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Madrugada: 2011 - 2022


Starting out in the small town of Stokmarknes in the north of Norway, they began under the name

Abbey's Adoption in 1993, and decided to move to Oslo in 1995 to concentrate on their music. Their breakthrough came with the New Depression EP in the spring of 1999. It reached the upper end of the singles charts and gained heavy rotation on Norwegian radio.

Madrugada is a Norwegian alternative rock band formed in the town of Stokmarknes in 1993. Its key

members have included Sivert Høyem (vocals), Robert Burås (guitar), and Frode Jacobsen (bass). After Burås' death on 12 July 2007, Høyem and Jacobsen decided to finish recording what was to be their final album in the original lineup. On 21 January 2008, the band released Madrugada and announced that they would split after one last tour.                         

Their debut album, Industrial Silence, was released in the fall of 1999. It became a success, selling more and more records as their fan base continued to grow as a result of their relentless touring. Never

limiting themselves to only touring in Norway and Scandinavia, they became a live attraction throughout Europe, playing popular clubs in such cities as Berlin, Paris and Athens. This made them the Norwegian band with the strongest following outside of Norway for years. In June 2018, it was announced that Høyem, Jacobsen, and Lauvland Pettersen had reformed the band for a series of shows in 2019.



This album was very eagerly anticipated in Norway, and, of course, in Germany and in Greece, where a large amount of record buyers went crazy for Madrugada after hearing their debut album and

mesmerizing concerts. The most reasonable thing to do would, of course, be to continue with the relatively safe sound of debut Industrial Silence. This is a much better and more consistent album than their debut. For starters, yes, it may well be depression caught on tape, but it sounds real and convincing, unlike much of the material on their debut. The lyrics are more poetic, the songs are much more diverse, and the production is wonderfully dirty, giving the record a rather dangerous aura.

Madrugada – The Nightly Disease
Label: Virgin – 5099909694828
Format: CD, Album, Reissue, Deluxe Edition, Remastered May 13, 2011
Country: Europe
Released: 2001    
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock



01. Black Mambo    5:55
02. Step Into This Room And Dance For Me   5:14
(Lyrics By – Burås, Høyem)
03. Nightly Disease Part II    3:29
04. Lucy One   4:49
(Handclaps – DJ Electric Lane, Dan Korneff, Dr. Humper S, JD Edorf, Kerry K, Ruddy)
05. Hands Up - I Love You    5:37
06. A Deadend Mind    4:52
07. The Frontman   4:43
(Pedal Steel Guitar – Erik Heywood)
08. We Are Go    4:48
09. Into Heartbeats   4:35
(Pedal Steel Guitar – Erik Heywood)
10. Sister   8:58
Vocals – Siobhan Duffy
11. Two Black Bones    5:22
12. Only When You're Gone   6:33
(Pedal Steel Guitar – Erik Heywood/Vocals – Siobhan Duffy)
13. Nightly Disease Part I (Original Bonus Track)    6:15
14. Big Sleep (Original Bonus Track)    3:50
15. Run Away With Me (2001 EP Track)    3:41

Flac Size: 506 MB



01. City Blues (Album Outtake)    3:33
02. Lost Gospel (Album Outtake)    3:54
03. California (Athletic Sound Demo)    2:44
04. Ice-9 (2001 EP Track)    2:57
05. Ready To Carry You (EP Track)    3:03
06. View From A Hilltop (Copenhagen Demo)    3:01
07. Fast Blues For Little V. (2001 EP Track)    3:26
08. 4-Track Country Songs Part I (2001 EP Track)    3:06
09. 4-Track Country Songs Part II (2001 EP Track)   5:10
(Lyrics By – Frode Jacobsen)
10. I'm Sorry (Original Bonus Track)   4:41
(Lyrics By – Robert S. Burås)
11. Thrasher   8:52
(Music By, Lyrics By – Neil Young)
12. Come On Home To Me   5:23
(Featuring – Neil McNasty/Music By, Lyrics By – Lee Hazlewood)
13. Local Norma Jean (Stockholm Demo)    3:30
14. Stop The Beats (Stockholm Demo)    3:37
15. Nightclub (Hands Up - I Love You) (Stockholm Demo)    5:53
16. If I Only Had My Guitar    4:18
17. Lord, Why Have You Left Me?    5:03
18. Departure #6    4:00
19. Lift Me (Demo)   3:12
(Lyrics By – Frode Jacobsen)

