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Quella Vecchia Locanda: Quella Vecchia Locanda 1972 + Il Tempo Della Gioia 1974


Quella Vecchia Locanda (Italian for "That old inn") or QVL were an Italian progressive rock, symphonic rock or chamber music musical group from Rome formed in 1970. QVL plays a

complex music with a lot of instrumental combinations, beautiful melodies and a very high sophistication. The band released two studio albums, in 1972 and 1974. Both their studio albums have received favourable reviews. The band's singer (and flautist) was Giorgio Giorgi. According to an interview with Don V. Lax, the violin player of the first album, "I would find some Bach or Brahms or Corelli and weave it into the music so we were making a classical-rock fusion.

" As for live performances, "playing at Villa Pamphili for 150,000 people was the most memorable, but

we also played for other huge outdoor concerts, on television, and at clubs in Rome and on the coast." Don Lax went on to play violin for artists such as Camper van Beethoven and briefly collaborating with Tim Tompkins of The Moody Blues.

Quella Vecchia locanda (That Old Inn in English) emerged at the height of the Italian prog boom in the

early 70s, released only two gems of the genre and then sadly disbanded but in their brief yet productive career they released not only their stunning masterpiece of a self-titled debut but a second classic in the form of IL TEMPO DELLA GIOIA (The Age Of Joy). In the two years since the debut there had been a significant lineup change that steered the band’s sound in a new direction.

Violinist Donald Lax was replaced by Claudio Filice and bassist Massimo Giorgi (from the band Il

Ritratto di Dorian Gray) took over for Romualdo Coletta. The debut album gained the band a prominent role in the Italian prog scene and in the two year gap they caught the attention of RCA records which meant a stealthier production job for their sophomore release.

Quella Vecchia locanda released two albums which are both considered essential releases from that particular scene. The first album is still regarded as a classic in its field, with an original fusion of

classical influences and the use of flute and electric violin in evidence. QVL was fairly typical of the style, especially on their second album, "Il Tempo Della Goia", which ranks as one of the finest examples of classical, pastoral Italian symphonic. The group sadly disbanded soon after the second album, leaving us with two more italian progressive gems, both with beautiful covers. Two of the most looked records of Italy!!!



The first release from QUELLA VECCHIA LOCANDA and in my opinion one of the all time Italian

prog greats. This excellent debut album has a strong PFM-like attitude with loads of violin and classical themes. Songs are delicate and exceptionally well performed with warm precision. Imagine great 70's sounding keyboard work layered with flute, violin and great guitar work and you have got QVL.

As you listen to this album four toes will be tapping and you hands will be moving as this music

captivates your motor reflexes. QVL draw on some pretty heavy classical interludes to build their music on. Along the way we are treated to many thematic mood swings and tempo changes. This album has many standout tracks which combine the classical underground 70's Italian sound with a solid blend of tranquility and beauty. Vocals are very expressive and are full of harmonic textures.

Quella Vecchia Locanda – Quella Vecchia Locanda
Label: VM 2000 – VM CD 054
Format: CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered 2000
Country: Italy
Released: 1972
Genre: Rock
Style: Prog Rock



01. Prologo    4:59
02. Un Villaggio, Un'Illusione    3:54
03. Realtá    4:16
04. Immagini Sfocate    2:59
05. Il Cieco    4:11
06. Dialogo    3:42
07. Verso La Locanda    5:15
08. Sogni, Risveglio E...    5:15


Giorgio Giorgi / lead vocals, flute, piccolo
Raimondo Maria Cocco / electric, acoustic & 12 string guitars, vocals
Massimo Roselli / piano, organ, Mellotron, Moog, electronic zither, spinet, vocals
Donald Lax / electric & acoustic violins
Romualdo Coletta / bass, frequency generator
Patrick Traina / drums, percussion


Marcello Porcella / Fx
Federico Bimbo / Fx

Flac Sise: 185 MB



It opens with the majestic sounding Villa Doria Pamphili. The violin and contrabass add to its grandeur and the piano gives it the necessary emotional aspect. A Forma Di starts as a fade in of a clavinova

accompanied by a lovely flute part and violin. Then the band joins in with all their vocals, singing as a choir with the piano giving the support. The downside here is that it should have been developed more. It reaches a certain climax with the piano playing alone and then fades away rapidly. The title song starts very nicely and calmly and after 1:20 minutes speeds up. Here you get to hear more clearly the guitar playing but the piano is still very much in the picture as well.

