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Tai Phong: Tai Phong 1975 + Last Flight 1979


First off, a French prog band led by Vietnamese twin brothers is already an eccentric

singularity,adding a soon to be infamous French pop/rock star (JJ Goldman- the parisian Springsteen) on guitars,
displaying a really deft use of various effects and technique, brilliant keyboard work and a solid bass/drum combination. TAI PHONG means "Great wind" in Vietnamese.

Taï Phong is a French progressive rock band formed by two Vietnamese brothers, Khanh Maï (guitar,

voice) and Taï Sinh (bass, guitar, voice, keyboards), in 1975.They were joined by Jean-Alain Gardet (keyboards), Stephan Caussarieu (drums, percussion), and Jean-Jacques Goldman (guitar, voice, violin). They released three albums between 1975 and 1979: Taï Phong (1975), Windows (1976), and Last Flight (1979). "Sister Jane" (1975), the first single from their first album, was a radio hit.

The first incarnation came together in 1972, and included an American and a German (keep telling

yourself this is a French band). They were in the process of recording, when contract disputes broke out. Because the brothers refused the terms (thus leaving them without a deal), the other two members left. Soon after, they would be replaced by keyboardist Jean Alain Gardet, and the now famous (or infamous) Jean-Jacques Goldman. Yes, he is the man responsible for several of Céline Dion's hits (does this mean that Céline is prog related? Say it ain't so).

In 1973, they again entered the studio. However, more artistic disputes, and contract haggling, with

recording executives would keep them from releasing anything for the next couple of years. By 1974, they had a contract they could live with, but still needed a drummer. They chose 17 year-old Stéphan Caussarieu. The classic lineup of Taï Phong was now complete, and would remain intact for the first two albums. This was also a potent combination of talent and ego.

After the release of 1976's "Windows," some of the members branched out. Jean-Jacques dabbled in

some solo work, and Gardet recorded an album with Alpha Ralpha. It is during this period that trouble started brewing. "Windows" did not sell very well, and the band spent all the money from the first album on a new sound system.

Goldman did not wish to perform live, which was a serious problem considering his contribution to the

band's sound. This disheartened Jean Alain, causing him to exit. The band went on tour in 1977 with bassist Michael Jones also taking over lead vocal, but it just wasn't working. They decided to cancel any remaining shows, and just concentrate on studio work. This is the moment when brother Taï left. After much turmoil, they released 1979's "Last Flight," but the magic was gone.



The album also gave birth to a huge "slow" hit , played to death in nightclubs (not yet disco) a modern

"Nights in White Satin" where young french girls got to get close and personal with young french boys on the dancefloor!!!

This is the lightest moment on the disc and the commercial tidbit needed to sell the album, very

common in the corporate 70's anyway. The epic tracks are the focus of our attention: Years & Years and Field of Gold. My fave track is the 11 minute epic closer "Out of the Night" complete with thunderstorm, howling winds and highly evocative vocals.

Great instrumental work here on keys and a majestic, drawn out lead guitar solo ("not much interest to

progheads" , says Sir Sean ?), with a dizzying upward crescendo to end the festivities. A definite winner , a precious oddity and a mesmerizing addition to any collection.

The mystery here is not why this album was not very popular, but why it is not highly regarded

among fans of the genre. This is truly a symphonic progressive masterwork, with plenty of good playing and writing.


Taï Phong – Taï Phong
Label: Wea Music – 4509-96264-2
Format: CD, Album, Reissue
Country: France
Released: 1975
Genre: Rock
Style: Prog Rock



01. Goin' Away    5:44
02. Sister Jane    4:05
03. Crest    3:28
04. For Years And Years (Cathy)    8:32
05. Fields Of Gold    7:39
06. Out Of The Night    11:37

Total Time: 50:19


Jean-Jacques Goldman / electric & acoustic guitars, violin, vocals
Khanh Mai / electric, acoustic & slide guitars, vocals
Jean-Alain Gardet / piano, organ, Moog, keyboards
Tai Sihn / bass, acoustic guitar, Moog, vocals
Stephan Caussarieu / drums, percussion

Flac Size: 336 MB





01. When It's The Season
02. Games
03. St. John's Avenue
04. Circle
05. Last Chance
06. The Gulf Of Knowledge


07. Dance
08. Back Again
09. Cherry

Tai Phong: Windows on Urban Aspirines HERE



"Flight" is TAÏ PHONG's 3rd album from 1977 and was aply titled as it was the last album recorded by

this original band. Although I suppose you would say that this album is definitely more accessible than their first two brilliant albums, "Last Flight" also shines in its own light. Gone is the obvious "YES" and "PINK FLOYD" allusions, but is replaced with more of a Canterbury feel (aka CARAVAN) and AOR Prog (aka 10CC).

It is really sad that these guys did not really become as big as was their music and all the TAÏ PHONG

albums are fantatsic and unique in color and texture. 2 longer songs on this album are very recognizeable as "Tai Phong" "Last Flight" and "Farewell Gig In Amsterdam" which are given lots of room to be explored and carry a very classic progressive feel to them. Overall "Last Flight" is a fun album to listen to and essential if you are a fan of TAÏ PHONG.

Taï Phong – Last Flight
Label: WEA Music – 4509-96265-2
Format: CD, Album, Reissue, Repress
Country: France
Released: 1979    
Genre: Rock
Style: Prog Rock



01. End Of An End   6:37
02. Farewell Gig In Amsterdam   8:40
03. Sad Passion   3:38
04. Thirtheenth Space    4:57
05. Last Flight   9:58
06. How Do You Do   3:32


07. Follow Me   4:01
08. Fed Up   3:57
09. Shanghai Casino   3:59

Total Time: 49:29


Khanh Mai / vocals (1,5), electric (5) & slide (2,6) guitars
Michael Jones / vocals, bass, acoustic (6) & electric guitars
Jean-Jacques Goldman / vocals (1-3,5), electric & acoustic guitars
Pascal Wuthrich / piano, electric piano, Moog & E-mu synths, Hammond, celesta
Stephan Caussarieu / drums, acoustic guitar & vocals


Johnny Sehlhoff / acoustic guitar
Michel Gaucher / tenor saxophone

Flac Size: 338 MB


  1. Hey, never heard of it. I also have some from France. France has it's own scene with some really very good bands THANK YOU.

    1. The first and the second are Masterpieces. Order them immediately. The third one is not a bad album, but I think that the band lost it's magic.

  2. That' good !!! I can get the first two cheaply 2+9e incl. postage. There are problems with the third one but i can leave it out now. Thanks.

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