Monday, February 09, 2009

Paul Roland : Duel 1989

Paul Roland : Vocals , Acoustic and Electric guitar
Chris Randall : Keybords and Percussions
Derek Heffernan : Lead and Rhythm guitars
John Tracey : Bass
Simon Jeffrey : Drums
Mike Smith : Oboe
John Gallagher : Cello
Piers Mortimer : Viola
Jerry Benwell : Violins
Geoffrey Alexander : Lute
Dave Crosby : Flute


He dines alone in empty rooms with sweet bouquet of witheredblooms
his teeth long rotted to the root he sucks the pulp of bruised fruit
Gone the bearing and the grace , sad sunken eyes and charnel face ,
He' ll dye his hair and paint his nails and rouge the cheeks that ageing pales .

NOSFERATU he sleeps the sleep of the undead .

And when he stands before the glass no reflection does the cast .
This vile disease that taints his line burns the fabric of his mind .
He writhes accursed in his bed , the wretched sleep of the undead ,
The slow parade of faded friends , the long dark sleep that never ends

His great house weeps with rank decay , he walks by night and sleeps by day .
He' ll rail the Reaper , curse him low , he who waits and mocks him so.


1. Knights
2. The crimes of Dr Cream
3. Reptile house
4. Spring heeled Jack
5. Nosferatu
6. At the edge of the world
7. Alice' s house
8. Menagerie
9. The King must die
a. Over the hills and far away
b. The King must die
c. The King is dead

Bitrate 320
Format : Vinyl LP
Made in Greece
Label : DI DI Music
Serial number 160

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