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The Snails: The Snails 2012


The Snails are a Garage Punk band from Athens, Greece formed in 2005.
Their powerful, unique style caught my attention. Νot only the bombastic cover version of the Mourning Reign‘s ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed‘, but also their own songs, like ‘Dancing With The Zombies‘ or ‘Heartbreaker‘ are 100% mind-blasting material.

The Snails’ line-up has undergone several changes since their formation. Currently, The Snails are:

Christos Fourlanis:lead vocals & rhythm guitar
Lambros Karkanopoulos:lead guitar & backing vocals
George Chloros: drums
Stavros Georgakopoulos:bass
They have played live with a lot of local bands. Some of their highlighted live appearances, where they had the honor to play with, were:
-The 5th Tripolis Rock Festival, where they played with Vibravoid and Drug Free Youth (2008).

The 4th Athenaeum Cave, where they played with The Jaybirds (2008).
-At the Rodeo Club in Athens, where they played, together with The Mogrellettes, with The Magnificent Brotherhood (2010).
-Greece Gone Garage where they played with Frantic V and Yesterday’s Thoughts, at An Club in Athens (2010)
-At Kytaro club, where they played with Baby Woodrose (2012)

In 2007 they participate with 2 songs in a cd compilation entitled ‘Peace Frog Rides The Rocket’ that came along with Peace Frog / Πύραυλος fanzine.

Their first single ‘Heartbreaker’ was released in limited vinyl copies in June of 2009 by Action Records.
In May of 2012 their first album was released by Action Records.
In July of 2014 their first album was released on vinyl format by Beluga Records.

‘Heartbreaker‘ is their first single. It was released in limited vinyl copies in June 2009 by Action Records. Their first album entitled ‘The Snails‘ was released by Action Records in May 2012 and

Beluga Music (Sweden) released it again in vinyl in July 2014. The band are expected to release a second album before the summer of 2016. In October of 2016 their second album entitled Dr. Acid was digitally released. In December of 2017 Dr. Acid was released in vinyl format by Anazitisi Records. In June 2013, The Snails played in an underground Greek film called “Who Is This Telis Stefanis, Anyway?”.



Their first homonym album.presenting a collection of fourteen tracks(eleven of them self penned) through a blend of garage kicks, sixties psych mythology and punk insolence. Keeping the faith of what they love,the band makes brilliant covers in three classics:I’m Five Years Ahead Of My Time, Gypsy

Woman(with vocals by Dimitris Beleniotis of the...Cardinals) and Satisfaction Guaranteed without hesitating to give some “exotica” touch on Haifa Nights and Surfazat.So, what is all about?Solid rhythm section,hell-fuzzed guitars,haunted vocals and possessed harmonica.Some wyld childs are dancing with the zombies…Their album is housed in a pretty trippy digipack cover(made by Dimitris Megalios) in a limited run.Once more,satisfaction guaranteed.

The Snails – The Snails
Label: Action Records – AR412
Format: CD, Album
Country: Greece
Released: May 1, 2012
Genre: Rock
Style: Garage Rock



01. Sidewalks    3:34
02. Dove    2:21
03. Haifa Nights    4:13
04. I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time    2:20
05. Tramp    3:49
06. Tide    2:53
07. Coffin    2:48
08. Wyld Child    1:58
09. Gypsy Woman    2:48
10. Dancing With The Zombies    3:12
11. Satisfaction Guaranteed
Songwriter – Rick Keefer
12. Universal Soldier    3:15
13. Pollution    3:07
14. Furfaza3:08

Flac Size: 322 MB


  1. I have it. Very very good.
    I think the second one isn't as strong anymore (?)

  2. In the last 40 cd package from Erwin is a cd by Randy Burns-evening of the magicians rec. spring 68. It reminds me a lot of Pearls Before Swine, both rel. on the ESP label. I'm thrilled because Pearls...are one of my favorite bands. Another ESP lp waiting for me: Seventh Sons also 1968.

  3. Hi Kostas, Can you add my new blog? Thanks man!!