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Bass – Frode Jacobsen
Drums – Jon Lauvland Pettersen
Guitar – Robert S. Burås
Vocals – Sivert Høyem


1-1 to 1-15, 2-4 to 2-10: 2011 Digital Remaster
2-1 to 2-3, 2-13 to 2-15: J. Agnello Mix 2011
2-11: from "Everybody Knows This Is Norway" Switch Off Records 2001
2-12: from "Total Lee! The Songs Of Lee Hazlewood", City Slang 2002
2-16 to 2-19: Shit City Session 2001



Grit is the third album by Norwegian band Madrugada. The album saw the band once again taking a

vastly different approach to their previous release featuring a much rawer and at times more experimental sound with Krautrock and garage rock influences taking precedence. The album also featured one of the band's most well known songs in the softly atmospheric ballad "Majesty".


Madrugada – Grit
Label: Virgin – 7243 542438 2
Format: CD, Album
Country: Europe
Released: Oct 20, 2002
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock



01. Blood Shot Adult Commitment   4:56

Synthesizer – Ben Lauber
Violin – Eivind Schou
02. Ready    2:52
03. I Don't Fit   4:21
Drums – Rob Ellis
Piano – Frode Jacobsen
04. Madrugada   5:14
Bass – Robert Burås
Organ – Rob Ellis
Synthesizer, Effects – Ben Lauber
Voice [Spanish Voices] – Gabriel
05. Seven Seconds    3:35
06. Proxy   5:19

Shaker [Smacks] – Frode Jacobsen
Synthesizer – Ben Lauber
Violin – Eivind Schou
07. Come Back Billy Pilgrim   3:54
Percussion – Rob Ellis
08. Get Back In Line   4:11
Organ, Harmonica – Robert Burås
09. Majesty   4:22
Arranged By [Strings] – Rob Ellis
Piano – Frode Jacobsen
10. Try   3:22
Engineer [Additional] – Cato Salsa
Vocals – Tracee Meyn
11.1. Got You   4:50
Drums – Torsten Mueller
Featuring – Neil McNasty
Loops, Piano – Neil McNasty
Piano – Robert Burås
11.2. (silence)    0:21
11.3. Love's Institution    5:42



Backing Vocals – Frode Jacobsen (tracks: 4), Robert Burås (tracks: 1)
Bass – Frode Jacobsen (tracks: 1 to 3, 5 to 11)
Drums – Simen Vangen (tracks: 1, 2, 4 to 11)
Guitar – Frode Jacobsen (tracks: 4, 5, 9), Robert Burås
Percussion – Simen Vangen (tracks: 4, 7 to 10)
Piano – Sivert Høyem (tracks: 5, 6, 9)
Tambourine – Frode Jacobsen (tracks: 3, 5, 6)
Synthesizer – Ben Lauber
Organ – Rob Ellis
Violin – Eivind Schou
Vocals – Sivert Høyem
Organ, Harmonica – Robert Burås
Shaker [Smacks] – Frode Jacobsen
Loops, Piano – Neil McNasty
Music By – Frode Jacobsen, Robert Burås, Sivert Høyem
Words By – Sivert Høyem


#11.3 'Love's Institution' is a hidden track starting at 5:11 min. Total duration of track 11 is 10:54 min.

