Sunday, June 21, 2009

Opal : Happy Nightmare Baby 1987

The neo-psychedelic group Opal formed in the mid-'80s , featuring former Rain Parade guitarist David Roback and former Dream Syndicate bassist Kendra Smith . Initially , the group was called Clay Allison , but the group dropped the name after one single . Roback , Smith , and drummer Keith Mitchell released the remaining Clay Allison tracks under their own name in 1984 on the Fell From the Sun EP . After its release , the group adopted the name Opal and released an EP , " Northern Line " , in 1985 . " Happy Nightmare Baby " , their first full-length album , followed in 1987 . Smith left the group during the Happy Nightmare tour , effectively putting an end to the band . Roback continued with vocalist Hope Sandoval . The group then metamorphosed into Mazzy Star . (


1. Rocket Machine
2. Magick Power
3. Relevation
4. A Falling Star
5. She's a Diamond
6. Supernova
7. Siamese Trap
8. Happy Nightmare Baby
9. Soul Giver


There's a diamond
in her eye
it's a shining
up above

and the moon
in the sky
says you won't tell her why

We're gamblers
we'll tell you lies
she'll take a tumble
and never lose
and in the morning
she'll wear a smile
she's made of stone
but that's alright

She's like fire
she's like ice

she'll leave you high and dry
but that's all right
cuz I don't mind
it's alright

I saw her standing
in the pouring rain
her eyes were shining
just the same
she's a diamond
and that's no lie
she's like the the moon
up in the sky

Size 97 MB
Format : Vinyl LP
Label : Rough Trade
Made in England
Year : 1987
Bitrate 320

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