Friday, February 27, 2009

The Tea Party : The Edges of Twilight 1995

Formed in Windsor , Ondario , Canada in 1990 by:
Jeff Martin
Stuart Chatwood
Jeff Burrows
Their style is between Hard Rock influences , New Progressive , Stoner riffs and straordinary melodic compositions .


1. The Tea Party 1991
2. Splender Solis 1993
3. The Edges of Twilight 1995
4. Alambra 1996
5. Transmission 1997
6. Tripych 1999
7. The Interzone Mantras 2001
8. Seven Circles 2004"Shadows On The Mountainside"


We are spirits passing through the doors of time
with an invitation heard before we find
shadows on the mountainside
eagles find the souls they hide

and the outcast child enchanted by the sun
will he seek his shelter never knowing one
shadows on the mountainside
eagles find the souls they hide

shadows on the mountainside
cover me with sleep
because I need it now

and the red rivers flow to seas
and she will return to me
and then all that i am is in her hands
and i will return to her and then
I begin


1. Fire in the head
2. The Bazaar
3. Correspondeces
4. The Badger
5. Silence
6. Sister Awake
7. Turn the lamp down low
8. Shadows on the Mountainside
9. Drowing down the Moon
10. Inanna
11. Coming Home
12. Walk with me

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