Flac Size: 392 MB



Madrugada is the fifth studio album by the Norwegian band Madrugada. It was released by the band's own label, Malabar Recording Company (distributed by EMI records), on 21 January 2008. The album was produced by Madrugada and John Agnello who also produced the band's 2001 release The Nightly

Disease as well as My Midnight Creeps' second album Histamin. The album was largely recorded during May 2007 at Water Music Studios, Hoboken, New Jersey and the Magic Shop in New York City. Despite the sudden death of guitarist Robert Burås during the recording of the album, Sivert Høyem and Frode Jacobsen soon decided to continue with the completion of the release. The majority of Burås' guitar parts had been recorded when he died, and the rest of Madrugada stated that finishing the album was like therapy for them.

On 12 July 2007, Burås was found dead in his apartment by a friend, with his guitar in his hand.

Madrugada – Madrugada
Label:EMI – 50 999 520335 2 0, EMI – 50999 520335 20
Format:CD, Album
Released:Jan 21, 2008
Style:Alternative Rock, Indie Rock



01. Whatever Happened To You?   5:42
Bass Guitar, Tambourine, Pedalboard [Hammond Bass Pedals] – Frode
Drums, Percussion, Piano – Erland
Guitar – Robert
Guitar Synthesizer [Pad] – Alex
Vocals, Sounds [Feedback], Acoustic Guitar – Sivert
02. The Hour Of The Wolf   4:30
Bass Guitar, Tambourine, Backing Vocals – Frode
Drums, Percussion – Erland
Guitar – Alex, Robert
Organ [Vox Jaguar] – Mikael
Vocals – Sivert
03. Look Away Lucifer   5:14
Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals – Frode
Drums, Piano, Tambourine – Erland
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Alex
Guitar, Sounds [Feedback] – Robert
Recorder, Organ [Farfisa] – Mikael
Sounds [Poi] – Elin Sorstedt, Emelie Sorstedt
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar – Sivert
04. Honey Bee   5:36
Backing Vocals – Ane, Ingrid Olava
Bass Guitar, Organ [Hammond] – Frode
Drums – Erland
Guitar [Spanish] – Robert
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar – Sivert
05. New Woman / New Man   4:23
Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals – Frode
Drums, Percussion, Sounds [Vibes] – Erland
Guitar – Robert
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Alex
Piano, Organ – Mikael
Vocals, Backing Vocals – Sivert
06. What's On Your Mind?   4:05
Acoustic Guitar – Alex
Arranged By [String Arrangements] – Björn Yttling
Backing Vocals – Ingrid Olava
Bass Guitar, Tambourine, Acoustic Guitar [High Strung] – Frode
Drums, Sounds [Vibes], Percussion – Erland
Guitar – Robert
Organ [Hammond], Harpsichord, Sounds [Vibes] – Mikael
Pedal Steel Guitar [Pedal Steel] – David Mansfield
Slide Guitar – Kid
Strings – ETHEL
Vocals – Sivert
07. Highway Of Light   6:40
Alto Saxophone [Alto Sax] – Dag
Arranged By [String Arrangements] – Björn Yttling
Bass Guitar, Pedalboard [Hammond Bass Pedals], Tambourine – Frode
Drums, Percussion – Erland
Guitar – Robert
Organ – Mikael
Strings – ETHEL
Vocals, Organ [Hammond] – Sivert
08. Valley Of Deception   5:11
Backing Vocals – Alex
Bass Guitar – Frode
Drums, Sounds [Vibes] – Erland
Guitar – Robert
Organ – Mikael
Slide Guitar – Kid
Vocals – Sivert
09.1. Our Time Won't Live That Long   4:43
Organ [Hammond] – Mikael
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar – Robert
Written-By – Robert Burås
09.2. (silence)    0:37
09.3. (Untitled)    2:00


In Memory Of
Robert S. Burås & Asbjørn S. Høyem
Track 9: Instrumental hidden track starts at 5:17 min. Total duration is 7:17 min.

Flac Size: 358 MB



Τhe opening track is a romantic yet melancholic song in which the writer balances between passionate and desperate erruptions, and quieter, yet reassuring confessions of love. The vocals and the melody are

great and the piece is very romantic and heartwarming, in a sense, even though it is quite depressing at the same time. Running From The Love Of Your Life is much darker, the sadness is definitely clearer, and also a great song, taking the powerful lead-in track #1 created. Help Yourself To Me is my personal favourite track in this album. It talks about desperate and true and non-negotiable love.