Track 4, Un Giorno Un Amico, starts with a marvelous violin part. This track is definitely the violins finest moments as the rest of the instruments are supporting it. This track changes tempo all along and it

is very enjoyable. The piano, guitar and drums get to show their moves as well. In this one track you get all the different musical aspect of QVL. The last track begins with the band singing together as a

choir again and without instruments. They fade out and in come the instruments, very softly and cautiously. Only after 2:40 minutes does the song get some clear form and the vocals join the music. A nice melody, slow and emotional. It has a very nice ending with the violin and the contrabass doing a short part of their own and then the piano and the flute do their ensemble. A fitting album-closing track.                    

Quella Vecchia Locanda – Il Tempo Della Gioia
Label: RCA – 74321-26544-2
Format: CD, Album, Reissue 1995
Country: Italy
Released: 1974
Genre: Rock
Style: Prog Rock, Symphonic Rock



01. Villa Doria Pamphili    5:27
02. A Forma Di...    4:07
03. Il Tempo Della Gioia    6:15
04. Un Giorno, Un Amico    9:39
05. È Accaduto Una Notte    8:16


Giorgio Giorgi / lead vocals, flute, piccolo
Raimondo Maria Cocco / guitar, clarinet, vocals
Massimo Roselli / keyboards, vocals
Claudio Filice / violin
Massimo Giorgi / bass, contrabass, vocals
Patrick Traina / drums, percussion


Rodolfo Bianchi / soprano saxophone

Flac Sise: 196 MB


  1. I have both. Good prog ! I think this is your first Italian band that you feature on this blog. Keep it up !!
    My friend Erwin asked me to tell him my favorite 10 bands. I brought his list here some time ago. A very very strong list. The only requirment is old bands up to 1975 and the band have made at least 2 lps. I would be happy if others would join here and published their lists too. I find lists very exciting. So here it's my list, as difficult as it was.
    Jefferson Airplane
    Quicksilver Messenger Service
    Peanut Butter Conspiracy
    Spirit (until 1973)
    Pearly Before Swine
    13 Floor Elevators
    Velvet Underground
    Chocolate Watch Band
    Blue Cheer
    Eric Burden and the Animals (67-69)

    1. No, this is not the first Italian band on Urban Aspirines. There are also Premiata Forneria Marconi and Goblin. Regarding your list, it's very good, I agree with the bands, but is missing some New Wave and Punk. But this is only my opinion and nothing more.

    2. I only wrote old bands up to 1975.

    3. I forgot! There are also The Sick Rose on Urban Aspirines. Italian Garage band.

    4. Yes right. But Italian bands are relatively poorly represented, especially newer ones.

  2. I'm not a big fan of Italy myself, so it's more of an exception. I'm not interested and have never been there. In contrast to Greece where was 3 times in the 70s and usually for 3-4 months. The best Italiane are their harshest critics, from Leopardi to Pasolini and Guido Ceronetti.

    1. Pasolini is my favourite register.

    2. P. a good director and also a writer.
      I have a few books by him.
      My favorite director from Italy Michelangelo Antonioni.

  3. Quella Vecchia... is not just good but very good. Beautiful violine !!

  4. Google Defender is saying that there is a virus in "Il tempo della gioia", though it can not be unzipped

    1. Don't worry. There is no threat in the file. If you can't Unzip it, you must update your unzip program
      Many times the antivirus program shows false alarm. All the files are completely clean.

  5. In IT'S PSYCHEDELIC BABY MAGSZINE an interview with K. Highland about AFRICA KORPS & GIZMOS. For me these 2 US punk bands are among the best there is in the punk scene.

  6. Steeleye Span, White Lightning, Mandrill, FM, 13th Floor Elevators, The MC5, Alex Chilton, Sly and the Family Stone, Jimi Hendrix and Big Brother and the Holding Co

  7. Thanks so much, Kostas! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