Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Warren Zevon : The Best Of (2002)

One of the most acute and savagely satiric songwriters of his era, Warren Zevon was born in Chicago , Illinois , USA on January 24, 1947 and was the son of immigrant Russian parents .


I want to live alone in the desert
I want to be like Georgia O' Keefe
I want to live on the Upper East Side
and never go down in the street
Splendid isolation
I don't need no one
Splendid isolation

Michael Jackson in Disneyland
don't have to share it with nobody else
lock the gates , Goofy , take my hand
and lead me through the World of Self

1. Poor poor pitiful me
2. The French inhaler
3. Carmelita
4. Hasten down the wind
5. Werewolves of London
6. Roland the headless Thompson gunner
7. Excitable boy
8. Lawyers , guns and money
9. Interlude No.1
10.A certain girl
11.Looking for the next best thing
12.Detox mansion
13.Reconsider me
14.Boom boom Mancini
15.Splendid isolation
16.Raspberry beret
17.Searching for a heart
18.Things to do in Denver when you're dead
19.Mr.Bad Example
21.I was in the house when the house burned down

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