Stabat Mater surprises the listener with a beautiful voice chorus and a strong refrain. The following tracks do not disappoint, however I think they could have been better. It is also interesting to point out

that the rest of the pieces seem to be moving Madrugada away from the shadows, as Silvert himself pointed out. They also lead them closer to lighter, pop music, which is not bad at all. Dreams at Midnight has a sweet piano intro, two nice guitar solos as well. Empire Blues and The World Could Be Falling Down seem to return to the dark, and they are also excellent Madrugada specimens. Ecstasy, though not that ecstatic, serves as a sweet and peaceful farewell.

All in all, it is a nice and worthwhile listen that I will and already do return to. Some of these tracks

have already entered my Madrugada best of list, which I find incredible. Sure, it is not the old Madrugada, and no one should expect it to be- but it is always nice to see that good music is still being produced, and that we can await for more.

Madrugada – Chimes At Midnight
Label: Not On Label (Madrugada Self-released) – MADRLP02
Format: CD, Album
Released: Jan 28, 2022
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock



01. Nobody Loves You Like I Do   5:34
Written By – Høyem/Jacobsen/Lauvland Pettersen
Written-By – Jacobsen, Lauvland Pettersen, Høyem
02. Running From The Love Of Your Life   3:45
Written By – Høyem/Jacobsen/Lauvland Pettersen
Written-By – Jacobsen, Lauvland Pettersen, Høyem
03. Help Yourself To Me   5:04
Written By – Høyem/Jacobsen/Lauvland Pettersen
Written-By – Jacobsen, Lauvland Pettersen, Høyem
04. Stabat Mater   5:17
Written By – Høyem/Jacobsen/Lauvland Pettersen
Written-By – Jacobsen, Lauvland Pettersen, Høyem
05. Slowly Turns The Wheel   5:44
Written By – Burås/Høyem/Jacobsen
Written-By – Jacobsen, Burås, Høyem
06. Imagination   5:18
Engineer [Engineered By] – Lars Voldsdal
Producer [Produced By] – Kevin Ratterman, Madrugada
Written-By – Høyem
07. Dreams At Midnight   4:27
Written By – Høyem/Jacobsen/Lauvland Pettersen
Written-By – Jacobsen, Lauvland Pettersen, Høyem
08. Call My Name   4:05
Written By – Høyem/McVey
Written-By – McVey, Høyem
09. Empire Blues   4:59
Written By – Høyem/Jacobsen/Lauvland Pettersen
Written-By – Jacobsen, Lauvland Pettersen, Høyem
10. You Promised To Wait For Me   4:28
Written By – Høyem/Jacobsen/Lauvland Pettersen
Written-By – Jacobsen, Lauvland Pettersen, Høyem
11. The World Could Be Falling Down   4:22
Written By – Burås/Høyem/Jacobsen/Lauvland Pettersen
Written-By – Jacobsen, Lauvland Pettersen, Burås, Høyem
12. Ecstasy   5:20
Written By – Høyem/McVey
Written-By – McVey, Høyem



Backing Vocals – Lacey Guthrie
Bass Guitar, Guitar, Programmed By [Progamming] – Frode Jacobsen
Drums, Percussion – Jon Lavland Pettersen
Guitar – Rob McVey
Guitar, Keyboards – Cato Salsa
Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals – Christer Knutsen
Keyboards, Guitar, Loops [Tape Loops], Arranged By [String Arrangement] – Kevin Ratterman
Lyrics By – Sivert Høyem
Percussion, Saw [Musical Saw] – Erland Dahlen
Strings – The Section Quartet
Violin, Pedal Steel Guitar [Pedal Steel], E-Bow – Freddy Holm
Vocals, Guitar, Tambourine, Written-By – Sivert Høyem

Flac Size: 398 MB

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