 450 MB


  1. Thanks for the sampler. I only know the bands from track 1-10. ( New England/ Midwest 60s).

  2. Haha....a friend of mine here in Vienna put the sampler for 6e on discogs, the same one who made the Austria Sampler Schnitzelbeat. He's selling his cd collection. I've already exchanged maybe 100 cds from him that i had twice.

  3. Already exchanged. R. Robinson which i have twice.

  4. I was looking for this compilation in many many other blogs and I found it here. Many many thanks.

  5. hello, semi regular here. thank you for great site. tried 3 times and track 31 will NOT work. can you please fix? r.keith noble

    1. I think that I fixed the problem and a new link is ready now. Tell me please if everything is okay.

  6. You rule for posting this

  7. Yes! The Scotsman from my lhometown...FRAT ROCK at it's finest beyond Animal House! Thanks Kostas